Rhapsody Music Service for Unlimited Tunes on the Go
In evaluating whether music subscription service Rhapsody is right for you, are you a renter or a buyer? Would you rather have access to a million songs at any time, or own a small fraction of that because you’ve purchased each song or album? As a guy with shelves... Read more
A Windows Smart Phone Worth Buying: Samsung Focus 2
This downright great new Windows phone can duke it out with Apple and Google and in some respects is better than the latest iPhone or Android alternative. At $50 (or sometimes less) with a 2-year contract from AT&T, the Samsung Focus 2 is  also quite a bargain. Microsoft often... Read more
Telestial International Cell Phone for No-Roaming Calls
Unless  you’ve been living under a rock or never read financial or travel advice, you should know by now that using your regular cell phone overseas can cost you a small fortune. Some unlucky travelers have found their data bill to be even more than their vacation cost them.... Read more
Motorola Atrix Smart Phone: Small Cost, Big Features
When I finally broke down and got a smart phone upon returning from living in Mexico for a year, two of my traits made me get this Motorola Atrix Android phone instead of an iPhone. 1) I’m a value shopper at heart and 2) I’ve always rebelled against doing... Read more
Pelican i1015 Smart Phone Case
It wasn’t until my friend dropped her phone into Lake Union that I came up with a great use case for Pelican’s i1015 iPhone case. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with the case, nope, it’s sturdy, waterproof box with a headphone jack, a carabiner, and slots that I... Read more
P-Flip Foldable Solar Power for iPhone
It’s a drag to find yourself hunting around for a place to charge your phone when there are no outlets in sight, when you should have known better and charged up before you left the house. And while I’m not so phone dependent that I freak out when juice... Read more
PodFlexPro for Watching Video on Small Screens
Want to watch video on your small media player in multiple places and positions? Sure, there are already all kinds of accessories out there that will hold your iPod, iPhone, or Touch on a little stand, but this new PodFlexPro holder is a different animal. The “flex” part has... Read more
IPod Touch Great For Travel (Except for One Thing)
This past spring I gifted myself a 32GB iPod Touch. For the most part, I’ve been quite happy with it and think it’s a good tool for travelers. It’s great fun to play games on, I can surf the web or check e-mail at a Wi-Fi hotspot, and I... Read more
Wrapsol Skins Protect Your Gadgets and Phones
Now that you’ve got that shiny and expensive new gadget in hand, how are you going to keep it from getting all scratched up and smudged? Do you really think your electronics are any match for the rigors of the road? A protective skin from Wrapsol can be a... Read more
Review: CoPilot Live GPS for Smartphones
If you’re still using your cell phone just to make calls, it’s time to say goodbye to the ’90s. And if you’re directionally-challenged like me—and your phone has a GPS—CoPilot Live mobile navigation from ALK Technologies can make your travels easier. It works on the iPhone, Windows Mobile and... Read more