Travelon Anti-Theft Urban E/W Messenger Bag

The Travelon Anti-Theft Urban E/W Messenger Bag offers a unique take on the standard laptop carry-on piece. It is lightweight, sleek, and contemporary, as most are. But, it offers a unique differentiating point.

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King Kong Giant Killer 14L Messenger Duffel Bag

The King Kong Giant Killer duffel bag has a soft, expandable exterior that is perfect for those that like to pack a lot on their trips.

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Fjallraven Totepack No. 1
Sometimes all the bells and whistles get in the way when you’re traveling, and you feel the urge to ditch it all and go classic old-school. Fjallraven helps you out with the Totepack No. 1. Somewhat akin to the simple design of its famed Kanken backpack, the Totepack No.... Read more
Pacsafe Camsafe Z16
Somewhat like Goldilocks, I’m forever searching for something that’s just right. In my case, it’s a carry-on bag that totes my camera and laptop, has a little extra room for a wallet and phone, and is comfortable to use. Extra bonus if it’s not an obvious camera bag, so... Read more
Oliberte Fair Trade Kobio Tote
While it’s great to have a travel bag with a bunch of dedicated pockets to stash your stuff, sometimes it’s nice to have the old-school tote. The only way this works, however, is if you’re not also an old-school over-packer who will fill every last space in a bag... Read more
Mindshift Rotation 180 Travel Away Backpack

The Mindshift Rotation 180 Travel Away Backpack provides a unique rotating strategy that allows you to move a section of the bag from the back to the front, similar to a fanny pack.

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Osprey Ozone Luggage
Packing is one of the least fun aspects of travel. Or, perhaps unpacking is worse. Let’s be honest—pretty much everything involving a suitcase is a major pain. But unless you’re so wealthy that you can keep a wardrobe in a handful of countries across the globe, you pretty much... Read more


Business Gear October 13, 2014 1

When the airport puts their standard paper tag with an RFID chip onto the bags these are then encoded with the flight details automatically as they travel down the conveyor, at this point the ReboundTAG is also encoded with the same details

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Brenthaven Collins Slim Brief Messenger Laptop Bag
Let’s face it. We are what we wear sometimes, and this sleek and comfortable messenger bag sends a contemporary and modern impression. My charcoal Brenthaven Collins Slim briefcase looks as hip and cool as ever as I stroll through airports with it slung over my shoulder using the adjustable... Read more
Kelty Ascender 22 Trunk Luggage System
It takes all kinds of luggage to please a variety of travelers. For me, business travel necessitates functionality and flexibility in what and how I pack. The Kelty Ascender Trunk Luggage System seemed like a good idea worth trying especially when I have long two or three week trips... Read more