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PocketPlug iPhone 5 by Prong

Prong iPhone

This clever device by Prong costs only $69.95, but can multiply its benefits in time savings and work convenience easily. The PocketPlug for iPhone 5/5S features a hard-case frame that serves as protection for your smart phone. It is lightweight and impact and scratch-resistant.
More uniquely, however, it features a power plug built into the back of the case allowing you to plug the phone case directly into the wall without needing a charging cable. The two prongs fold back inside the case to create a smooth service when they are not in use. The case has a matte finish that slides easily into your pocket as needed.

On the front, there are convenient ports for the speakers and microphone plus an outlet for an earphone cord. Also included in the box is a USB to micro-USB cable.

While the case itself is not a self-charging device for the phone, it does make it easier to plug in wherever you go. Another great feature is not having to worry of someone stepping on your phone on the floor or for it to fall of a ledge while charging it in an airport.

For those that like to work on their phone while it is charging, this device may prove a bit challenging as the phone remains flush to the wall outlet when charging. Without the cable, it cannot extend up to a table for continuous use. It also makes it difficult to use your phone as an alarm clock since you cannot easily reach it while sleeping from a nightstand.

Still, it is a great tool for those that simply need easy-access charging capability. It makes a great gift for the forgetful road warrior that wants to worry about one less thing to lug around or the business traveler who already has everything. It is available on Prong’s website and also on Amazon for just under $70.

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Anker Astro 3 12000mAh External Battery Pack

power-pack-for-go-pro-3-1024x1024This external Astro 3 battery pack and electronics charger by Anker is powered with 12000mAh of power, enough to charge most smart phones 6 to 7 times. The pack is lightweight and slim enough to fit into most laptop or messenger bags, which has always been my primary concern for dragging one along with me in the first place. I appreciate the extra power provided, but I am always concerned about the weight factor (remember: many foreign airlines weigh your carry-on bags).

The lighted indicator lets you know your charging capacity and remaining battery life in 25 percent increments, and the standard charging source to the battery is a USB port making it globally useable.

Speed is important when traveling for business, and fast layovers are especially irritating to me if I have to charge electronics. Ironically, I sometimes schedule longer connection times just so I can charge my devices to their fullest for use later in flight. This speedy external charger will save me both time and efficiency with its ability to fully charge in a shorter time period.

It also severely reduces my concern over questionable power outlets in some overseas airports that worry me over causing an overcharge or excessive electrical charge to my laptop or smart phone. When it comes through this intermediary device, my concerns are reduced.

It comes with a convenient storage pouch for the cable and attachment. It also features a  smart port that detects USB pin signals to identify your device’s manufacturer (Apple, Android, or Samsung) and effectively give it a full, appropriate power charge. It also features two additional ports for other items that may need a power boost; it is nice to charge my iPhone, laptop, and iPod simultaneously. To see the power level, all it takes is a quick physical shape to display the relevant information.

It is available on Anker’s website and on Amazon for about $50

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Ballistic Hydra Series iPhone 5 Case

iPhone case

This pocket-friendly iPhone case is both waterproof and dustproof giving it immense value for frequent travelers. The Ballistic Hydra iPhone case is designed for intensive use in a variety of situations from unpredictable, outdoor weather to travel to destinations that commonly have dust particles in the air. We fail to realize how easy it is for these contaminants to destroy our electronics when we travel.

I tested out this device on the road and was pleased with both its protective capability from external elements and also with its ability to keep my phone safe if I were to drop it. Uniquely, there is an air gap suspension system, patented by the company, to keep a small space between the device and phone that helps to buffer any rough impact.

The rubber exterior takes most of the brunt of any fall while not being too obtrusive to slid in and out of my pocket or briefcase on a whim (as is commonly the case with bulky rubber phone cases).

While this is one feature I did not try, it was impressive to learn that the case would protect my phone if it were submerged in water as deep as seven feet for up to a half hour. That could protect many people who use their phone around the pool or even in the bathroom! It can also withstand falls onto a hard surface from a height of eight feet.

The case has port covers that are easy to access and slide charging devices in and out of without fuss. It is easy to apply on and off the phone and comes with its own holster with swivel belt clip. While only the most hard-corps phone user would need all of those accessories, it could surely come in handy when hiking or traveling on long trips.

It is available in multiple colors on Ballistic’s website for $80 and also on Amazon.

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Wally iPhone Wallet by Distil Union

iPhone wallet

The Wally iPhone Wallet by Distil Union is a stylish accessory for your iPhone. It sticks to the back of your phone (or your iPhone case for those that are smart enough to protect their accessories) easily and can be removed without leaving a mark. It does not wrap around the entire phone, rather only sticks to the back surface leaving a space for the camera lens. I had no problem adhering it to my rubber case and also exchanging into to a plastic case when I swapped iPhone cases.

The red fabric strap pulls out to reveal storage space for a few credit cards, hotel room keys, or ID cards. This is especially ideal for those that are traveling in big cities or at crowded events and would rather not have their entire wallet with them (watch out for pickpockets), but still need to have a credit card and their phone.

True, if you lose one thing, you lose everything, but it is better than losing an entire wallet. Also, I found myself more careful with my phone than ever before since it had my credit card inside the Wally pouch. I am not the best guard of my cell phone, so this gave me added incentive.

My favorite feature, however, is the soft leather exterior which gives it a hip, contemporary look. It is far more stylish than the rubber case I have on my phone. It comes in a cowboy brown or slick black color and is designed for iPhone 4, 4S, and 5 models.

Many might assume that it is easy for cards to slide out, but the purpose of the fabric tab is to secure them in the case until you tug on that tab to release them. The wallet remains slim and adds little bulk to your phone. I found that I could comfortably put four cards in the wallet without a problem.

Unfortunately this is one of those bootstrapped products short on funding, so it’s out of stock at Amazon and hard to find at retail. It is available on Distil Union’s website for $39.99.

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Distil Union iPhone Dock Alarm Clock

iPhone alarm clockIn my travels, I have seen a lot of snazzy alarm clocks in hotels. In fact, I do appreciate when there is an electrical outlet near the bed or an iPhone-charging clock that allows me to keep my smartphone plugged in overnight. But, I must admit, sliding the bar to stop the alarm on my iPhone is tough in the dark or when I am only half awake.

This clever iPhone alarm clock from Distil Union allows me to do just what we all want to do to our alarm clock when it wakes us up: give it a nice slap!

It comes with a clever, minimalist-style wooden stand that allows your phone to slide right inside and a large functioning rubber snooze bar. It stores your phone on its side and facing you while also leaving enough space for it to charge from its power port. There is an internal wedge that can slide in or out to accommodate bulkier cases allowing you to keep your phone in its case when you insert it into the stand.

Since it is secure in its wooden stand, you don’t need to worry about it falling off the night stand and becoming unplugged or wedged in between tight spaces when you are blaringly awakened mid-dream.

The solid maple wood stand also has a no-slip silicone bottom keeping it from scratching expensive furniture and preventing it from sliding off of a smooth surface. To activate the slap-happy snooze function, you have to download their Snooze Alarm App, which is free in the iTunes store.

The snooze function is simple to use, and Distil Union even provides a handy guide on common questions and answers.

Since space is often an issue for me with only a carry-on bag, I probably would not travel on longer trips with this device although it is ideal for shorter hops when I do not have as much clothing or gear. I have made it my go-to stand at home though, and it looks quite modern and stylish on my glass nightstand. No more need to pick up my phone and fumble for the sliding bar, now I just smack the wooden box and enjoy just a few more minutes of dozing.

This is available for iPhone 4, 4S, and 5 models at the Distil Union website for $34.99 price, or the same at Amazon.

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