GoPro Hero4 Black
Whether your ideal outdoor adventure is a leisurely hike, or something a little more on the edge like kite boarding or heli-skiing, you want a way to capture your memories without having a huge camera get in the way of the fun. Small cameras you can strap to yourself... Read more
Mindshift Rotation180 Trail Backpack
If you, like me, are lazy about bringing your bulky DSLR camera on day trips and travel days because you get tired of stopping to take it out of your pack and put it back in, get ready. In about three seconds, you’re going to ask yourself, ‘Why didn’t I... Read more
Pacsafe Camsafe Z16
Somewhat like Goldilocks, I’m forever searching for something that’s just right. In my case, it’s a carry-on bag that totes my camera and laptop, has a little extra room for a wallet and phone, and is comfortable to use. Extra bonus if it’s not an obvious camera bag, so... Read more
Tiny Tripods for Better Travel Photos
Five years ago when the current incarnation of this gear blog got started, I did a round-up of camera tripods that were easy to pack. A lot has changed since then with cameras and smart phones, but the reason to pack a small tripod hasn’t: better photos. Probably 98%... Read more
Sony Cyber-Shot Digital Camera Tx30
The Sony Cyber-Shot Tx30 is the absolute best point-and-shoot camera I’ve ever owned. Yes, I have a DSLR that I bring on professional trips because, well, it makes me look like I know what I’m doing, but when given the choice, I absolutely always reach for the Cyber-Shot. Of... Read more
Mountainsmith Descent Camera Bag
The Mountainsmith Descent is a solid camera bag option for anyone who travels with their DSLR and extra camera gear. It’s not massive, so you won’t feel dwarfed by your camera equipment everywhere you go, and it’s affordable while still delivering on the features you need. The Descent is... Read more
Crumpler Karachi Outpost Camera Pack
In the world of camera bags, Crumpler’s Karachi Outpost  is like every other bag’s better looking, cooler cousin. The retro rucksack style of the small and large sized Outpost sports a soft, brushed twill fabric, warm colors, and fun accents (oddly, the medium has a more urban, sleeker look). But... Read more
Fuji FinePix S4200 Camera Is a Terrific Value
Offering the best features-to-value ratio of any camera I’ve used, this sub-$200 Fuji Film FinePix S4200 delivers on all counts. I’m too much of a light packer to be weighed down by a bunch of DSLR gear, so my camera of choice that works for both my travel writing... Read more
Carson Optical Camera and Mobile Device Screen Cleaners
Avid photographers know that maintaining your equipment is of utmost priority when traveling. While I do not consider myself an avid camera toter, I do like to keep my camera and other electronic gear spiffy and neat when on the road. Carson products were not on my radar screen,... Read more
Jill-E Jack Rolling Satchel Travel Bag
This rugged, masculine travel bag from Jill-E is the perfect companion for travelers with bulky camera equipment or lots of business gear that cannot be risked as checked airline luggage. While it seems this is ideal for a safari or luxury camping expedition, the intended use of the bag’s interior... Read more