Vapur Collapsible MicroFilter Bottle Works for Travel or Hiking

Vapur Collapsible MicroFilter Bottle Works for Travel or Hiking Practical Travel Gear 3

Vapur sticks a powerful filter into its flip-top water bottle and comes up with a great lightweight and flat-packing filtration system that goes beyond tap water.If you've never traveled with any kind of water filter before, it can be kind of baffling to figure out which one to invest in. Far too many people take the easy way out and don't buy one at all. So every day they add to the world's garbage problem, including the 5 gyres floating around in our oceans.There are many different … [Read more...]

Steripen Classic 3 AA-powered Water Purifier

Steripen Classic 3 AA-powered Water Purifier Practical Travel Gear 2

We've reviewed several versions of the SteriPEN over the years and I'm a huge fan. It's the one thing I absolutely always pack when I'm going to a country where you can't drink the tap water. In a nutshell, you wave this thing around in tap water anywhere in the world---as long as it's clear---and it'll zap anything in there that could possibly make you sick. I'm losing track of how many places I've used one of these in, but I do know my daughter has drunk water purified with one of these in six … [Read more...]

LifeStraw Go Water Bottle

LifeStraw Go Water Bottle Practical Travel Gear

LifeStraw Go is one of the best new products I've reviewed this year. To understand the Go, however, it's important to be familiar with the original LifeStraw product. Named the Best Invention of 20o5, LifeStraw is a personal water filtration system that's as simple as it is effective: it's essentially a straw that one can dip into any water source and drink from safely. The original LifeStraw can be used with various water bottles (or used solo), and of course, the implications of this … [Read more...]

Camelbak Groove Insulated Water Bottle With Filter

Camelbak Groove Insulated Water Bottle With Filter Practical Travel Gear

Camelbak follows up on its built-in filter bottle with an insulated version that keeps water cool longer.I recently reviewed the groundbreaking water bottle called the Camelbak All Clear, which takes tap water from places you're not supposed to drink the tap water and makes it safe for you to gulp down. This Groove Insulated bottle has a filter in it, but it's not meant to be taken that far. Rather, this is a bottle meant to wean people off their commercially filtered bottled water that's … [Read more...]

Camelbak All Clear Water Purifying Bottle

Camelbak All Clear Water Purifying Bottle Practical Travel Gear

There are tipping points in technology where a seemingly simple innovation can have a huge impact on human behavior. I'm hoping this All Clear water bottle from Camelbak is one of these moments.First their were iodine tablets, then less nasty purification tablets, then pump filter and cup filters. None were all that practical: they either made your water taste bad, they took too long to work, or they were bulky to carry around. Then came the SteriPen and suddenly we could purify water with a … [Read more...]

SteriPEN Freedom: Smaller and USB Rechargeable!

SteriPEN Freedom: Smaller and USB Rechargeable! Practical Travel Gear 1

The beloved SteriPEN water purifier keeps getting better. I loved my original Traveler and and the Steripen Opti was even better. I've lost count of how many international trips those two items have kept me healthy---dozens. But ever since I laid eyes on a prototype last January, I've been looking forward to checking out this new Steripen Freedom.In case you haven't heard of this product, it's like a magic wand for tap water you don't trust. You wave this around in clear water (not muddy … [Read more...]

A CamelBak Bottle That Makes Your Water Taste Better

A CamelBak Bottle That Makes Your Water Taste Better Practical Travel Gear

I've raged and barked plenty on here about the need to carry a re-usable water bottle (and compact water purifier when necessary) in order to keep from soiling our land and oceans on a daily basis. Sure, you can point to your house recycling bin and justify that case of plastic from Costco, but reality is that some 3/4 of those single-use bottles---even in developed countries---just get drunk from and tossed. Here's what happens to them.There's a tendency among many to drink bottled water … [Read more...]

New SteriPen Adventurer Opti Model Review

New SteriPen Adventurer Opti Model Review Practical Travel Gear 2

In my section of our best and worst travel gear of 2009 post I raved about the SteriPen, classifying it as the product I'd most likely be talked into doing infomercials for---that's how much I like it. At the Outdoor Retailers show this past January I swung by the parent company's booth and saw that they had a new model coming out: the SteriPen Adventurer Opti with a built-in L.E.D. light. They sent me one to check out just as it's hitting the shelves, so here's my pseudo-infomercial as a … [Read more...]

5 Things I Always Pack – Beth Whitman

This month's guest post with "5 things I always pack" is from Beth Whitman. She is the author and publisher of the Wanderlust and Lipstick guides for women travelers, the editor of, and leads tours to Bhutan, India, Vietnam and Cambodia. Here's what she carries with her when she hits the road.1. SteriPEN In an effort to reduce my garbage footprint when I travel, I always carry a SteriPen Traveler water purifier. I've used this on numerous trips to India, drinking … [Read more...]