Ten Year Journal

Ten Year Journal Practical Travel Gear 1

In my constant travels, I am often asked if I keep a journal. Honestly, work often gets the best of me, and there is little time to do anything else. But, the Ten Year Journal is a fantastic idea that takes little time or effort. While any book or journal can work for this concept, the way this leather-bound book is laid out keeps it attractive and organized.The really cool thing about this journal is that it commemorates and organizes your thoughts and memories for your loved ones, as well … [Read more...]

Not For Parents New York City Book for Kids

Not For Parents New York City Book for Kids Practical Travel Gear

In an ongoing effort to a) engage my children in helping to plan our family trips and b) encourage my son to read something other than the Wimpy Kid books, I got ahold of the brand-new Not For Parents New York City published by Lonely Planet. It's designed for "young adult" readers, according to Amazon.com. I argue it's a bit simple for teenagers, but I think the colorful photos, drawings and short snippets of information about the history and sights of the Big Apple are ideal for ages 8 to … [Read more...]

The Klutz Book of Inventions

The Klutz Book of Inventions Practical Travel Gear

Klutz is a wonderfully vibrant company that produces activity books for kids. I've written about the brand before here at Practical Travel Gear, as I'm a huge, huge fan. Klutz books, games, puzzles and building kits have entertained my kids for hours -- not only on our travels, but also on quiet afternoons at home. I adore Klutz so much, I included its products as one of my top five picks for holiday gifts on the This Week in Travel podcast (special holiday gift guide edition) this week.Some … [Read more...]