Snow Peak Mini Hozuki Lantern
If you’ve been following Practical Travel Gear for a while, you may recall that we reviewed the Snow Peak Hozuki Lantern a couple of years ago. I’ve recently tested the Mini Hozuki Lantern and like it a lot. A tiny version of its big brother, the mini light fits... Read more
Packable Advocate Lace Shoes From Patagonia Footwear
We review a lot of shoes for travelers who will be walking a lot. Or hiking. Or doing something where their feet will constantly be getting wet. But sometimes you just want to go on a lazy vacation and not do a whole lot, right? If you want some... Read more
Pack More in Less Space with Eagle Creek Compression Pack-it Cubes
There are plenty of packing cubes, pouches, and folders out there to get you organized in your packing, but these Specter Packing Cubes from Eagle Creek take the concept a big step forward. Instead of just giving you something to stuff your clothes into, they actually help you carry... Read more
ExOfficio Storm Logic Jacket is a Traveler’s Dream
We love double-duty travel gear here and if a winter jacket can pull triple duty like the ExOfficio Storm Logic coat does, even better! The original Storm Logic jacket we reviewed when it first came out a few years back was great for travelers: it turned into a travel... Read more
Equatorial Travel Pants From Mountain Khakis
Lightweight, quick-drying, rugged, and comfortable, the Mountain Khakis Equatorial pants check off all the right boxes. Here at Practical Travel Gear we’ve probably reviewed more pairs of travel pants than any other blog or website on the planet. So when we give a pair of them a big thumbs... Read more
Pickpocket Proof Adventure Pants Get Lighter
Keeping your valuables safe and packing light now go together better thanks to some soft and comfortable—but significantly lighter—P^Cubed Adventure Pants. We’ve checked out quite a few items from our supporting partner Clothing Arts over the years, from the original pants to their Pickpocket Proof business pants and shorts.... Read more
Thin & Lightweight Specter Packing Cubes From Eagle Creek
The Eagle Creek line of Pack-it cubes and folders has been a runaway success, to the point where one person from the company told me a couple years ago that they make more profit from these little pieces of fabric with a zipper than they do from the feature-rich... Read more
Skora FORM Women’s Running Shoe for Travelers
If you’re not familiar with ‘barefoot’ or minimalist running, you may not have heard of Skora, a new-on-the-scene running shoe company based out of Portland Oregon. In fact, the men’s Skora FORM and BASE running shoe models only came on the market last year, and the women’s are brand... Read more
Nau Lightbeam Tote
For some, it’s the eternal travel question: backpack or shoulder bag? There’s usually only room for one, but not both. With the Nau Lightbeam Tote, you actually get a chance to have a bag that morphs into both possibilities without having to go back to your hotel room. The... Read more
Good-looking Ahnu Shoes Comfy Enough for Travel
We review a lot of travel shoes on this blog since they’re both key wardrobe items but can also be the items causing the most problems when trying to pack everything into a carry-on. Like a lot of women, my travel partner has a lot of trouble with that... Read more