Tweedz No-tangle Earbuds

Tweedz No-tangle Earbuds Practical Travel Gear 3

It's one of those Murphy's Law things that's hard to avoid: no matter where your earbuds have been or how they're stored, it always seems to take a minute to untangle them before you can start cranking the tunes. With these Tweedz earbuds wrapped in braided nylon thread, however, you can avoid the tangle hassle.If there's one thing nearly everyone has on them when traveling these days, it's a pair of headphones or earbuds. Listening to podcasts, listening to music, watching a movie on your … [Read more...]

Ion Clipster Active Hanging Bluetooth Speaker

Ion Clipster Active Hanging Bluetooth Speaker Practical Travel Gear

With the tag line, "Powerful sound that hangs around," this Clipster Active speaker from Ion goes places many others will not. With a simple spring-clip mechanism that allows a wide opening, you can suspend the speaker from a hook, a branch, or a tent loop in order to keep the tunes cranking when floor or table space is not easy to find. Of course it could easily hook onto a backpack too for mobile walking music.A Bluetooth speaker can make a big difference in your travels, allowing shared … [Read more...]

NYNE TT Bluetooth Speaker is No Wimp

NYNE TT Bluetooth Speaker is No Wimp Practical Travel Gear 1

Tired of little Bluetooth speakers that easily get drowned out by conversation? This TT one from NYNE might not go on a plane with you if you're just packing a carry-on, but for checked bags, a road trip, or car camping, it's a wireless party machine.This is not some "mini and tinny" travel speaker where it's the size of a golf ball but has about as much bass reflex as a parakeet. With the volume turned to 5 you can fill up a good-sized living room with sound and with a few notches more it … [Read more...]

XQISIT Bluetooth Stereo Headphones LZ380

XQISIT Bluetooth Stereo Headphones LZ380 Practical Travel Gear

This stylish pair of Bluetooth headphones is from European manufacturer XQISIT and brings a trendsetting new look to noise reduction headphones in the U.S. Newly on the market stateside, this pair showcases a fine matte, brushed silver finish on the casing.The flexible, padded ear cups are soft and ensconcing without being too tight. Noise does not escape as easily because of their cupped shape. The lightweight, metal headband flexes so that it wraps around your head. Often, I see people … [Read more...]

Yurbuds Inspire 300 Earbuds Will Stay Put

Yurbuds Inspire 300 Earbuds Will Stay Put Practical Travel Gear 1

Want some earbuds that meet the trifecta of sounding great, staying in place, and delivering good value? These $40 list price Yurbuds pull it off well.Real audiophiles can geek out over dynamic range, impedance, and driver size, but ask most people on the move what their biggest gripe about their earbuds is and it's got something to do with function. At the top of that list are earbuds that won't stay in their ears.I've tried a whole slew of earbuds over the years, from cheapie ones that … [Read more...]

Swimbuds Sport for Underwater Music Listening

Swimbuds Sport for Underwater Music Listening Practical Travel Gear 1

We review earbuds and headphones on a regular basis on this gear blog, but none of them will do you much good if you're a surfer, a swimmer, or a kayaker trying to keep a soundtrack going. These Swimbuds Sport earbuds are a different story though. They're waterproof and will also seal off your ear canal.Not on the first try though maybe. The beauty of the package you see to the right is the versatility. You get a whole variety of different buds in different shapes so you can find one that … [Read more...]

Holiday Stocking Stuffers for Air Travel Days

Holiday Stocking Stuffers for Air Travel Days Practical Travel Gear 2

Everyone needs stocking stuffers for the traveler in their lives. If yours spends a good amount of time in the air, the following travel-friendly gifts will go a long way toward a more comfortable, convenient flight. Whether traveling for business or with kids in tow, something on this list will appeal!My Air Mask:If you don't want to get sick on your travel day and don't care who knows it, the My Air Mask might be for you. I won't knock it: there's nothing worse than sitting down next … [Read more...]

SOL REPUBLIC Punk Wireless Speaker

SOL REPUBLIC Punk Wireless Speaker Practical Travel Gear

We use Sol Republic's Tracks HD headphones when we travel and at home, so I was eager to check out their newest wireless speaker. The perfect size for people on-the-go, the Punk speaker weighs less than 8 ounces and approximately 5" x 5" x 2"...small enough to fit into even the smallest backpacks, bags, or purses.The Punk's target audience seems to be young people who crave portable music in nearly any situation, from a poolside party to a gathering of friends in public spaces, and you can … [Read more...]

The Champ Survival Sidekick 10-in-1 Multitool

The Champ Survival Sidekick 10-in-1 Multitool Practical Travel Gear

Survival preppers will have nothing on you once you've picked up the Champ Survival Sidekick 10-in-1 Multitool. I don't consider myself an alarmist, but I do like the feeling of knowing I'm prepared for most situations, and self-reliant while traveling, especially by car. After educating myself on the many functions of the Champ Sidekick, I feel good knowing it's in my car at all times, ready if I get sidelined by a snow storm when we travel to ski resorts. Depending on what part of the world … [Read more...]

Jabra Rox Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds

Jabra Rox Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds Practical Travel Gear 1

By now you've probably used some kind of Bluetooth speaker in your travels or at home. But here's a way to drop the cord connection for earbuds as well: the Jabra Rox.Single Bluetooth earbuds/mics have long been popular with people who want to jabber on their mobile phone without having it next to their ear. Hands-free, no cord, good for the car or when you need to do something else with your hands. Listening to your music has mostly been a corded affair though, with headphones or earbuds … [Read more...]