MIU Color Packing Cubes
We’ve reviewed quite a few packing cubes on Practical Travel Gear. By this time, these packing aids have been around a while, and if you travel with any frequency, you either love them and use them religiously, or don’t get what all the fuss is about. I fall in... Read more
Squeezepods Small Portable Toiletries
Sometimes you don’t want to take a chance on whether your hotel or apartment rental will have decent toiletries. The lower you go down on the price per night, the higher the chance you’ll be SOL on what you need. Also, when you’re a guy and know you’re only... Read more
Eagle Creek 2-in-1 Tote and Backpack
Ever have one of those times where you go somewhere with one bag and come back with two? Or you need something after arrival for carrying things to the beach or for going shopping at the local market? This handy Eagle Creek 2-in-1 Tote/Backpack stuffs down to nothing in... Read more
Tiny Travel Umbrella from Sea to Summit
Packing an umbrella is a real pain, but there are plenty of times a traveler wishes there was one in their daypack. Sudden drizzles or downright downpours don’t hold off just because you’re on vacation or a business trip. I found this out last week when a deluge hit... Read more
Kigo Pai Minimalist Footwear
What makes a shoe minimalist? For me, it’s not just a light weight or zero depth. A truly useful and practical minimalist shoe will also be (dare I say it?) comfortable, and good for your foot. Kigo footwear is something special. This company is designing stylish, trendy shoes that... Read more
New Trends in Travel Gear for 2015
Want to know what you’re going to see in your local travel gear store in 2015? We’ve got a crystal ball for you, after Jill and I put 10 miles a day on our walking shoes checking out the booths and the demo parties at the Outdoor Retailer Summer... Read more
Icebreaker Aero Crew Shirt With “Featherweight Merino”
Who’s ready for t-shirt weather? This Icebreaker Aero Crew in lightweight merino wool is ready for what you want to throw at it, all your sweating, your stuffing, and your stink. There are four kinds of t-shirts in this world: cotton, poly/cotton, treated synthetic, and merino wool. As a... Read more
Packable Advocate Lace Shoes From Patagonia Footwear
We review a lot of shoes for travelers who will be walking a lot. Or hiking. Or doing something where their feet will constantly be getting wet. But sometimes you just want to go on a lazy vacation and not do a whole lot, right? If you want some... Read more
Eagle Creek 2-in-1 Backpack Duffel
I love packable travel backpacks. The new Eagle Creek 2-in-1 duffel may be the best I’ve seen to-date. It meets my non-negotiable criteria for an overnight carry-on: it’s lightweight, packable (stuffs into its own pocket), and offers many of the bells and whistles of a full-scale (non-stuffable) backpack. I’m usually less... Read more
Pack More in Less Space with Eagle Creek Compression Pack-it Cubes
There are plenty of packing cubes, pouches, and folders out there to get you organized in your packing, but these Specter Packing Cubes from Eagle Creek take the concept a big step forward. Instead of just giving you something to stuff your clothes into, they actually help you carry... Read more