Brunton Revolt 9000

Brunton Revolt 9000 Practical Travel Gear

It's hard to beat Brunton when it comes to rechargeable power. We've reviewed their headlamps and portable solar energy packs, both of which are incredibly useful for traveling. In addition to the new  Revolt 4000, the folks at Brunton have come out with the Revolt 9000. The name makes it sound like something Harry Potter would use to play Quidditch, but the Revolt 9000 is in fact a reusable, portable power cube, packing enough juice to recharge a phone six times before needing … [Read more...]

Olixar Travel Adapter with 4 USB ports

Olixar Travel Adapter with 4 USB ports Practical Travel Gear

Travel adapters are a dime a dozen, but what I liked most about the Olixar travel adapter is that it features four interchangeable pieces (without being overly bulky) plus four individual USB ports. This gives maximum charging power, all from one device.A common question that I get on my travels is how do I deal with different electrical outlets overseas. Depending upon where I go, I tend to travel with the appropriate adapter, instead of lugging along a hefty global version. They can often … [Read more...]

Behold the Intelligent Suitcase: Bluesmart

Behold the Intelligent Suitcase: Bluesmart Practical Travel Gear 2

Imagine if your dumb ole suitcase could wake up and do more. What if it could weigh itself, tell you where it is, lock remotely, and charge up your phone in the airport? Would you line up to pre-order that? It's not science fiction, it's Bluesmart.We are not a "bleeding edge" gear blog where we drool over spec sheets and press releases about products that are a gleam in an inventor's eye on Kickstarter. We like to direct you to things that are easy to find in the marketplace and proven … [Read more...]

Otterbox Symmetry and Defender for iPhone 6

Otterbox Symmetry and Defender for iPhone 6 Practical Travel Gear

They're here! Otterbox has protection for iPhone 6. I never really feel my phone is safe until it's encased in Otterbox, so the arrival of the Symmetry and Defender for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus came as a relief. Wondering which case you need? I've been playing with both.Otterbox Symmetry:The slimmest iPhone 6 case you'll find on Otterbox. One step of protection 'down' from the Commuter series, Symmetry is one piece that pops on and off your phone easily. It has a rounded lip that hugs … [Read more...]

Pivotal Tracker 1 Fitness Band

Pivotal Tracker 1 Fitness Band Practical Travel Gear 1

January is the month for getting (back) in shape for most of us, which can be hard if you travel regularly. There's a reason the fitness band industry has taken off: these wristband trackers monitor your steps, calories, and activity levels, allowing even frequent travelers to stay on track while on the road. I've found they help me be more aware of how much I'm walking (instead of grabbing a cab) when traveling, and how well I'm sleeping.Most fitness trackers start at around $100, but … [Read more...]

Holiday Stocking Stuffers for Air Travel Days

Holiday Stocking Stuffers for Air Travel Days Practical Travel Gear 2

Everyone needs stocking stuffers for the traveler in their lives. If yours spends a good amount of time in the air, the following travel-friendly gifts will go a long way toward a more comfortable, convenient flight. Whether traveling for business or with kids in tow, something on this list will appeal!My Air Mask:If you don't want to get sick on your travel day and don't care who knows it, the My Air Mask might be for you. I won't knock it: there's nothing worse than sitting down next … [Read more...]

SOL REPUBLIC Punk Wireless Speaker

SOL REPUBLIC Punk Wireless Speaker Practical Travel Gear

We use Sol Republic's Tracks HD headphones when we travel and at home, so I was eager to check out their newest wireless speaker. The perfect size for people on-the-go, the Punk speaker weighs less than 8 ounces and approximately 5" x 5" x 2"...small enough to fit into even the smallest backpacks, bags, or purses.The Punk's target audience seems to be young people who crave portable music in nearly any situation, from a poolside party to a gathering of friends in public spaces, and you can … [Read more...]

Sony Cyber-Shot Digital Camera Tx30

Sony Cyber-Shot Digital Camera Tx30 Practical Travel Gear 1

The Sony Cyber-Shot Tx30 is the absolute best point-and-shoot camera I've ever owned. Yes, I have a DSLR that I bring on professional trips because, well, it makes me look like I know what I'm doing, but when given the choice, I absolutely always reach for the Cyber-Shot. Of course, any point-and-shoot compact camera is going to be lighter and smaller than a DSLR, ideal for those on-the-go moments when you need a camera that will fit in your pocket, but the Cyber-Shot Tx30 goes far beyond … [Read more...]

Osprey Cyber Port Daypack for Travel

Osprey Cyber Port Daypack for Travel Practical Travel Gear

It's hard to go wrong with an Osprey pack. If I had to pick--absolutely had to--I think I'd rate Osprey as my overall favorite backcountry adventure and ski pack choice. That said, until introduced the the Portal Series, I'd never considered using an Osprey pack as a carry-on backpack or laptop bag.  The Osprey Cyber Port backpack is tough yet streamlined, and stylish while still classic.With its sleek panel-loading design, I understood right away that the Cyber Port's function is … [Read more...]

Razor Keeper

Razor Keeper Practical Travel Gear

Traveling these days has never been more demeaning, and the TSA is the worst to blame. Sure, security concerns are always paramount, but there must be a more consumer-friendly way to pass travelers through an airport. Stripping travelers to their socks and parading their toiletries through transparent plastic bags for all to see is not the best option. For now, we are stuck with it. Personally, I use an electric razor, but carry a disposable razor as a backup. Throwing it into my plastic bag is … [Read more...]