Eureka Jade Canyon 6 tent

Eureka Jade Canyon 6 tent Practical Travel Gear 2

The Eureka Jade Canyon 6 appears to be your standard single room dome tent. And it is: it's simple to set up, basic in design, and well-suited for general family or group camping. However, the Jade Canyon also has some interesting features worth looking at closely.First, the nuts and bolts: the Eureka Jade Canyon 6 weighs in at 16.2 pounds (yowza...but it's not meant to be anything but a base camp option) and offers 10×10 feet of floor space plus a generous ceiling height. It felt roomy … [Read more...]

L.L. Bean Down Sleeping Bag with DownTek

L.L. Bean Down Sleeping Bag with DownTek Practical Travel Gear 2

Out of the box, or bag, as the case may be, I wondered if the new L.L. Bean Down Sleeping Bag with DownTek might be too bulky for my needs. It's certainly a full, thick bag, with surprising loft. However, it packs down as small as any sleeping bag in its price category, fitting into its included stuff sack with ease. After my first night using it on the damp and chilly Oregon coast, it became my new favorite sleeping bag.The L.L. Bean bag differs from most in my gear stash because it's made … [Read more...]

GSI Outdoors and HydroFlask Pint Glasses

GSI Outdoors and HydroFlask Pint Glasses Practical Travel Gear

Walk into any outdoor gear store, especially in craft brew hot spots like the Pacific Northwest, and it won’t take long to notice everyone is making travel-ready pint glasses. In my book, this can only be a good thing, and not just for beer consumption. In fact, we use the following travel pint glasses and tumblers both at home and on outdoor trips, hardly ever for the frothy craft brews found everywhere in my home state of Oregon. Depending on the trip and user, they’ve been holding water, … [Read more...]

Outdoor Travel Safety and First Aid Round Up

Outdoor Travel Safety and First Aid Round Up Practical Travel Gear

I’m always glad to find new products for my outdoor first aid arsenal. If you need to restock your supply of insect repellents, emergency medical supplies, or outdoor survival tools before high camping season or outdoor excursions while traveling, Natrapel, Adventure Medical Kits, and Sol have some interesting new items to consider. Here’s what we’ve recently tried out during our first camping and kayaking trips of the season.Natrapel bug spray:Natrapel is DEET-free, yet unlike most … [Read more...]

Sea to Summit Comfort Light Sleeping Mat

Sea to Summit Comfort Light Sleeping Mat Practical Travel Gear

It’s becoming easier and easier to be a backpacker these days. With packs, tents, and mattresses becoming more technical, lighter, and more effective every year, backpacking enthusiasts no longer have to choose between comfort and weight (for a price).Case in point: the Sea to Summit Comfort Light sleeping mat is both the most comfortable and the lightest backpacking pad I’ve tried. While the Kelty TrailLogic PDa pad is still more compact, the Comfort Light wins in ease of use and cushion. … [Read more...]

ExOfficio Airhart and Camina Trek’r Shirts

ExOfficio Airhart and Camina Trek'r Shirts Practical Travel Gear 3

I have quite a few outdoor technical shirts in my closet, but when it comes to adventure-wear that can double as multi-use travel wear, it's hard to beat ExOfficio. This brand is a solid bet for high-quality, practical, comfortable clothing that will take you from travel day to outdoor excursion to city streets.ExOfficio Airhart Shirt:The Airhart shirt is the lightest weight shirt ExOfficio makes. It's literally a relief to put on in warm or humid environments, especially after … [Read more...]

Oboz Mystic Low BDry Lightweight Hiker

Oboz Mystic Low BDry Lightweight Hiker Practical Travel Gear 1

If you're a hiker in need of a serious hiking boot, mostly likely, you've been steered toward the most serious-looking gear out there: the most rugged, high-topped boots on the market. Nothing wrong with that. In fact, for a mega-tough, ankle-supporting Oboz hiking boot, check out my review of the Bridger. But if you prefer a much lighter, more flexible boot, you don't have to sacrifice quality or performance. Enter the Oboz Mystic Low.I love this boot, and yes, I'm a serious hiker and … [Read more...]

Big Agnes Women’s Pyramid Jacket

Big Agnes Women's Pyramid Jacket Practical Travel Gear

Did you know Big Agnes, maker of top-quality sleeping bags, pads, and tents, now makes men and women's apparel? Imagine the warmth, comfort, and lightweight convenience of a Big Agnes sleeping bag, and then picture sliding your arms into it like a jacket. That's how the women's Pyramid Jacket feels, and let me tell's incredible.I'm a huge fan of down jackets and sweaters for all seasons, preferring this type of lightweight layering option to bulkier and heavier sweatshirts and … [Read more...]

Atlas Endeavor Snowshoes

Atlas Endeavor Snowshoes Practical Travel Gear

Snowshoeing is an accessible sport for the whole family to enjoy while traveling or while at home, and once everyone has the right equipment, it's very affordable. I've recommended several pairs of snowshoes for kids, and now it's the grown-ups' turn. The Atlas Endeavor is designed for both men and women (differentiated by size and weight category) and is an exciting choice for folks who want one snowshoe that can perform on trails and in the backcountry. It's easy to travel … [Read more...]

Stio Hometown Down Jacket for Kids

Stio Hometown Down Jacket for Kids Practical Travel Gear 1

I love outdoor wear companies who make kids' clothing with the same attention to quality and detail as their adult versions. At Stio, the kids' Hometown Down Jacket is just like Mom's and Dad's. Stio is based out of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, so they know winter and they know what outdoor travelers need. The designer of the Hometown jacket solicited feedback from his own outdoorsy kids when deciding which features to include in this light but substantial down jacket.I don't know about your … [Read more...]