Serengeti Lipari Sunglasses are Lightweight and Elegant

Serengeti Lipari Sunglasses are Lightweight and Elegant Practical Travel Gear 1

Giant sunglasses that take up half your face might be a good bet if you're a celebrity trying to stay incognito, but if you're driving down a sunny highway or carrying a pair of sunglasses in your shirt or jacket pocket, you probably don't want something twice as big as your smart phone. These Lipari sunglesses from euro-cool Serengeti do the job of protecting your eyes in a minimalist, elegant fashion.This is one of those designs that looks like it either defies physics or would fall apart … [Read more...]

Smith Optics Tioga Sunglasses

Smith Optics Tioga Sunglasses Practical Travel Gear

Sunglasses have advanced quite a bit in the past 20 years, but for those who love the old-school frame styles, you’re in luck. Smith Optics’ Tioga sunglasses were originally released in 1993, but still have that classic cool look, yet modernized for the outdoor fans of today.While these shades are listed as men’s sunglasses, don’t let that stop you from getting a pair if you’re not a dude. I’ve been sporting the Smoke Split frames with Purple Sol-X mirrored lenses for the past couple months, … [Read more...]

Swift Sunglasses From Guideline Eyewear

Swift Sunglasses From Guideline Eyewear Practical Travel Gear 3

Sometimes you just want a good pair of sunglasses, for a good price, that will do the job and be comfortable on your face. This Swift model from Guideline Eyewear is a solid performer that won't cost you three figures.We review a fair number of brands on here that do break that $100 barrier, some even double that. Often the gripe I hear from people about shades with that kind of price tag is not that they're overpriced---after all, many people are used to paying much more for regular … [Read more...]

New Serengeti Misano Sunglasses

New Serengeti Misano Sunglasses Practical Travel Gear 1

On my last few trips I've been wearing sunglasses that do a good job of making me look much more classy and sophisticated than I really am: the new Misano shades from Serengeti. As I've traveled around on multiple travel writing assignments like an international jet-setter, I've crossed paths with jet-setters that have a few more zeroes on their bank balance than me. At least from the neck up, I can look like I fit in.Serengeti sunglasses are not ostentatious or blingy though. They don't … [Read more...]

Bold Cortez Sunglasses From Costa

Bold Cortez Sunglasses From Costa Practical Travel Gear 1

This new Cortez model from Costa del Mar is a great-looking pair of sunglasses that performs well anywhere near the water. The hard part is keeping someone else from snagging them."Those are too big for you and I need some new sunglasses."That my friends is how your significant other convinces you to hand over your shades. She has gotten a lot of compliments on them and my head is a bit narrow, so I guess I need to concede defeat on this one. The lesson learned here is, sunglasses are … [Read more...]

Tifosi Just Sport Sunglasses are a Deal

Tifosi Just Sport Sunglasses are a Deal Practical Travel Gear 2

With several attractive frame colors, an adjustable nose piece, and ventilated lenses, these $50-$70 Tifosi sport sunglasses are a terrific value.If you want to spend $200 or more on a pair of sunglasses for active outdoor pursuits like biking, you can find plenty of brands that will be glad to make that happen for you. If your budget is not that lofty though and you still want high performance, check out these Just sunglasses from Tifosi.I've worn these on two trips lately that … [Read more...]

Hobie Motion Polarized Sunglasses Collection

Hobie Motion Polarized Sunglasses Collection Practical Travel Gear 2

You can easily lay out a few hundred bucks for some quality polarized sunglasses. If that's out of your budget, check out some stylish options for a good bit less from Hobie Polarized.The day this post comes out I'll be chillin' in Cancun Mexico, there for an annual travel bloggers convention where I'm speaking, but also squeezing in some down time by the pool or the beach. I'll be sporting some Hobie Rockpile sunglasses that will make me look like I'm loaded. I've used them on a couple … [Read more...]

Bifocal Guideline Sunglasses for the Over-40 Crowd

Bifocal Guideline Sunglasses for the Over-40 Crowd Practical Travel Gear 1

If you frequently pull off your sunglasses to put on some reading glasses when you're on the move outdoors, Guideline Eyewear has a better solution.I first started noticing a problem when I was looking at the microscopic print on pill bottles. Then it was dark restaurants with small menu type. Finally I had to face facts: I needed reading glasses. As the rep from Guideline said as he was showing off their line of bifocal sunglasses at the recent Outdoor Retailer show, "If someone's over 40 … [Read more...]

Bolle Jude Sunglasses for Home and Away

Bolle Jude Sunglasses for Home and Away Practical Travel Gear 1

Yes, we review some expensive sunglasses on here sometimes and can make a good argument that they're worth it. But sometimes you want a pair that you can use at home and just tuck in your pocket when you go traveling too. This the Bolle site is a good everyday pair of sunglasses that does the job without costing a fortune.The polarized versions of the Jude list for $100 to $120, but you're more likely to find them priced 30-40% less than that in stores or online. If you aren't around the … [Read more...]

Serengeti Rivoli Sleek High-performance Sunglasses

Serengeti Rivoli Sleek High-performance Sunglasses Practical Travel Gear 1

If you want to feel like you're driving along the Cinque de Terre coast after renting a car in Italy, these Serengeti Rivoli sunglasses might get you there, even if it's just the coast of Cape Cod instead.Although you may not have thought about it, sunglasses brands do as much positioning work as a brand from Proctor and Gamble. You've got Costa del Mar for fishing, Maui Jim for the Beach, Oakley for strenuous sports, Tifosi for cycling, and on it goes. Serengetis are the driving sunglasses, … [Read more...]