Super.Natural Training Pant and Sleeveless V-Neck Tee
For almost any trip, I pack clothes for exercise. Since they take up significant room, I always prefer exercise clothes that can double as casual wear or travel day wear. Super.natural, a relative newcomer to the US market, wins on both scores. Their items are high quality Merino wool,... Read more
Lorpen Trail and Hiking Socks for Women
No matter how much I hike–and I hike a lot–I am plagued with blisters on my heels, in part because I’m often trying out new hiking boots for review. I’ve learned to do two things: 1. always have a blister kit with moleskin at the ready, and 2. invest... Read more
Adidas Climalite Flex 360 Sports T-Shirt
Want a lightweight wicking shirt to pack that is cheap enough to buy in twos and threes? Check out this Climalite Flex 360 version from Adidas that’s a real deal. I don’t have a set packing list where I’ve got the exact same items along on every trip, but... Read more
Arc’teryx Zeta AR Jacket and Pant
Given the cost of high-quality outdoor apparel, I need my preferred wear to be three-season-friendly, versatile, and durable. I was immediately drawn to the Arc’teryx Zeta AR Jacket and pant, both due to Arc’teryx’s high standards and the many uses of the Zeta line. And don’t worry guys…these exact items come... Read more
Big Agnes Women’s Pyramid Jacket
Did you know Big Agnes, maker of top-quality sleeping bags, pads, and tents, now makes men and women’s apparel? Imagine the warmth, comfort, and lightweight convenience of a Big Agnes sleeping bag, and then picture sliding your arms into it like a jacket. That’s how the women’s Pyramid Jacket... Read more
Athleta Skyline Fast Track Half Zip and Stride Tight
It’s New Year Resolution time! I like to work out when I travel, but I don’t always have access to a washer and dryer. The inevitable result: pulling on smelly workout clothes for a Day 2 or Day 3 workout, then stashing them back in my bag in even... Read more
REI Sahara – a Travel Tech Shirt That Won’t Break the Bank
Looking for a long-sleeve travel shirt with lots of features but not a crazy high retail price? This $54 Sahara Tech shirt is a great option. It’s common business sense that a store selling its own brand can do so for a lower price than they have to charge... Read more
ColdPruf Merino Wool Classic Base Layers
It’s ski season in the Northern Hemisphere, and we’re already wearing our ColdPruf base layers! I love ColdPruf’s performance layer line, made with thin polyester and spandex, but my teens are pickier. They want a layer that feels more natural against their skin, so as they ski today–yes, right... Read more
Exofficio Sol Cool Ultimate Hoody
I have a new best friend for water play and summer travel! The Exofficio Sol Cool Ultimate Hoody is the latest from Exofficio’s Sol Cool line, utilizing the company’s Icefil treated fabric and offering sun protection up to UPF 50+. Like all Sol Cool products, this hoody breathes wonderfully:... Read more
New Travel Underwear From ExOfficio
When ExOfficio debuted its travel underwear some eight years ago, you could have any color you wanted as long as you wanted black or gray. Like the “minimum viable product” touted in The Lean Startup, this test was a raging success as frequent travelers like me snatched them up... Read more