MIU Color Packing Cubes

MIU Color Packing Cubes Practical Travel Gear

We've reviewed quite a few packing cubes on Practical Travel Gear. By this time, these packing aids have been around a while, and if you travel with any frequency, you either love them and use them religiously, or don't get what all the fuss is about. I fall in the former category, so I was happy to try MIU Color packing cubes and see how they stand up to a multi-flight travel day followed by 10 days in Hawaii.How are they different than all the rest? First of all, I love that the MIU … [Read more...]

Brunton Revolt 9000

Brunton Revolt 9000 Practical Travel Gear

It's hard to beat Brunton when it comes to rechargeable power. We've reviewed their headlamps and portable solar energy packs, both of which are incredibly useful for traveling. In addition to the new  Revolt 4000, the folks at Brunton have come out with the Revolt 9000. The name makes it sound like something Harry Potter would use to play Quidditch, but the Revolt 9000 is in fact a reusable, portable power cube, packing enough juice to recharge a phone six times before needing … [Read more...]

Otterbox Symmetry and Defender for iPhone 6

Otterbox Symmetry and Defender for iPhone 6 Practical Travel Gear

They're here! Otterbox has protection for iPhone 6. I never really feel my phone is safe until it's encased in Otterbox, so the arrival of the Symmetry and Defender for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus came as a relief. Wondering which case you need? I've been playing with both.Otterbox Symmetry:The slimmest iPhone 6 case you'll find on Otterbox. One step of protection 'down' from the Commuter series, Symmetry is one piece that pops on and off your phone easily. It has a rounded lip that hugs … [Read more...]

Chums Latitude9 Accessory Case

Chums Latitude9 Accessory Case Practical Travel Gear 3

This is a colorful and approachable accessory travel bag from Chums, a company best known for the sunglasses straps that go around your neck. The Latititude9 Travel Bag is a great multi travel accessory case with plenty of space for 100 ml travel items and a toothbrush, razor, or other travel items. The ballistic nylon exterior and water-resistant pocket make it a popular pouch for frequent travelers.True, there are those ridiculous airport agents that demand toiletries to be in sealed … [Read more...]

SOL REPUBLIC Punk Wireless Speaker

SOL REPUBLIC Punk Wireless Speaker Practical Travel Gear

We use Sol Republic's Tracks HD headphones when we travel and at home, so I was eager to check out their newest wireless speaker. The perfect size for people on-the-go, the Punk speaker weighs less than 8 ounces and approximately 5" x 5" x 2"...small enough to fit into even the smallest backpacks, bags, or purses.The Punk's target audience seems to be young people who crave portable music in nearly any situation, from a poolside party to a gathering of friends in public spaces, and you can … [Read more...]

BRAVEN BRV-BANK 6000 mAh Rugged Portable Backup Battery

BRAVEN BRV-BANK 6000 mAh Rugged Portable Backup Battery Practical Travel Gear 3

This Bluetooth-enabled portable backup battery is impressive given that it can withstand rain (or water) and rugged conditions. That is because of its unique rubber exterior, which is unique to this power bank.The Braven BRV-Bank Rugged Portable Backup Battery has 6,000 mAh giving it ample power. The Bluetooth benefits are cool. You can monitor the battery level of your bank remotely, via wireless signal, to determine how much power you have left. Think about if you are camping and you run … [Read more...]

Power Practical Lithium 4400 Battery Bank

Power Practical Lithium 4400 Battery Bank Practical Travel Gear

Traveling with electronics has gotten easier thanks to the recent ability to start using them during aircraft taxi and on descent, but it has put an even further strain on battery life. While many aircraft feature charging stations on board, it is nice to know that if not, I have a battery backup.With this new Lithium 4400 Battery Bank from Power Practical, I was given a plentiful sigh of relief. It can charge any USB device including my iPhone, laptop computer, and iPad. It also charges my … [Read more...]

PocketPlug iPhone 5 by Prong

PocketPlug iPhone 5 by Prong Practical Travel Gear

This clever device by Prong costs only $69.95, but can multiply its benefits in time savings and work convenience easily. The PocketPlug for iPhone 5/5S features a hard-case frame that serves as protection for your smart phone. It is lightweight and impact and scratch-resistant. More uniquely, however, it features a power plug built into the back of the case allowing you to plug the phone case directly into the wall without needing a charging cable. The two prongs fold back inside the case to … [Read more...]

Anker Astro 3 12000mAh External Battery Pack

Anker Astro 3 12000mAh External Battery Pack Practical Travel Gear

This external Astro 3 battery pack and electronics charger by Anker is powered with 12000mAh of power, enough to charge most smart phones 6 to 7 times. The pack is lightweight and slim enough to fit into most laptop or messenger bags, which has always been my primary concern for dragging one along with me in the first place. I appreciate the extra power provided, but I am always concerned about the weight factor (remember: many foreign airlines weigh your carry-on bags). The lighted indicator … [Read more...]

Ballistic Hydra Series iPhone 5 Case

Ballistic Hydra Series iPhone 5 Case Practical Travel Gear

This pocket-friendly iPhone case is both waterproof and dustproof giving it immense value for frequent travelers. The Ballistic Hydra iPhone case is designed for intensive use in a variety of situations from unpredictable, outdoor weather to travel to destinations that commonly have dust particles in the air. We fail to realize how easy it is for these contaminants to destroy our electronics when we travel. I tested out this device on the road and was pleased with both its protective capability … [Read more...]