Comfortable and Stylish Nau Pantalones

Comfortable and Stylish Nau Pantalones Practical Travel Gear

Despite folks yearning for the good old days of dressing up for air travel, yoga pants and sweatpants have become a regular airplane uniform for many. Let’s not mention the pajamas worn by adults, in hopes that trend will quietly disappear. Not entirely happy with going that casual? There are options for you to be both comfortable and stylish, and one of those options is a pair of Nau Pantalones.The Pantalones are made in the style of harem pants, without going so far as to be as billowy as … [Read more...]

Our Best Travel Gear Favorites This Year

Our Best Travel Gear Favorites This Year Practical Travel Gear 3

We put up a new travel gear review every weekday on this site, which means a lot of things taken on the road, tried out, and written up without any follow-up later. Some items we put aside and forget about eventually, while others we keep using over and over because we love them. These are the things that take a beating without breaking down and make our lives easier on the road.Here are individual favorites from our four regular reviewers, after each of us put more than 50 items through … [Read more...]

Nau Lightbeam Jacket: Stylish, but Packable

Nau Lightbeam Jacket: Stylish, but Packable Practical Travel Gear 1

There are only a few brands that appeal to both the Euro fashion types and the travel clothing functionality types. Nau is at the top of the list, with gorgeous clothing that looks runway-ready, but is built to hold up to road rigors and nasty weather. This Lightbeam jacket is more reasonably priced than many of their other jackets are, yet it shares all the style and nice touches of its brandmates.I received this Nau one in the spring, when it was already starting to get too warm for … [Read more...]

Nau M2 Zip Polo Shirt for Warm Weather Travels

Nau M2 Zip Polo Shirt for Warm Weather Travels Practical Travel Gear 1

I recently heard a guy talk about how great polo shirts are for travel because they hide a bit of paunch. If you've got a slimmer body type without a roll of fat to hide though, you might want to opt for this one from Nau instead. The M2 Zip Polo is flattering on a more Euro looking frame and is a good bet for traveling men who want something nice with a collar to throw on now and then.This shirt is billed as a "cycling-jersey inspired polo" and it does run a little longer in the back if you … [Read more...]

Nau Double Back Dress

Nau Double Back Dress Practical Travel Gear 1

It’s not often that travel dresses can double as daytime casual/evening fancy attire, freeing you up to pack with fewer “just in case” clothing items. The Nau Double Back Dress is a sleek two-in-one tank dress that you may want to wear everywhere in warm-weather destinations.The super-soft knit dress is made from a blend of 55 percent organic cotton, 37 percent Tencel and 8 percent spandex. The Tencel helps wick moisture away from the body, dries quickly and helps manage odor—all useful … [Read more...]

Nau Synfill Sweater

Nau Synfill Sweater Practical Travel Gear

When the weather outside is frightful, you need a jacket that keeps your outdoor time delightful. The Nau Synfill Sweater is stylish enough to wear out on the town anywhere in the world, but packs enough lightweight fill to perform well in the cold.The jacket shell is 100 percent recycled polyester micro ripstop with a smooth, satiny finish. It’s treated with water repellent, so you don’t have to worry about going out in the rain. The fill is composed of 60-gram recycled polyester (using … [Read more...]

Nau Lightbeam Tote

Nau Lightbeam Tote Practical Travel Gear

For some, it’s the eternal travel question: backpack or shoulder bag? There’s usually only room for one, but not both. With the Nau Lightbeam Tote, you actually get a chance to have a bag that morphs into both possibilities without having to go back to your hotel room.The Lightbeam Tote’s recycled polyester fabric is soft and lightweight, and the bag compresses into a mesh organizer bag, which makes it easy to pack along on your travels. Spend less than a minute threading the carrying strap … [Read more...]

Nau Down Sweater

Nau Down Sweater Practical Travel Gear

Winter can be downright cold, and it can be pretty difficult to have a good time when you’re focused on staying warm. But with the Nau Down Sweater, you won’t have to spend that good vacation time worried about the weather.The down “sweater” is more low profile than many full-size down jackets—so you get protection and warmth without the huge, puffy look. Made with 850-fill goose down, the jacket will keep you toasty in chilly conditions. The shell and lining is 100-percent recycled … [Read more...]

Nau Merino Wool M3 Hoody

Nau Merino Wool M3 Hoody Practical Travel Gear 1

Do you keep giving wool garments another try each winter, only to yank the itchy clothing items off and forget about them for another year? Don’t give up on wool just yet—try the Nau M3 Hoody.Made of 100 percent Zque-certified merino wool, the sleek hoody is far from those itchy specimens in your closet. To top it off, the sustainable merino wool sourcer and animal welfare accreditation program is a responsible alternative that, paired with the recycled polyester trim, gives you a reason to … [Read more...]