Revamped Treksta Kobra Shoes With BOA Lacing System

Treksta Kobra review

Once you go BOA, you'll never go back.Well, you may wish you could never go back anyway, that you could wave a magic wand and all your shoes would have the BOA closure system like these Treksta Kobra shoes do. Nothing to tie, retie, and bend over to tie again. A tight fit distributed evenly, with the ability to loosen that fit throughout with the turn of a dial. The ability to loosen the whole affair completely and pop your shoes off in two seconds flat by popping the dial out … [Read more...]

Vulc N Vent Casual Shoes From Columbia Sportwear

Vulc N Vent Casual Shoes From Columbia Sportwear Practical Travel Gear 1

Consider this one a remixed classic. Columbia took the traditional vulcanized shoe design that's been around for decades via the likes of Vans and PF Flyers and put a whole new spin on it. Unlike those traditional shoes that can leave the soles of your feet hot and sweaty, these Vulc N Vent ones have vents built into the side that let the heat out.It's a little thing, but it makes a big difference. We've been reviewing a few shoes with Gore-tex Surround and although this design isn't as … [Read more...]

Hi-tec Altitude Lite 1 Waterproof Hiking Boots

Hi-tec Altitude Lite 1 Waterproof Hiking Boots Practical Travel Gear 1

In the title I call these "boots," but that word certainly doesn't conjure up an accurate image of the lightweight Altitude Lite Waterproof footwear from Hi-Tec. These may be the lightest over-the-ankle shoes/boots I've ever strapped on for a hike: they weigh in at just a shade more than a pound each, which is in line with a lot of low-rise regular walking shoes.Like many Hi-tec products, the Altitude Lite models are primarily a value play. If you want a lot of features in a boot that costs … [Read more...]

Popular Ahnu Del Rey Sandals Get Lighter

Popular Ahnu Del Rey Sandals Get Lighter Practical Travel Gear 1

For a lot of long-term travelers, the perfect pair of shoes is...a pair of sandals. But not flimsy sandals with something sticking between two toes to hold them on. Rather the kind that have serious tread, a webbed covering over the foot, and the ability to dry quickly after getting soaking wet. Like these Ahnu Del Rey sandals. (For women the name is Tilden V.)It's probably more fitting to call these multi-purpose shoes since they're so substantial. You could hike in them and plow through … [Read more...]

Rewind: Hiking Trip Travel Gear That Works

Rewind: Hiking Trip Travel Gear That Works Practical Travel Gear 2

We try to take a good amount of time to try out the gear we review on here, but often it's a year down the line, after multiple trips, that we really start loving the gear we can depend on. (And maybe hating that one nagging fault that bugged us just a little the first time around.)In late April I spent a week in Peru, hiking around the Andes Mountains around the Sacred Valley on a Lares Adventure tour. Some days were tougher than others, but on several days we were doing heavy-duty hikes … [Read more...]

Sanuk Kat’s Meow

Sanuk Kat's Meow Practical Travel Gear

My perfect air travel day shoe is comfortable, easy to slide on and off, and stylish. The Sanuk Kats Meow fits all three criteria. This canvas slip-on is super casual, and looks good with everything from cotton skirts or sundresses to jeans or capri pants. This is truly a three-season shoe, looking great with everything from early spring through fall, no socks required. When there's not a lot of room for shoes in my luggage, which is basically always, I opt for the Kats Meow … [Read more...]

Lowa San Francisco Shoes With Gore-tex Surround

Lowa San Francisco Shoes With Gore-tex Surround Practical Travel Gear 1

If you want some great all-around travel shoes that will let your hot feet truly breathe, put on some San Francisco ones from Lowa.In an earlier review I raved about the new Gore-tex Surround technology just now going into shoes that have rolled out this year and I've been trying out another pair with this integrated: the Lowa San Francisco model. The best test for me of whether I really like a pair of shoes or not is whether they stay by the front door in my house and go in my suitcase when … [Read more...]

Cushe Mellow Getaway Shoes for Chilled-out Travel

Cushe Mellow Getaway Shoes for Chilled-out Travel Practical Travel Gear 1

Put "Mellow," "Getaway," and "Cushe" (pronounced CUSH-ee) together in the name of a shoe and that's gotta be something worth packing, right?Indeed it is, and I've been putting this pair of Getaway shoes in my bag for each getaway.Often in my travels I need to have hiking shoes and/or something good for pounding the pavement, or maybe a pair of water shoes for something wetter. Flip-flops and sandals are good to have for beach trips. But all of those look pretty goofy when it's time … [Read more...]

Ecco O2 Shoes With Gore-Tex Surround

Ecco O2 Shoes With Gore-Tex Surround Practical Travel Gear 1

One of the first entries using an innovative new technology, these Ecco O2 shoes let the heat out from all angles.There are all kinds of ways for your sweaty feet to breathe, from mesh to wide weaves to waterproof membranes that let heat out but keep rain at bay. There's always been one problem though: the moisture on the soles of your feet has nowhere to go. Until now...This new system has a Gore-tex membrane below the insole, then small tubes leading out to venting holes in the side of … [Read more...]

Muck Hale Boots for Women and Kids

Muck Hale Boots for Women and Kids Practical Travel Gear 2

If you live, play, or travel to locations where you're frequently in the outdoors in all conditions, owning a pair of Muck boots falls into the 'life hack' category. Or as I like to think of it, the 'Wow, why did it take me so long to get these?' category.Muck Boots have been around for a while, known well by farmers, ranchers, hunters, and gardeners for their durability and willingness to get through dirt, mud, and well, muck. The new Muck Hale comes in sizes and colors for women and kids … [Read more...]