Inexpensive & Useful Travel Gadgets From Nite Ize
Want some gadgets that will make your travels easier, for ten bucks or less? Nite Ize has plenty of options for you—or your stocking stuffer recipient. Way back when I started this travel gear blog, the whole idea was to focus on things normal people could buy, pack, and... Read more
Serious Anti-theft Suitcase: Toursafe EXP21 from Pacsafe
Have you ever had something disappear out of a suitcase? Have you been the victim of baggage theft, like from the months-long campaign that ended in multiple arrests at LAX Airport earlier this year? Or New Orleans? No system can completely protect you, especially if the ones doing the... Read more
New Trends in Travel Gear for 2015
Want to know what you’re going to see in your local travel gear store in 2015? We’ve got a crystal ball for you, after Jill and I put 10 miles a day on our walking shoes checking out the booths and the demo parties at the Outdoor Retailer Summer... Read more
New Nylon Pickpocket Proof Biz Pants Are The Best for Light Packers
If you want to keep your phone and valuables safe and look good while you’re doing it, these new nylon business pants from Clothing Arts combine light weight and stylishness with impressive pocket technology. We were fans of the P^Cubed Pickpocket Proof Pants from the day they hit the... Read more
Screwpop Clip-on Light and Cash Stash
A few years back we reviewed the cool Screwpop tool I still travel with and use around the house sometimes. Now the company has expanded into other neat gadgets that don’t take up much space. The latest are a little clip-on light and a secret stash place for your... Read more
Innate Portal Waist Pouch for Your Cash
Keep your cash secure, dry, and handy with this Portal Money Waist Pouch from Innate. I’ve tried just about every kind of way there is to carry money securely while traveling: neck pouch, an under-pants pouch, one that straps to your leg, and different styles of Pickpocket-proof Pants. Ramsey... Read more
Response Fake TV Burglar Deterrent
The Response Fake TV Burglar Deterrent is a kitschy, yet surprisingly useful, security precaution that travelers can use when on the road. If you do not have a timer feature on your lighting system at home, this is the perfect device that is only a fraction of the cost... Read more
Hotspot Shield VPN for International Web Surfing

Many people are surprised to learn they can’t use their favorite entertainment sites when traveling. This proxy service allows that and protects data too.

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Women’s P-Cubed Pants from Clothing Arts
If you haven’t heard of P^Cubed Pick-Pocket Proof Pants, take a second to click on the ad to the right of this page and check out the company behind them, Clothing Arts. Editor and reviewer Tim tried these pants out first, back when they were only available in one... Read more
P-Cubed Travel Shirt From Clothing Arts
Want to have the advantages of one of those travel wallets that hang around your neck without the neck thing? The pockets on this Pickpocket Proof Shirt will keep your valuables next to you and safe. These shirts aren’t quite as heavy-duty Pickpocket Proof as the P^Cubed pants because... Read more