Outdoor Travel Safety and First Aid Round Up

Outdoor Travel Safety and First Aid Round Up Practical Travel Gear

I’m always glad to find new products for my outdoor first aid arsenal. If you need to restock your supply of insect repellents, emergency medical supplies, or outdoor survival tools before high camping season or outdoor excursions while traveling, Natrapel, Adventure Medical Kits, and Sol have some interesting new items to consider. Here’s what we’ve recently tried out during our first camping and kayaking trips of the season.Natrapel bug spray:Natrapel is DEET-free, yet unlike most … [Read more...]

Brunton Revolt 9000

Brunton Revolt 9000 Practical Travel Gear

It's hard to beat Brunton when it comes to rechargeable power. We've reviewed their headlamps and portable solar energy packs, both of which are incredibly useful for traveling. In addition to the new  Revolt 4000, the folks at Brunton have come out with the Revolt 9000. The name makes it sound like something Harry Potter would use to play Quidditch, but the Revolt 9000 is in fact a reusable, portable power cube, packing enough juice to recharge a phone six times before needing … [Read more...]

Steripen Classic 3 AA-powered Water Purifier

Steripen Classic 3 AA-powered Water Purifier Practical Travel Gear 2

We've reviewed several versions of the SteriPEN over the years and I'm a huge fan. It's the one thing I absolutely always pack when I'm going to a country where you can't drink the tap water. In a nutshell, you wave this thing around in tap water anywhere in the world---as long as it's clear---and it'll zap anything in there that could possibly make you sick. I'm losing track of how many places I've used one of these in, but I do know my daughter has drunk water purified with one of these in six … [Read more...]

Kigo Pai Minimalist Footwear

Kigo Pai Minimalist Footwear Practical Travel Gear 1

What makes a shoe minimalist? For me, it's not just a light weight or zero depth. A truly useful and practical minimalist shoe will also be (dare I say it?) comfortable, and good for your foot.Kigo footwear is something special. This company is designing stylish, trendy shoes that meet all the requirements of a good minimalist shoe, and then some. Kigos are extremely lightweight, but they're also anatomical, with a wide toe box and contoured shape. They're eco-friendly (more on that below), … [Read more...]

Migration Hemp Shirt From Patagonia

Migration Hemp Shirt From Patagonia Practical Travel Gear 2

Many people buy Patagonia outdoor and travel clothing just because they like it, but this is also the most responsible big brand around when it comes to how they source and manufacture their apparel. Nearly everything they're putting out now is made from fabrics with a recycled component or that are renewable. So it's no surprise that they're using more hemp in their clothing.I've been wearing this Migration shirt around the past couple months Nd while it's not as wrinkle-resistant as a … [Read more...]

Grand Trunk Double Hammock

Grand Trunk Double Hammock Practical Travel Gear 1

I love Grand Trunk Goods products, and I love hammocks, so reviewing the Grand Trunk Double Hammock was meant to be. We took this hammock on a short national park tour, and successfully slept under the stars. Like most travel hammocks, the Grand Trunk double hammock is made of parachute nylon, but unlike others, it's mildew-resistant with triple-stitched seams (nothing worse than landing on your ass when you get into a fraying hammock).Here's a photo of my husband enjoying the double … [Read more...]

Sigg Thermo Classic Bottles

Sigg Thermo Classic Bottles Practical Travel Gear 1

'Tis the season for steaming drinks after outdoor excursions! I'm something of a collector of thermal bottles and mugs, as evidenced by the disarray in my cupboards, but given that I use thermal containers nearly every day of the winter, I feel justified.The new Thermo collection at SIGG includes four sizes of bottles ranging from 0.3L to 1L, and come in teal, classic white, and smoked pearl. They look as good as they sound, with a sleek minimalist design characteristic of SIGG. I really … [Read more...]

Stanley eCycle Flask for Adult Beverages

Stanley eCycle Flask for Adult Beverages Practical Travel Gear

I've been known to carry a flask along now and then, so I was glad to give this new one from Stanley a whirl after I saw it at their Outdoor Retailer Show booth. Besides it being useful and cool, it's made of very tough plastic, so I wasn't worried about it getting dented along the way.The eCycle in the name makes you feel like you're doing some good in the world as you drink to Mother Earth. It's made from recycled food packaging (up to 25% post-consumer) and if the thing gets too beat up … [Read more...]

LuminAID Inflatable Solar Light That Packs Down Small

LuminAID Inflatable Solar Light That Packs Down Small Practical Travel Gear 1

This LuminAID lamp ticks off a lot of boxes that make us happy on this travel gear blog: eco-friendly, practical, inexpensive, lightweight, and easy to pack. On top of all that, the company is doing some good in the world as well.Yes, I'm doing two reviews this week of things that pack down small and then expand at your destination. This time it's a cool little lantern that stows away in the size you see below---basically a solar panel and a battery---then inflates to be a useful lantern. … [Read more...]

6 Travel Gear Trends for 2014

6 Travel Gear Trends for 2014 Practical Travel Gear 1

Want a look into what kind of travel gear innovations and trends you'll be seeing in spring and summer of next year? We've got your crystal ball right here.Jill, Amy, and I spent a few days bouncing around booths at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market a couple weeks ago and are just now catching our breaths. Some 1,400 exhibitors were showing off what they've got coming out next year and even with three of us splitting off to check out different sections, it was impossible to see everything. … [Read more...]