Craghoppers Simba Travel Pants With NosiLife

Craghoppers Simba Travel Pants With NosiLife Practical Travel Gear 1

Looking for some good men's travel pants that aren't all baggy and shapeless? These fitted Simba Nosilife Trousers from Craghoppers give you all the right features, but with a low-profile look that doesn't broadcast the fact you're living out of a suitcase or backpack.We've reviewed other Craghoppers trousers in the past and really liked them. The last round was the Kiwi Pro Stretch version, which still comes on a lot of trips with me. These Simba ones are built rugged rather than soft, with … [Read more...]

ExOfficio Gazella Pant

ExOfficio Gazella Pant Practical Travel Gear

Outdoor clothing for women that gets great marks for style as well as performance used to be fairly nonexistent, or at the most, few and far between. In the past couple years, however, I’m seeing more and more items that fit well (and were designed specifically for women instead of making a smaller version of men’s clothing), look good and perform fantastically. Thank goodness. Finally.One example of these newer pieces that do it all well is the ExOfficio Gazella Pant. I used to have pants … [Read more...]

Comfortable and Stylish Nau Pantalones

Comfortable and Stylish Nau Pantalones Practical Travel Gear

Despite folks yearning for the good old days of dressing up for air travel, yoga pants and sweatpants have become a regular airplane uniform for many. Let’s not mention the pajamas worn by adults, in hopes that trend will quietly disappear. Not entirely happy with going that casual? There are options for you to be both comfortable and stylish, and one of those options is a pair of Nau Pantalones.The Pantalones are made in the style of harem pants, without going so far as to be as billowy as … [Read more...]

Tough Silicone Trail Pants From Sierra Designs

Tough Silicone Trail Pants From Sierra Designs Practical Travel Gear 1

Each time I say I've found my favorite pair of travel pants, I end up putting on another pair soon after that has some improvement I like a lot. That's the case with the Silicone Trail Pants from Sierra Designs that I've worn for days straight on a couple recent adventure trips. They're comfortable, tough, and resistant to stains. That's a good recipe for cutting down on the number of pairs of pants you need to bring along.The "trail pants" part of the name refers to the fact that these have … [Read more...]

Mountain Khakis Camber Twill 107 Pants

Mountain Khakis Camber Twill 107 Pants Practical Travel Gear 2

As we head into fall and your travels take you to places that aren't steaming hot, those thin, quick-dry pants we love so much here at Practical Travel Gear suddenly aren't so practical. When it gets colder, you may have to break down and put a little more weight in your suitcase to have something thick and rugged, like these new Camber 107 Pants from Mountain Khakis.These look like tough canvas pants, but they actually have a bit of stretch to them: they're 97% cotton and 3% spandex. That's … [Read more...]

New Nylon Pickpocket Proof Biz Pants Are The Best for Light Packers

New Nylon Pickpocket Proof Biz Pants Are The Best for Light Packers Practical Travel Gear 2

If you want to keep your phone and valuables safe and look good while you're doing it, these new nylon business pants from Clothing Arts combine light weight and stylishness with impressive pocket technology.We were fans of the P^Cubed Pickpocket Proof Pants from the day they hit the market. Back when there was only one cargo pants style, we thought they were groundbreaking, They filled a need for travelers who wanted to keep their valuables safe without having to buy (and fumble around … [Read more...]

Sherpa Adventure Gear: Langtang Jacket and Naulo Pant

Sherpa Adventure Gear: Langtang Jacket and Naulo Pant Practical Travel Gear 1

If you're not familiar with Sherpa Adventure Gear, the brand has a nice story behind it: founded by Tashi Sherpa in Nepal, purchases help support the education of Sherpa children. The company donates $.50 for every product sold to the Paldorje Education Fund, which then grants scholarships to deserving students. Plus, purchases help support the families of Sherpa guides through a royalty on sales.This is awesome, but you'll want to buy their products regardless; their clothing includes the … [Read more...]

Mountain Khakis Granite Creek Pant for men and women

Cozy but Tough: Flannel-lined Pants from Mountain Khakis Practical Travel Gear 2

Mountain Khakis calls their lightweight, packable adventure pant the Granite Creek Pant. I call it the Do All, Go Everywhere, and Look Great Doing It Pant. (Wordy, but accurate. I'm sure Mountain Khakis will be calling me shortly to rename all their other pants, too.)The Granite Creek pant comes in men's and women's styles, and truly will perform for all travel situations and outdoor adventures. (By the way, we're not Granite Creek newbies. Check out our reviews of other Granite Creek line … [Read more...]

Tilley Endurables Venture Trek Pants and AIRFLO Shirt

Tilley Endurables Venture Trek Pants and AIRFLO Shirt Practical Travel Gear 1

Did know know Tilley Endurables makes more than just hats? Their line of women's hiking, travel, and outdoor wear is comprehensive and high-functioning. I spent the better part of my summer in a pair of their pants and one of their shirts, engaged in activities ranging from river rafting to backpacking to international traveling. Venture Trek 4-in-1 zip-off pants: Since I received the Venture Trek Tech 4-in-1 pants, they've been my go-to pant for all things outdoor and adventure related. Why? … [Read more...]

Women’s P-Cubed Pants from Clothing Arts

Women's P-Cubed Pants from Clothing Arts Practical Travel Gear 1

If you haven't heard of P^Cubed Pick-Pocket Proof Pants, take a second to click on the ad to the right of this page and check out the company behind them, Clothing Arts. Editor and reviewer Tim tried these pants out first, back when they were only available in one men's style, and created this great video on P^Cubed pant features and how they look after a week of straight wear. (I promise it's not gross.) In the time since this video, you can read more Practical Travel Gear reviews on P^Cubed … [Read more...]