How To Use Packing Cubes
 What are packing cubes?             Ever since airlines have become increasingly disinterested in the needs of travelers and increasingly interested in packing as many of us onto airplanes as is physically possible, the fees and limitations associated with how much luggage you can bring along with you and how... Read more
Lighted Getaway Toiletry Bag From Grand Trunk
Take the frequent traveler favorite, the hanging toiletry kit, then make one little change that has a huge impact. That’s the story with this new Getaway toiletry bag with a built-in light and mirror from Grand Trunk. We can argue all day about what’s essential and what’s not when... Read more
Eagle Creek eTools Organizer Pro Tames the Gadget Beast
If you need to find a specific cord, charger, or gadget in your bag, how quickly can you do it? If you use this new eTools Organizer Pro from Eagle Creek, you might be able to answer “five seconds” because everything will be in one place. Despite all the... Read more
MIU Color Packing Cubes
We’ve reviewed quite a few packing cubes on Practical Travel Gear. By this time, these packing aids have been around a while, and if you travel with any frequency, you either love them and use them religiously, or don’t get what all the fuss is about. I fall in... Read more
Organized Travel With Pro Packing Cubes
Want some heavy-duty, long-lasting packing cubes that are also lightweight? For frequent travelers, these Pro Packing Cubes are built to last you a hundred trips or more. I swing both ways when it comes to packing cubes, but the people who love using them really love them. If you... Read more
Mindshift Rotation180 Trail Backpack
If you, like me, are lazy about bringing your bulky DSLR camera on day trips and travel days because you get tired of stopping to take it out of your pack and put it back in, get ready. In about three seconds, you’re going to ask yourself, ‘Why didn’t I... Read more
Squeezepods Small Portable Toiletries
Sometimes you don’t want to take a chance on whether your hotel or apartment rental will have decent toiletries. The lower you go down on the price per night, the higher the chance you’ll be SOL on what you need. Also, when you’re a guy and know you’re only... Read more
Kelty TraiLogic SB20 Sleeping Bag and PDa Pad
I’ve been intrigued by Kelty’s TraiLogic system for a while now, both because of its innovative packing system and individual components. Basically, TraiLogic products are meant to fit together ‘intelligently’ to make packing and unpacking (and finding what you need when you need it) easier. Travelers and backpackers can... Read more
Osprey Airporter pack protector
If you travel by air and check your multi-day backpack, you’ll need to protect it. In fact, unless you have a travel-specific backpack, with straps that stow, it’s required by most airlines. In order to be used as checked luggage, any large backpack must be free of any outside... Read more
Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter On Board Toiletry Kit
Yes, that name in the title is kind of a mouthful for something that holds your toothpaste and face lotion when you travel, but the utility of it is easy to understand. This latest Eagle Creek toiletry kit holds all you need and then some and hangs on a... Read more