Techspresso Travel Polo Shirt From Exofficio

Techspresso Travel Polo Shirt From Exofficio Practical Travel Gear 1

A polo shirt can be a great staple for warm weather travel wardrobes and this Exofficio Techspresso polo has a lot of features to make it one of the best ones you can buy.It's a rare trip I take when there's not at least one shirt like this in my pack. As comfy as a t-shirt but nicer looking for every situation, this is an item that's double-duty without trying very hard. What turns one into a real travel-worthy shirt is having the features that make it built for the road. This Techspresso … [Read more...]

Stretchy, Insect-Repellent NosiLife Berko Shirt From Craghoppers

Stretchy, Insect-Repellent NosiLife Berko Shirt From Craghoppers Practical Travel Gear 1

Want a travel shirt that moves when you do but looks fitted when you hit the pub at the end of the day? One that will keep the mosquitoes at bay when you're setting up a tent or chilling out in the courtyard of that tropical guesthouse? This Craghoppers Berko shirt treated with NosiLife is a great all-around traveler that does it all---if you've got a slim build. There's a long-sleeve version and a short-sleeve one.This is a stretchy shirt that is fitted rather than billowy, meant to have … [Read more...]

Ecōths Garrick Polo

Ecōths Garrick Polo Practical Travel Gear

Not many men are familiar with Ecōths, and I'd love to change that. This brand, pronounced 'ecos', is dedicated to blending natural fibers for a stylish, classic look to all their pieces. It's hard to make men's clothing in a way that stands out as unique, without going over-the-top, but Ecōths manages it, thanks to its understated approach to design. Everything in the mens' line walks the line of classic and outdoorsy. My husband, a pretty typical American male, wouldn't wear something overtly … [Read more...]

Long Sleeves for Hot Travels: ExOfficio Minimo Shirt

Long Sleeves for Hot Travels: ExOfficio Minimo Shirt Practical Travel Gear

Yeah I know, most people in the northern hemisphere are bundled up in down parkas and snow boots as I write this. But the ones who have the time and means to break away are probably flying somewhere hot and sunny. For good sun protection and wicking in a super-lightweight shirt, this Minimo plaid one from ExOfficio could be the perfect thing to pack.It weighs just five ounces first of all, which makes my already lightweight other travel shirts feel clunky in comparison. You probably pack … [Read more...]

REI Sahara – a Travel Tech Shirt That Won’t Break the Bank

REI Sahara - a Travel Tech Shirt That Won't Break the Bank Practical Travel Gear

Looking for a long-sleeve travel shirt with lots of features but not a crazy high retail price? This $54 Sahara Tech shirt is a great option.It's common business sense that a store selling its own brand can do so for a lower price than they have to charge for an outside brand to get the same profit margin. This doesn't apply to Apple of course, who supposedly has the highest margins of any retailer in the world---they just gladly keep all that money you hand them. When you're flipping … [Read more...]

Fall picks for women from Mountain Khakis

Fall picks for women from Mountain Khakis Practical Travel Gear 2

I know it's well and truly fall here in Oregon when I can break out the flannel and fleece. Flannel-lined pants, fleece jackets, flannel all makes me happy! This fall, I'm especially giddy because I get to wear two new-for-fall offerings from Mountain Khakis. Spoiler alert: both involve flannel and fleece.Mountain Khakis Cache Creek Shirt:Hello, beautiful. The Cache Creek Shirt contains the dual qualities so elusive in women's clothing: it's both flattering and comfortable. … [Read more...]

Migration Hemp Shirt From Patagonia

Migration Hemp Shirt From Patagonia Practical Travel Gear 2

Many people buy Patagonia outdoor and travel clothing just because they like it, but this is also the most responsible big brand around when it comes to how they source and manufacture their apparel. Nearly everything they're putting out now is made from fabrics with a recycled component or that are renewable. So it's no surprise that they're using more hemp in their clothing.I've been wearing this Migration shirt around the past couple months Nd while it's not as wrinkle-resistant as a … [Read more...]

This Jefe Shirt Outfits You Latin Style

This Jefe Shirt Outfits You Latin Style Practical Travel Gear 2

If you're heading to the Caribbean or Latin America and want to look appropriately cool while staying comfortable, this El Jefe collared shirt from Mountain Khakis is a more subtle take on the classic guayabera.We don't tend to devote many travel gear reviews to cotton clothing here. As much as we like the feel of the natural stuff, it's too high-maintenance for travelers who are on the move a lot and need their shirts to come out of the suitcase or backpack reasonably wrinkle-free. That's … [Read more...]

Exofficio Impervio shirt

Exofficio Impervio shirt Practical Travel Gear

A few weeks ago, I reviewed Exofficio BugsAway clothing for women. Now it's the men's turn. I picked up the Exofficio Impervio BugsAway tee shirt for my teen son, and it's become a close traveling companion for him. When it comes to picking out clothes for teens, I usually fail (ask my kid), but I knew the Impervio would be a safe bet. It's extremely lightweight, moisture wicking, and fast-drying, all crucial criteria for him when he travels, as he seems to do everything to an 'extreme'. The … [Read more...]

Icebreaker Departure Short-sleeve Shirt

Icebreaker Departure Short-sleeve Shirt Practical Travel Gear 1

This woven merino wool Departure Shirt from Icebreaker defies expectations and has several features making it a great choice for travelers.Usually when you hear "wool shirt," you probably think of something thick and scratchy you would wear in the dead of winter. Fine-spun merino wool is a different story though and we've reviewed a lot of great Icebreaker items here that are soft, comfortable, and work well in warm weather too.This Departures short sleeve shirt looks and feels different … [Read more...]