ExOfficio Airhart and Camina Trek’r Shirts

ExOfficio Airhart and Camina Trek'r Shirts Practical Travel Gear 3

I have quite a few outdoor technical shirts in my closet, but when it comes to adventure-wear that can double as multi-use travel wear, it's hard to beat ExOfficio. This brand is a solid bet for high-quality, practical, comfortable clothing that will take you from travel day to outdoor excursion to city streets.ExOfficio Airhart Shirt:The Airhart shirt is the lightest weight shirt ExOfficio makes. It's literally a relief to put on in warm or humid environments, especially after … [Read more...]

Big Agnes Women’s Pyramid Jacket

Big Agnes Women's Pyramid Jacket Practical Travel Gear

Did you know Big Agnes, maker of top-quality sleeping bags, pads, and tents, now makes men and women's apparel? Imagine the warmth, comfort, and lightweight convenience of a Big Agnes sleeping bag, and then picture sliding your arms into it like a jacket. That's how the women's Pyramid Jacket feels, and let me tell you...it's incredible.I'm a huge fan of down jackets and sweaters for all seasons, preferring this type of lightweight layering option to bulkier and heavier sweatshirts and … [Read more...]

Muck Hale Boots for Women and Kids

Muck Hale Boots for Women and Kids Practical Travel Gear 2

If you live, play, or travel to locations where you're frequently in the outdoors in all conditions, owning a pair of Muck boots falls into the 'life hack' category. Or as I like to think of it, the 'Wow, why did it take me so long to get these?' category.Muck Boots have been around for a while, known well by farmers, ranchers, hunters, and gardeners for their durability and willingness to get through dirt, mud, and well, muck. The new Muck Hale comes in sizes and colors for women and kids … [Read more...]

Long Sleeves for Hot Travels: ExOfficio Minimo Shirt

Long Sleeves for Hot Travels: ExOfficio Minimo Shirt Practical Travel Gear

Yeah I know, most people in the northern hemisphere are bundled up in down parkas and snow boots as I write this. But the ones who have the time and means to break away are probably flying somewhere hot and sunny. For good sun protection and wicking in a super-lightweight shirt, this Minimo plaid one from ExOfficio could be the perfect thing to pack.It weighs just five ounces first of all, which makes my already lightweight other travel shirts feel clunky in comparison. You probably pack … [Read more...]

Craghoppers CompressLite PackAway Jackets

Craghoppers CompressLite PackAway Jackets Practical Travel Gear

Craghoppers has one of the best values in packable travel jackets I've seen in a long time. The CompressLite Packaway Jacket is made of a down-alternative, is incredibly lightweight for its price category, and includes all the features you need in a travel and outdoors jacket: a full hood, adjustable hem, and zippered pockets. The jacket stuffs into its own stuff sack, which comes included, or could easily be stuffed into a backpack outer pocket, a roller bag pocket, or a ski bag.The … [Read more...]

ColdPruf Merino Wool Classic Base Layers

ColdPruf Merino Wool Classic Base Layers Practical Travel Gear

It's ski season in the Northern Hemisphere, and we're already wearing our ColdPruf base layers! I love ColdPruf's performance layer line, made with thin polyester and spandex, but my teens are pickier. They want a layer that feels more natural against their skin, so as they ski today--yes, right now--they're trying out ColdPruf's Classic line, made of 100% Merino wool.ColdPruf Classic Top:My boys don't realize it, but the reason they love the feel of Merino wool is due to its natural … [Read more...]

Columbia Silver Ridge Short for Men and Women

Columbia Silver Ridge Short for Men and Women Practical Travel Gear 1

Four years ago, we reviewed the women's Silver Ridge shirt from Columbia Sportswear. Today, I'm reviewing the Silver Ridge short, which just goes to show how great clothing lines will endure. When my family and I first discovered the Silver Ridge line of quick-dry, outdoors clothing, we bought as many pairs of pants as we could, and crossed our fingers they wouldn't be discontinued. By this time, I think it's safe to say the line has persevered. Silver Ridge clothing by Columbia includes … [Read more...]

Columbia Drainmaker II Water Shoes

Columbia Drainmaker II Water Shoes Practical Travel Gear 2

When you find something great, it's nice to know it comes in sizes for the whole family. Columbia Sportswear's Drainmaker II water shoe comes in child, youth, men's, and women's, and is virtually the same shoe for everyone: a lightweight, drainable, quick-dry, fully protective water shoe that can transition out of the water for day hikes, rock scrambling, and river bed exploring.I've been looking for the perfect water shoe for my kids for years. While there are many on the market, none … [Read more...]

Exofficio Impervio shirt

Exofficio Impervio shirt Practical Travel Gear

A few weeks ago, I reviewed Exofficio BugsAway clothing for women. Now it's the men's turn. I picked up the Exofficio Impervio BugsAway tee shirt for my teen son, and it's become a close traveling companion for him. When it comes to picking out clothes for teens, I usually fail (ask my kid), but I knew the Impervio would be a safe bet. It's extremely lightweight, moisture wicking, and fast-drying, all crucial criteria for him when he travels, as he seems to do everything to an 'extreme'. The … [Read more...]

Exofficio BugsAway Ziwa Convertible Pants and Lumen Crew

Exofficio BugsAway Ziwa Convertible Pants and Lumen Crew Practical Travel Gear 2

At Practical Travel Gear, we've long trusted Exofficio for our adventure travel wear needs. I love what they're doing next: Exofficio's BugsAway apparel is treated with Insect Shield technology that's locked into the fabric. Your first thought may be the same as mine: 'Ew! Bug spray in my clothes?'  I was skeptical until I held BugsAway clothing in my own hands. There's absolutely no evidence of a chemical on these clothes. They don't smell, and they're not rough or stiff as I expected them to … [Read more...]