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Snugg iPad 2 Case Cover and Flip Stand

SnuggThere are all sorts of iPad cases out there, and many convert into a flip stand for easy watching of movies on an airplane, for example. Business travelers can also use the stand feature at exhibitions or conferences where the need to display video or presentations is necessary. The stand has two positions to maximize viewing capability, but both require that the case be in the landscape or horizontal position.

The Snugg iPad 2 case cover and flip stand is unique, however, because they have added a stylus loop for those that use the touchscreen stylus functionality. I also particularly liked the easy-access, but secure Velcro closure that keeps it securely in place.

Something I was surprised about was that when you close the cover, it activates the iPad’s sleep functionality. Perhaps that is standard or unique to this case, but I was impressed nonetheless.

The case comes in a variety of colors including bright reds and yellows, but I opted for a more subtle grey since I use it for business purposes. I also don’t want my iPad to stand out when traveling to encourage people to snatch it on a busy train or at the crowded security lane.

It is not crafted from real leather, rather a blend of leather and vinyl, but it has a high-quality look and feel to it. I also appreciated that the company’s logo was not emblazoned on it; it’s there, but in a subtle way. Cut outs in the case allow for the camera and speaker to be used unimpeded of obstruction.

The back stand is not as solid as it could be so this should not be used for someone that is constantly typing on the screen when it is in the stand position, but most people use that function to show video or photos.

This is an affordable and beautiful case. The detailed stitching around the edges adds an elegant touch. It retails for under $40 on The Snugg’s website or on Amazon.

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Snugg iPad 3 Case

The Snugg iPad 3 case features a classic leather cover that switches on your iPad 3 when it is open. While not as important when opening it, the switch to sleep mode once closed is a wonderful battery-saving tool.

Quick to clean, the cover does not scratch or scuff easily, which is a blessing with things like keys, sharp pens, or other rugged-shaped items inside a briefcase.

It is wrapped up by a sturdy fabric and secured with Velcro. Of course, all of the needed features are accessible so that switches and the camera lens are not obstructed. There is no need to remove the case to charge it or take photos. Some iPhone cases that I have used required me to remove the case to use some charging docks (often found in hotels).

This became a major hassle when I was in a hurry and needed a quick charge because it was tough to get it back on quickly. It also started to peel back the plastic screen shield on my iPhone. While there are no iPad docking stations, the thought of having to remove my iPad cover every time I needed to charge it would be enough to make me not purchase a certain type of case.

There is an elastic strap that clumsy travelers like me can use to secure to your hand if you need one extra layer of security if juggling multiple bags and items. Inside, no worry for scuffs as there is a soft nubuck lining.

The cover, as expected, folds back so that it can act as a sturdy vertical or horizontal stand for watching movies or using at a trade show booth.

With a fair price of just under $30, Snugg makes numerous versions of these durable cases that will fit any iPad model including the iPad mini. The choice of colors comprises the entire rainbow. It is also available on Amazon. Snugg allows returns within 28 days, and sells a variety of cases on its website. Many iPad cases these days are costing a significant fraction of the Apple device itself, but the Snugg case gives a fine crafted leather look without overdoing it on the price tag.

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Touchfire iPad Keyboard

This clever and compact device is an excellent and compact accessory to one’s iPad, which is especiallfy useful when traveling and packing space is on the limited side. Unlike the often temperamental Bluetooth keyboards that we have tested in the past, this keyboard actually fits right on top of the iPad keyboard. As a result, it turns your iPad into a compact laptop making it the answer to many peoples’ dreams who find the Bluetooth units too difficult or touchy to use for intense typing or keyboard use.

Its clear and soft texture adds essentially zero weight to your trousseau unlike the conventional Bluetooth keyboards and cases. It may take a few sentences to get used to typing on the plastic-like surface to reach a speed that accomplishes a follow-through in typing, but users become accustomed very quickly. It is almost a lighter touch on your finger especially if you are one of those that bangs out a symphony when typing.

An odd function of using Bluetooth keyboards is either the lack of response or the far-too-eager response of the keyboard. The benefit of this cover is that it does not actually perform any functions unless you press firmly onto the iPad screen, which does not take too much getting used to after using it for a few minutes. And if you are used to using an iPad, you know the response is instant and easy.

It can easily be folded away using corner magnets when not in use (say, for example, you wanted to surf the web for awhile without using email or typing features). And while in use, its magnetic sides keep it in place. This device works with all versions of iPad, which is great for someone like me who still uses the original version. A storage compartment for this rubber device makes it easy to tuck away in your briefcase. It is easily washed with water and rolled away to store in this pouch.

Even international keyboards are supported with this device making it great for multilingual or international business travelers.

My favorite feature of this keyboard is its reliability allowing me to type without constantly checking back to make sure my words have been transferred to the screen. While using an iPad in place of a laptop no matter what the compact, space-saving accessory, there are still drawbacks for opening documents and total computer functionality. Still, this affordable keyboard costs just under $50 and is available at the Touchfire website making it a great addition to the frequent traveler’s portfolio.

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TenOne Design Magnus Magnetic Design Stand for iPad

ten one design magnus

Who would have thought that magnets would be so popular, but when they are holding your iPad upright, they surely are! This minimalist stand from TenOne Design is perfect for those who like a bit of style in all corners of their life.

The base has a rubber, gripping surface to keep it from slipping or falling over easily. This is especially helpful if you are tapping or swiping on the screen often. The combo work by the magnets and the rubber sole work well. It also performed well in airplane turbulence without falling over. I wouldn’t recommend placing it anywhere where an accidental brush could send it over the edge of a table or high surface. Not even the powerful magnets can save your device!

This iPad stand is perfect for those who travel and love to download movies or TV shows to watch inflight. It is also great for families who want to capture kids’ attention with something in a jiffy. The magnets do an extremely good job of gripping the device, and it takes both hands to separate the two intentionally.

The stand works with all versions of iPads from 2 onward. It does not matter if you keep a protective case on it or not, the stand still protects and holds it. It weighs relatively little, which is great because it does not add any weight to carry-on bags.

The clean aluminum look of the entire device even makes it usable for corporate displays at exhibitions and shows or to put on your desk while you work. It is sleek, almost Scandinavian, in its design and can even be used as a way to display your iPad when you are not using it. The magnets keep the iPad in place well no matter if it is placed horizontally or vertically on it.

This sleek device is a great way to prop your iPad and looks a whole lot better than simply folding back an iPad’s case. It is available from the Ten One Design online store or at Amazon for $49.95 and makes a great gift for design buffs.

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G-Form Extreme Hydro Sleeve iPad Case

tough iPad caseProtective cases for iPads are imperative for business travelers who often have their luggage subjected to shoves, bumps, and smashes that are part and parcel of life on the road. I am always reassured of the protection this puffy, strong case wraps around my iPad when people cram their bags next to mine in an airplane overhead compartment.

The Extreme Hydro sleeve is a second incarnation from G-Form and is designed for iPads or tablets of similar size and shape featuring a top zipper. The rubbery exterior has textured grooves that are meant to protect the contents from being jolted when it is in a suitcase or if it gets knocked around. This is one of G-Form’s signature features on many of its products such as another example that we reviewed earlier.

Neither rain nor sleet nor snow can damage your device with this water-resistant cover, which is helpful not only for precipitation, but also in case of any nasty drink spills on your tray table or at your work desk.

The case is a bit hefty, which can take up valuable space in a cramped briefcase, but that is the tradeoff for having excellent protection for your valuable device. With a zippered top, you can also sneak other small items in here like a passport or boarding pass. It always helps to consolidate when rushing to board a plane.

I like the fact that I can zip it up as the standard Apple case that came with my iPad just folded with a gap, and loose sheets of paper would often find their way in between the cover and the screen. There was even an instance when I threw my car keys in my briefcase and later noticed they were between the screen and the cover (luckily no scratches resulted). The zipper on this case keeps me worry-free.

The case is available at retailers like Best Buy for about $50 or on Amazon for a bit cheaper.

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