Fun and Useful Water Bottles From Nathan Sports
There are a zillion water bottles you can choose from to take with you in your travels and we review a good number of them each year. We like to highlight the ones that stand out as being a bit different though, which brings us to these from Nathan... Read more
Vapur Collapsible MicroFilter Bottle Works for Travel or Hiking
Vapur sticks a powerful filter into its flip-top water bottle and comes up with a great lightweight and flat-packing filtration system that goes beyond tap water. If you’ve never traveled with any kind of water filter before, it can be kind of baffling to figure out which one to... Read more
Sigg Viva Water Bottle With Interchangeable Caps
I avoided Sigg water bottles for a long time because of one key factor: I didn’t like the caps. True, they didn’t leak with that secure screw-on top, but you couldn’t use them with a SteriPEN water purifier, which made them useless to me in countries where you can’t... Read more
LifeStraw Go Water Bottle
LifeStraw Go is one of the best new products I’ve reviewed this year. To understand the Go, however, it’s important to be familiar with the original LifeStraw product. Named the Best Invention of 20o5, LifeStraw is a personal water filtration system that’s as simple as it is effective: it’s... Read more
Three Good Water Bottles for Travelers
My family seems to go through water bottles like a professional tennis player goes through rackets, many getting lost or beat up in our travels. It’s the one thing all three of us pack no matter what and in hot climates, it’s either one of these or your own... Read more
Soquel Small Hydration Pack from Hydrapak
If you like the idea of a hydration pack but don’t want to be loaded down, this Hydrapak Soquel one might be the ultimate. It seems to me like hydration packs are the runner/hiker/biker version of packing cubes. People either think they’re the greatest gear invention of the past... Read more
Sigg Water Bottles for Travel and Outdoor Recreation
Every time I review or buy a stainless steel water bottle, I start by ensuring it’s BPA-free. At one time, Sigg water bottles did not meet this criteria, though in hindsight, this may have been due to their lucky-yet-unlucky position at the front of the stainless steel water bottle... Read more
Stanley Nesting Water Bottle with Vacuum Coffee Mug
Taking double-duty travel gear in a new direction, this combination water bottle and vacuum mug from Stanley will pack down together when you’re not using them. We’re always happy to see items that pack up easier. Besides all the crushable travel shoes we’ve reviewed regularly, we often get overly... Read more
Made in America Water Bottles From Liberty
Do we still make outdoor gear here in the USA? Well, not often it seems, but Liberty Bottle Works is doing their part to prove it can be done. From recycled materials even. I’ll admit my first use of a made in America Liberty Bottle Works bottle was not... Read more
CamelBak eddy Glass Water Bottle
Want to use a solid-feeling water bottle that won’t get dented or scratched, one you can toss in the dishwasher to get it truly clean? Camelbak is hoping there are a lot of people in that camp with the release of their new glass eddy bottle. I’m not sure... Read more