Satechi Smart Travel Router and Travel Adapter with USB Port

Satechi Smart Travel Router and Travel Adapter with USB Port Practical Travel Gear

The Satechi smart travel router and adapter carries four of the world’s most commonly used outlet types. As an on-the-go traveler, it is important to me that adaptors be lightweight and easy to fit into side pockets in my luggage. The Satechi piece fit both both criteria.The added bonus was the ability to use a USB port, which many older adapters fail to offer. Not only is this great for those trying to charge cell phones and tablets, but it also provides the possibility to charge two … [Read more...]

Bracketron SmartLantern and Charger

Bracketron SmartLantern and Charger Practical Travel Gear

This is a great rechargeable device that can have multiple uses. The Bracketron SmartLantern is ideal for campers and outdoorsmen, but is also wonderful for travelers that need the capability to illuminate spaces for long periods of time. Let’s say you have a meeting outdoors or host an event in an area with little electrical capability.The SmartLantern combines numerous functions into one item. It can charge devices, illuminate spaces, and provide emergency charging capability all at … [Read more...]

Olixar Travel Adapter with 4 USB ports

Olixar Travel Adapter with 4 USB ports Practical Travel Gear

Travel adapters are a dime a dozen, but what I liked most about the Olixar travel adapter is that it features four interchangeable pieces (without being overly bulky) plus four individual USB ports. This gives maximum charging power, all from one device.A common question that I get on my travels is how do I deal with different electrical outlets overseas. Depending upon where I go, I tend to travel with the appropriate adapter, instead of lugging along a hefty global version. They can often … [Read more...]

Recoil Winders Cord Organizer

Recoil Winders Cord Organizer Practical Travel Gear

We have all been there. Untangling a knot of cords (seriously, does an elf climb into my briefcase and tie them up on every trip?). Recoil Winders has created an Organizer Pack that is the most practical of the ones I have seen on the market.These winders allow you to tie your charging cords and cables effectively around this retracting device. It releases the winding cord, which it ties up nicely into a tight circle, based on your needs. Often, when I am flying, I like to charge devices in … [Read more...]

Grovemade iPad Air Wood Sleeve

Grovemade iPad Air Wood Sleeve Practical Travel Gear

When you spend a ton on Apple products like the iPad Air, protecting it is just as important. The wooden sleeves by Grovemade are both attractive and functional. The sleeve is slim and tight to keep the iPad snugly in place when you slide it in the wool-lined interior. If you wonder how to take it back out again, simply tug on the leather and brass band in the middle for it to come right out. There is no need to stretch the inside pocket by pulling on the wooden side panels.On the outside, … [Read more...]

Zipbuds Pro Mic Earbuds

Zipbuds Pro Mic Earbuds Practical Travel Gear

The Zipbuds Pro mic ear buds are the perfect answer to the tangle of cords that results when traveling. I am not sure how it is possible, but if I roll my headphone cords neatly, they still emerge from my bag in one large knot without fail.These headphones are easy to travel with because, just like the name suggests, the cable features a zipper that strings them together to keep them from tangling with each other.They are not meant to be entirely noise canceling, but they do provide … [Read more...]

Felix FlipBook by Flipstand

Felix FlipBook by Flipstand Practical Travel Gear

Book readers and Internet surfers will discover their new best friend with the Felix FlipBook. It wraps around an iPad or iPad Air using powerful magnets making the device look more like a book. The cover folds back to provide 22 different angles from which to use your device.It does not matter if you are typing on it like a computer, swiping the screen to make a purchase, or simply kicking back with a movie. The stand is sturdy enough to withstand finger swipes or even airplane turbulence … [Read more...]

Snugg iPad 2 Case Cover and Flip Stand

Snugg iPad 2 Case Cover and Flip Stand Practical Travel Gear

There are all sorts of iPad cases out there, and many convert into a flip stand for easy watching of movies on an airplane, for example. Business travelers can also use the stand feature at exhibitions or conferences where the need to display video or presentations is necessary. The stand has two positions to maximize viewing capability, but both require that the case be in the landscape or horizontal position.The Snugg iPad 2 case cover and flip stand is unique, however, because they have … [Read more...]

Hotspot Shield VPN for International Web Surfing

Hotspot Shield VPN for International Web Surfing Practical Travel Gear

Just as all the money in the world couldn't save Steve Jobs from cancer, all the money in the world is not going to save you from the army of lawyers running the entertainment and social media tech sites you would like to keep using when you travel. Even the richest expatriate is going to get stymied when trying to log onto Netflix, Pandora, iTunes, Spotify, or Amazon. In some countries (like Vietnam and China), you may not even be able to send a simple status update to Facebook or Twitter. … [Read more...]

Carbon Audio Zooka Wireless Speaker Bar

Carbon Audio Zooka Wireless Speaker Bar Practical Travel Gear

When I travel, I have an armada of devices from my laptop computer to an iPhone and iPad. But, they are all used in similar fashion. Typically, I am working on my latptop while surfing the Internet or checking email in "fast mode" on my iDevices. I am often watching in envy when people use their iPads or iPhones to screen movies or television shows. Or even at trade shows when people use their iPad as a device to share information with others. The one thing that seems to hold me back from … [Read more...]