Chums Latitude9 Accessory Case

Chums Latitude9 Accessory Case Practical Travel Gear 3

This is a colorful and approachable accessory travel bag from Chums, a company best known for the sunglasses straps that go around your neck. The Latititude9 Travel Bag is a great multi travel accessory case with plenty of space for 100 ml travel items and a toothbrush, razor, or other travel items. The ballistic nylon exterior and water-resistant pocket make it a popular pouch for frequent travelers.True, there are those ridiculous airport agents that demand toiletries to be in sealed … [Read more...]

Felix FlipBook by Flipstand

Felix FlipBook by Flipstand Practical Travel Gear

Book readers and Internet surfers will discover their new best friend with the Felix FlipBook. It wraps around an iPad or iPad Air using powerful magnets making the device look more like a book. The cover folds back to provide 22 different angles from which to use your device.It does not matter if you are typing on it like a computer, swiping the screen to make a purchase, or simply kicking back with a movie. The stand is sturdy enough to withstand finger swipes or even airplane turbulence … [Read more...]

Snugg iPad 2 Case Cover and Flip Stand

Snugg iPad 2 Case Cover and Flip Stand Practical Travel Gear

There are all sorts of iPad cases out there, and many convert into a flip stand for easy watching of movies on an airplane, for example. Business travelers can also use the stand feature at exhibitions or conferences where the need to display video or presentations is necessary. The stand has two positions to maximize viewing capability, but both require that the case be in the landscape or horizontal position.The Snugg iPad 2 case cover and flip stand is unique, however, because they have … [Read more...]

Touchfire iPad Keyboard

Touchfire iPad Keyboard Practical Travel Gear

This clever and compact device is an excellent and compact accessory to one's iPad, which is especiallfy useful when traveling and packing space is on the limited side. Unlike the often temperamental Bluetooth keyboards that we have tested in the past, this keyboard actually fits right on top of the iPad keyboard. As a result, it turns your iPad into a compact laptop making it the answer to many peoples' dreams who find the Bluetooth units too difficult or touchy to use for intense typing or … [Read more...]

TenOne Design Magnus Magnetic Design Stand for iPad

TenOne Design Magnus Magnetic Design Stand for iPad Practical Travel Gear

Who would have thought that magnets would be so popular, but when they are holding your iPad upright, they surely are! This minimalist stand from TenOne Design is perfect for those who like a bit of style in all corners of their life. The base has a rubber, gripping surface to keep it from slipping or falling over easily. This is especially helpful if you are tapping or swiping on the screen often. The combo work by the magnets and the rubber sole work well. It also performed well in airplane … [Read more...]

G-Form Extreme Hydro Sleeve iPad Case

G-Form Extreme Hydro Sleeve iPad Case Practical Travel Gear

Protective cases for iPads are imperative for business travelers who often have their luggage subjected to shoves, bumps, and smashes that are part and parcel of life on the road. I am always reassured of the protection this puffy, strong case wraps around my iPad when people cram their bags next to mine in an airplane overhead compartment. The Extreme Hydro sleeve is a second incarnation from G-Form and is designed for iPads or tablets of similar size and shape featuring a top zipper. The … [Read more...]

Iclipse Sun Shade for iPads

Iclipse Sun Shade for iPads Practical Travel Gear

The biggest gripe from people that I know who use their iPads with frequency is that they have a hard time using it outdoors. The glare of the sun drastically reduces the visibility of the screen preventing it from a majority of its mobile uses especially if reading a book. Those who prefer to catch up on the latest novel or business autobiography poolside are better off with a Kindle. However, the iclipse removes this barrier and is an excellent accessory. While it is a tad awkward and looks … [Read more...]

IPEVO Typi Folio Case and Wireless Keyboard for iPad 2

IPEVO Typi Folio Case and Wireless Keyboard for iPad 2 Practical Travel Gear 1

The search for a perfect replacement for my heavy laptop when traveling on quick business trips continues as I tested out yet another wireless keyboard to use with my iPad. This version from Ipevo is perhaps the most stylish that I have seen since it comes in a sleek handcrafted tan leather case (it also comes in black) allowing it to fold up into an attractive attachĂ© case. At the back of the case is a convenient stand that folds out allowing you to stand your iPad at the back of the case and … [Read more...]

IDAPT i1 Eco Dual Charging Device

IDAPT i1 Eco Dual Charging Device Practical Travel Gear

This unique dual charger from Idapt provides the ability to charge more than one device simultaneously, which for this time-strapped traveler is extremely important. Yes, it is feasible to charge an iPad, iPhone, and laptop all at once overnight in my hotel room, but sometimes they run out of juice in the middle of the day. I can charge more than one thing from the same outlet in the airline lounge or airport gate area while on a short connection. The brand’s main focal point is the reduction … [Read more...]