Stio Hometown Down Jacket for Kids

Stio Hometown Down Jacket for Kids Practical Travel Gear 1

I love outdoor wear companies who make kids' clothing with the same attention to quality and detail as their adult versions. At Stio, the kids' Hometown Down Jacket is just like Mom's and Dad's. Stio is based out of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, so they know winter and they know what outdoor travelers need. The designer of the Hometown jacket solicited feedback from his own outdoorsy kids when deciding which features to include in this light but substantial down jacket.I don't know about your … [Read more...]

Aventura Clothing Tunic and Jacket for Fall Travel

Aventura Clothing Tunic and Jacket for Fall Travel Practical Travel Gear

We've reviewed a lot of Aventura Clothing on Practical Travel Gear. It's one of my favorite clothing brands for travel, because most pieces are organic cotton or bamboo, durable, fashionable, and comfortable. The best Aventura pieces can go from day to night, and be dressed up or dressed down. The fewer items I need to pack, the happier I am.This fall, Aventura has several new pieces that fit my travel needs (and will fit yours too). Here are my favorites:Angela Tunic:The Angela … [Read more...]

Nau Lightbeam Jacket: Stylish, but Packable

Nau Lightbeam Jacket: Stylish, but Packable Practical Travel Gear 1

There are only a few brands that appeal to both the Euro fashion types and the travel clothing functionality types. Nau is at the top of the list, with gorgeous clothing that looks runway-ready, but is built to hold up to road rigors and nasty weather. This Lightbeam jacket is more reasonably priced than many of their other jackets are, yet it shares all the style and nice touches of its brandmates.I received this Nau one in the spring, when it was already starting to get too warm for … [Read more...]

Adidas Terrex SkyClimb 2 Vest

Adidas Terrex SkyClimb 2 Vest Practical Travel Gear

Fall weather is here, and with it, my need for layers. Lately, I've been taking my early morning 5K run with the Adidas Terrex SkyClimb 2 vest (though with the name 'SkyClimb', I've been feeling like a bit of an underachiever). The SkyClimb 2 vest  comes in a men's or women's version, and is comprised of insulated Primaloft covered in a lightweight nylon/polyester fabric. The entire back and side panels offer a 4-way stretch soft shell, giving you the freedom of movement Adidas' performance … [Read more...]

Mountain Hardwear Hyaction Jacket

Mountain Hardwear Hyaction Jacket Practical Travel Gear

Where I live and play outdoors, it's absolutely crucial to own a waterproof shell. And when I travel, it's crucial for that shell to pack down to almost nothing. I have quite a few shell options in my closet, but Mountain Hardwear's Hyaction Jacket beats them all. Here's why:The Hyaction Jacket is substantial without being stiff (others can stand on their own, no joke), and waterproof without being bulky. Because it's so light, I actually worried that it would perform more like a water … [Read more...]

Columbia Millennium Flash Shell Jacket

Columbia Millennium Flash Shell Jacket Practical Travel Gear 1

Sometimes, despite getting out in the winter cold, you need something that allows you to move more easily than a big bulky jacket will. But sacrificing bulk shouldn’t mean giving up protection from the elements.The women’s Millennium Flash Shell jacket packs some of Columbia’s best technologies together to allow you to be comfortable in the winter’s wildest weather. First, there’s the company’s premium stretch material with Omni-Heat thermal reflective lining, which retains warmth while … [Read more...]

Canada Goose Camp Hoody Jacket

Canada Goose Camp Hoody Jacket Practical Travel Gear

In the market for a big ticket winter jacket? I count my two Canada Goose jackets as the warmest I own, and they're among my most comfortable, too. Canada Goose's Camp Hoody is also one of the most versatile, lightweight enough to grab for a travel day or a quick cover up, yet substantial enough for nearly any weather situation. It should be noted right out of the gate that the Camp Hoody retails for $450, which I realize is not unheard of in winter apparel, but still warrants explanation. The … [Read more...]

Mountain Hardwear Thermostatic Jacket for Men

Mountain Hardwear Thermostatic Jacket for Men Practical Travel Gear

Sometimes even the most dedicated light packers need a jacket with real insulation to keep them toasty in cold weather. But these days, warmth and bulk don't have to go hand in hand.This men's Thermostatic Jacket from Mountain Hardwear has come with me on a few cool place trips lately and I haven't had to worry about how much space it was taking up in my suitcase. On the other end, however, after an hour or two on a hanger or back of a chair it looked just like it did when I took it out of … [Read more...]

Sherpa Adventure Gear: Langtang Jacket and Naulo Pant

Sherpa Adventure Gear: Langtang Jacket and Naulo Pant Practical Travel Gear 1

If you're not familiar with Sherpa Adventure Gear, the brand has a nice story behind it: founded by Tashi Sherpa in Nepal, purchases help support the education of Sherpa children. The company donates $.50 for every product sold to the Paldorje Education Fund, which then grants scholarships to deserving students. Plus, purchases help support the families of Sherpa guides through a royalty on sales.This is awesome, but you'll want to buy their products regardless; their clothing includes the … [Read more...]

Packable Trail Drier Windbreaker From Columbia

Packable Trail Drier Windbreaker From Columbia Practical Travel Gear 1

Here at Practical Travel Gear we're big fans of jackets that pack down to nothing in transit. This Columbia Trail Drier Windbreaker is a great one to fit into a carry-on bag when traveling somewhere that is windy and cool, but not freezing cold.For most trips this year, I've been traveling to places where the weather is a little iffy, with a good chance of wind and rain, but not cold enough to justify a real coat. So I've often been packing this Trail Drier jacket from Columbia. It served me … [Read more...]