Ten Year Journal

The Ten Year Journal has space for about three lines of writing per day. I look forward to rereading things that I was doing on the same day years before as it will trigger fond memories of other places that I have been or things I have done.

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Not For Parents New York City Book for Kids
In an ongoing effort to a) engage my children in helping to plan our family trips and b) encourage my son to read something other than the Wimpy Kid books, I got ahold of the brand-new Not For Parents New York City published by Lonely Planet. It’s designed for... Read more
The Klutz Book of Inventions
Klutz is a wonderfully vibrant company that produces activity books for kids. I’ve written about the brand before here at Practical Travel Gear, as I’m a huge, huge fan. Klutz books, games, puzzles and building kits have entertained my kids for hours — not only on our travels, but... Read more