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Swann DriveEye Ultra HD Dash Cam/ Action Cam


Lest you think you are the latest new hire at the police academy, business travelers have many uses for this type of small camera. For me, it has exceptional use as a security device on the road since I travel so frequently.

It is extremely small making it undetectable to the eye when in use. While it is probably not appropriate to film people without their consent, it does come in handy while finagling with a taxi driver, shopkeeper, or other type of on-the-spot deal that you might need to replay.

The uses of the camera are endless, especially since it has a dashboard mount that allows it to stay in place and record driving situations when in the car. This puts it beyond the scope of even the average business traveler and makes it usable for everyone from carpooling moms to keeping an eye on kids or pets.

A 120-degree wide angle lens pans a large surface area. The camera and video recorder offer a 3 megapixel capture and video compression technology to allow for a longer capture time (as many as 2,000 minutes) or repeat looping of the recording. An internal sensor can detect collisions or heavy bumps to prevent recordings from overlapping. Some of my friends use this as a camera to record video while driving (for example, when on a recent safari), and it created some fantastic content to watch again later.

There is also an automatic video stabilization feature to keep bumpy videos from appearing to grainy.
It is easy to transfer data from the camera to a cell phone or laptop (or also via the memory card, which is similar to a digital camera). Other ports allow automatic playback on a television, and movie maker buffs can even attach it to a tripod to record steady video. Embedded wifi capability allows users to stream recorders over an Internet signal.

Even if it is not connected to power, there is a lithium ion battery to record remotely (especially important for those on the go) that can last as much as four hours. This clever camera retails for $180 at the Swann website or on Amazon.

Ibex Arabesque Sweater and City Line Legging


Ibex Arabesque SweaterDespite the end of winter, chilly temperatures can hang around. And unless you live in (and never travel away from) a tropical destination, great quality Merino wool is always something to have in your closet.

Two pieces I’ve found especially useful this winter, and that I’m packing along on mountain and cool-weather trips in the coming months, are the Ibex Arabesque Sweater and City Line Legging.

Merino’s high-performance benefits (breathable, durable, odor resistant) make it great as a fabric for travel clothing. Plus, these two pieces are easy to pack and don’t easily get wrinkled.

Ibex City Line Legging



The Ibex Arabesque Sweater is made from lightweight knit Merino and is super soft, so no need to worry about itchiness. It’s got a rib neck, cuff and hem, as well as a deep surplice neckline, and goes with nearly anything—from T-shirts to tank tops to jeans and skirts. It’s that perfect dress-up/dress-down piece that you can wear out discovering a city in the daytime, but also to an upscale restaurant at night.

The Ibex City Line Legging is more than just a layer to wear under your ski clothes. The form-fitting lightweight stretch Merino legging can be worn with skirts and dresses when the temperatures sink, as it’s much nicer than your traditional ski under layer. That said, when you’re packing light and every piece counts, you can wear the legging all day, as well as après ski. Since Merino is odor resistant, you’ve got a few days of wear before you need to wash the legging, and it’s extremely fast drying, so you don’t need to be without that layer for long.

The Ibex Arabesque Sweater comes in black, stone grey heather and Riviera heather (blue) and lists for $150 on the Ibex site. It’s also available at Amazon.

The Ibex City Line Legging comes in black and lists for $90 on the Ibex site. It’s also available at Moosejaw.

Smith ChromaPop Challis Sunglasses


Smith ChromaPop Challis SunglassesIt’s long been known that wearing sunglasses when we’re outdoors is a good way to protect our eyes. But sometimes, mediocre sunglasses (which can come in a range of prices) hold us back. How do you know what to look for?

Polarized lenses eliminate the blinding glare that horizontal light creates. Lightweight and strong frames allow us to stay comfortable and not have to buy new sunglasses every time we do something small to break the existing pair. And ChromaPop eliminates color confusion, so our brains recognize true color faster.

Say what? ChromaPop?

The Smith ChromaPop Challis Sunglasses (as well as a handful of different frame styles) utilize ChromaPop technology, which blocks specific color wave intersections as they pass through the lens, optimizing color and increasing clarity, letting you see the outside world with better vibrance.

Here’s how it works:

All visible light is composed of three colors: blue, green and red. Visual color behaves like a wave, and individual blue, green and red wavelengths are easily recognized by the eye. But color confusion occurs naturally, when color wavelengths cross over, and the eye has trouble distinguishing color and definition. ChromaPop lenses eliminate color confusion by filtering the light at those specific wavelengths, creating greater definition and more vivid color.

The film-free polarization is bonded to the lens surface without adhesives, eliminating the potential for cracking, crazing and delamination. And the polarized lenses give you glare reduction whole also offering anti-reflective, water and oil resistance coatings Plus, they have 100 percent UV protection.

The Challis frame is ideal for folks looking for a snug fit and a medium to small lens profile. Spring hinges mean that you won’t immediately break your sunglasses if you accidentally pull the hinges the wrong way. The wrap style comes with ChromaPop and Techlite glass lens technologies for that awesome optical clarity mentioned above. Techlite lenses are up to 12 times more scratch resistant than polymer lenses, and 20 percent lighter than traditional glass.

The Smith Chromapop Challis Sunglasses are available in frame colors matte black and matte tortoise, with lens choices varying between polarized brown, polarized bronze mirror, polarized blue mirror, polarized gray green, polarized platinum, or polarchromic ignitor. They list for $209 on the Smith site, and are also available at Backcountry.