Techspresso Travel Polo Shirt From Exofficio

Techspresso Travel Polo Shirt From Exofficio Practical Travel Gear 1

A polo shirt can be a great staple for warm weather travel wardrobes and this Exofficio Techspresso polo has a lot of features to make it one of the best ones you can buy.It's a rare trip I take when there's not at least one shirt like this in my pack. As comfy as a t-shirt but nicer looking for every situation, this is an item that's double-duty without trying very hard. What turns one into a real travel-worthy shirt is having the features that make it built for the road. This Techspresso … [Read more...]

Rewind: Hiking Trip Travel Gear That Works

Rewind: Hiking Trip Travel Gear That Works Practical Travel Gear 2

We try to take a good amount of time to try out the gear we review on here, but often it's a year down the line, after multiple trips, that we really start loving the gear we can depend on. (And maybe hating that one nagging fault that bugged us just a little the first time around.)In late April I spent a week in Peru, hiking around the Andes Mountains around the Sacred Valley on a Lares Adventure tour. Some days were tougher than others, but on several days we were doing heavy-duty hikes … [Read more...]

ExOfficio Gazella Pant

ExOfficio Gazella Pant Practical Travel Gear

Outdoor clothing for women that gets great marks for style as well as performance used to be fairly nonexistent, or at the most, few and far between. In the past couple years, however, I’m seeing more and more items that fit well (and were designed specifically for women instead of making a smaller version of men’s clothing), look good and perform fantastically. Thank goodness. Finally.One example of these newer pieces that do it all well is the ExOfficio Gazella Pant. I used to have pants … [Read more...]

ExOfficio Airhart and Camina Trek’r Shirts

ExOfficio Airhart and Camina Trek'r Shirts Practical Travel Gear 3

I have quite a few outdoor technical shirts in my closet, but when it comes to adventure-wear that can double as multi-use travel wear, it's hard to beat ExOfficio. This brand is a solid bet for high-quality, practical, comfortable clothing that will take you from travel day to outdoor excursion to city streets.ExOfficio Airhart Shirt:The Airhart shirt is the lightest weight shirt ExOfficio makes. It's literally a relief to put on in warm or humid environments, especially after … [Read more...]

Stay Un-bugged with Exofficio Bugsaway Lumos Hoody

Stay Un-bugged with Exofficio Bugsaway Lumos Hoody Practical Travel Gear 2

When you're in a place with lots of annoying insects, you sometimes need multiple levels of defense to keep them at bay. This Bugsaway Lumos Hoody from Exofficio will protect your arms and head while looking like just a regular piece of clothing.I'm a big fan of Insect Shield clothing: there's no smell or other indication that it has been treated, so nobody is the wiser except the bugs. Apparently to the mosquitoes, Permethrin smells awful. Ticks, ants, chiggers, and other biting critters … [Read more...]

ExOfficio BugsAway Leilani Multi-Way Dress and Lumen Wrap

ExOfficio BugsAway Leilani Multi-Way Dress and Lumen Wrap Practical Travel Gear 2

When you think of insect-repellant clothing, do you think of safari-looking pants, a long-sleeved button-down shirt, and hat with a back flap and perhaps netting? While that can be incredibly effective at keeping the biting bugs away, you don’t have to say sayonara to style when repelling irritating critters.ExOfficio’s BugsAway line includes Insect Shield, a process that is designed to prevent loss of the active ingredient Permethrin. Once it’s applied to the clothing, it’s so tightly bound … [Read more...]

Long Sleeves for Hot Travels: ExOfficio Minimo Shirt

Long Sleeves for Hot Travels: ExOfficio Minimo Shirt Practical Travel Gear

Yeah I know, most people in the northern hemisphere are bundled up in down parkas and snow boots as I write this. But the ones who have the time and means to break away are probably flying somewhere hot and sunny. For good sun protection and wicking in a super-lightweight shirt, this Minimo plaid one from ExOfficio could be the perfect thing to pack.It weighs just five ounces first of all, which makes my already lightweight other travel shirts feel clunky in comparison. You probably pack … [Read more...]

Exofficio Impervio shirt

Exofficio Impervio shirt Practical Travel Gear

A few weeks ago, I reviewed Exofficio BugsAway clothing for women. Now it's the men's turn. I picked up the Exofficio Impervio BugsAway tee shirt for my teen son, and it's become a close traveling companion for him. When it comes to picking out clothes for teens, I usually fail (ask my kid), but I knew the Impervio would be a safe bet. It's extremely lightweight, moisture wicking, and fast-drying, all crucial criteria for him when he travels, as he seems to do everything to an 'extreme'. The … [Read more...]

Exofficio BugsAway Ziwa Convertible Pants and Lumen Crew

Exofficio BugsAway Ziwa Convertible Pants and Lumen Crew Practical Travel Gear 2

At Practical Travel Gear, we've long trusted Exofficio for our adventure travel wear needs. I love what they're doing next: Exofficio's BugsAway apparel is treated with Insect Shield technology that's locked into the fabric. Your first thought may be the same as mine: 'Ew! Bug spray in my clothes?'  I was skeptical until I held BugsAway clothing in my own hands. There's absolutely no evidence of a chemical on these clothes. They don't smell, and they're not rough or stiff as I expected them to … [Read more...]

Exofficio Sol Cool Ultimate Hoody

Exofficio Sol Cool Ultimate Hoody Practical Travel Gear

I have a new best friend for water play and summer travel! The Exofficio Sol Cool Ultimate Hoody is the latest from Exofficio's Sol Cool line, utilizing the company's Icefil treated fabric and offering sun protection up to UPF 50+. Like all Sol Cool products, this hoody breathes wonderfully: on a hot day, it wicks away sweat so well, I'd rather be wearing it than nothing but a swim suit.The ultimate hoody is more than just a swim cover-up (though it does that well, too): you get underarm … [Read more...]