Revamped Treksta Kobra Shoes With BOA Lacing System

Treksta Kobra review

Once you go BOA, you'll never go back.Well, you may wish you could never go back anyway, that you could wave a magic wand and all your shoes would have the BOA closure system like these Treksta Kobra shoes do. Nothing to tie, retie, and bend over to tie again. A tight fit distributed evenly, with the ability to loosen that fit throughout with the turn of a dial. The ability to loosen the whole affair completely and pop your shoes off in two seconds flat by popping the dial out … [Read more...]

Hi-tec Altitude Lite 1 Waterproof Hiking Boots

Hi-tec Altitude Lite 1 Waterproof Hiking Boots Practical Travel Gear 1

In the title I call these "boots," but that word certainly doesn't conjure up an accurate image of the lightweight Altitude Lite Waterproof footwear from Hi-Tec. These may be the lightest over-the-ankle shoes/boots I've ever strapped on for a hike: they weigh in at just a shade more than a pound each, which is in line with a lot of low-rise regular walking shoes.Like many Hi-tec products, the Altitude Lite models are primarily a value play. If you want a lot of features in a boot that costs … [Read more...]

Oboz Switchback Real Trail Hiking Shoes

Oboz Switchback Real Trail Hiking Shoes Practical Travel Gear 1

A lot of the shoes we've tried labeled as "light hikers" and such are fine for a mellow walk in the woods, but they aren't really built for tough trails. If you want some low-rise shoes that aren't real heavy but can really hold up during steep hikes with lots of rocks and roots, the new Switchback style from Oboz is a winner.These didn't fit like a pair of slippers when I put them on, which I've learned to take as a good sign for any hiking footwear. Usually when they feel great right out … [Read more...]

Ecco Ulterra Lo High-end Light Hikers

Ecco Ulterra Lo High-end Light Hikers Practical Travel Gear 1

We've praised Ecco shoes many times on this gear site for their good craftsmanship and European looks. This Ulterra Lo model I've been wearing a lot the past few months is another winner. These shoes are comfortable and well-made, and unlike many "light hiking" or "fast hiking" shoes I've tried out, they've got some real cushion and support between the feet and the trail.These are good all-around travel shoes, which is how I've been using them on several trips. You can walk the sidewalks or … [Read more...]

Vasque Grand Traverse Shoes

Vasque Grand Traverse Shoes Practical Travel Gear 2

Sometimes your vacation adventures include outdoor excursions like hiking and mountain biking, but if that’s not all you’re doing, you’d rather bring performance shoes that can perform a variety of tasks than those dedicated one-sport shoes. That’s where the Vasque Grand Traverse shoes come in. They’re solid enough in the performance department, and let you keep your packing list relatively short.At 1 lb., 10 oz., the shoes are lighter than your big burly hiking boots, and have the comfort … [Read more...]

Hi-Tec Altitude V Low Hiking Boot

Hi-Tec Altitude V Low Hiking Boot Practical Travel Gear

I'm forever on a quest to find the perfect hiking boot for myself and everyone in my family. Trouble is, what's best for one person can be another's downfall (sometimes literally). Recently, I reviewed the Hi-Tec Altitude Pro, which found a happy home with my backpacking father. However, my 13-year-old son would have nothing to do with them; he harbors an irrational fear of any boot that looks at all substantial. Instead, he insists on hiking long distance in less supportive sneakers. We argue … [Read more...]

Lowa Tempest Vent Hiking Shoes for Women

Lowa Tempest Vent Hiking Shoes for Women Practical Travel Gear 1

Lowa's Tempest Line has gone through tweaks and changes over the years, but those hiking shoes and boots are the popular bedrock of their product line. The Tempest Vent version for women is another great addition with some nice features.I recently wrote about the Lowa Ferrox fast hikers with Gore-tex, which are great for potentially wet or muddy conditions. My teenage daughter was the tester for these Tempest ones though and she has decidedly un-ladylike sweaty feet that need to breathe. … [Read more...]

Ahnu Sugarpine Waterproof Shoes

Ahnu Sugarpine Waterproof Shoes Practical Travel Gear

Tell me you haven’t had this scenario happen to you: You’re hiking along on a beautiful forest trail (or a cobblestone path, or grassy coastal bluffs), and you encounter a puddle. You don’t care if you get your shoes wet, but this puddle is pretty big, and you’d rather not have the water slosh through the shoes into your socks, and make your feet mucky and miserable for the remaining hours of your outdoor journey.And then you think, “hey, silly, it can’t be that bad.” So you step into the … [Read more...]

Hi-Tec Altitude Pro Hiking Boot

Hi-Tec Altitude Pro Hiking Boot Practical Travel Gear

We review quite a few Hi-Tec items, and time and again, I find them to be well made, practical, and affordable. Win, win, and win. The Hi-Tec Altitude Pro RGS hiking boot for men falls easily into this category, so I gave them the ultimate test: two days on the trail with my father, who just so happens to have impossible hiking boot standards. Despite 40 years of backpacking experience, my dad refuses to acknowledge the importance of good boots, and I've never known him to pay more than bargain … [Read more...]

Lowa Ferrox GTX Lo Waterproof Hiking Shoes

Lowa Ferrox GTX Lo Waterproof Hiking Shoes Practical Travel Gear 1

For those of us who like to mix a little adventure into their travels but aren't hard-core hikers, shoes like these Lowa Ferrox GTX ones are a great bet. Lightweight, supportive, and with a Gore-tex membrane, they can be used on muddy trails but still work for schlepping around on cobblestones and sidewalks.Hiking boots have gotten lighter and far less bulkier over the years, but they can still take up a lot of room in your pack and you usually don't want to wear them the rest of the time. … [Read more...]