Rewind: Hiking Trip Travel Gear That Works
We try to take a good amount of time to try out the gear we review on here, but often it’s a year down the line, after multiple trips, that we really start loving the gear we can depend on. (And maybe hating that one nagging fault that bugged... Read more
My Favorite Socks Are Darn Tough!
We don’t do a lot of travel socks reviews on here because frankly, you folks would apparently rather spend five more minutes on the trail than spend five minutes reading about what kinds of socks to buy. I’ll go on record though saying if you can remember these two... Read more
Swiftwick Sustain Compression Socks
Compression socks aren’t just for airplane travel. They come in a variety of lengths, for a wealth of sports, and the compression element prevents the sock bunching up—so there are fewer chances of developing hot spots and blisters. And when you can spend your vacation in comfort, rather than... Read more
Tough as Steel Travel Socks: Keen Olympus
Would you feel better about buying a pair of socks if you knew there was no way you could wear them out? With these Keen Olympus Lite ones, you are getting some socks that could last as long as you do. If you’re doing some serious hiking or just... Read more
Farm to Feet Socks Grown and Made in the USA
Are you tired of seeing a “Made in China” tag on most of the travel and adventure gear you buy? Well if you need some quality American-made socks for walking or hiking, these Farm to Feet socks will make you feel better twice. There’s been a small but growing... Read more
Injinji Toe Socks for Hiking, Running, or Yoga
Going well beyond the novelty of looking interesting and keeping your toes warm, these Injiji socks are great for preventing blisters and stemming fatigue. Good travel socks are super-important. A blister or rubbed-sore heel will put a serious crimp in your plans since travel usually involves a good bit... Read more
Darn Tough Winter Round-Up for Women and Kids
I can’t say enough good things about Darn Tough Vermont. Last season, I reviewed their mesh run/bike and hiking styles in our women’s sock round-up, and I’m pleased to be back singing the praises of their winter offerings for women and children, just in time for stocking stuffer season.... Read more
LORPEN Weekender/Chillax Comfort Line Socks
This soft line of socks is the perfect blend for the on-the-go business traveler and occasional adventurer. The Lorpen line has a long history in creating socks that sustain a full day of durability with the elements, but this casual series is set on being comfortable enough for daily... Read more
Women’s Outdoor and Travel Sock Round-Up
A few weeks back, Tim posted a hiking sock round-up for men, and now it’s our turn! If you’ve been shopping for all-weather socks for outdoor activity, you know just how many brands and styles are out there. Early this year, I asked performance sock brands to send me... Read more
Some Light Hiking Socks for Your Consideration
Socks are important. For most weather, they’re vital. For travelers doing a lot of walking and hiking, they can make or break how well your feet hold up. Spending $100+ on your hiking boots is only going to get you so far if you’ve covered your feet in cheap... Read more