Lorpen Trail and Hiking Socks for Women
No matter how much I hike–and I hike a lot–I am plagued with blisters on my heels, in part because I’m often trying out new hiking boots for review. I’ve learned to do two things: 1. always have a blister kit with moleskin at the ready, and 2. invest... Read more
Ecōths Garrick Polo
Not many men are familiar with Ecōths, and I’d love to change that. This brand, pronounced ‘ecos’, is dedicated to blending natural fibers for a stylish, classic look to all their pieces. It’s hard to make men’s clothing in a way that stands out as unique, without going over-the-top,... Read more
Brunton Revolt 9000
It’s hard to beat Brunton when it comes to rechargeable power. We’ve reviewed their headlamps and portable solar energy packs, both of which are incredibly useful for traveling. In addition to the new  Revolt 4000, the folks at Brunton have come out with the Revolt 9000. The name makes... Read more
Life Factory Food Storage and Bottles
I’m a bit of a water bottle enthusiast. Ask anyone in my family, and they’ll tell you we have way too many BPA-free plastic and stainless steel bottles crammed into our cupboards. Not to mention all the flip caps, twist tops, straw lids…you get the idea. Frankly, I love... Read more
UCO Tetra Compact Lantern & Flashlight That’s Rechargeable
It’s kind of fitting that the week I was putting up my review of this 170-lumen Tetra lantern from UCO, a windstorm in my neighborhood knocked a tree onto a power line and we were without electricity for 11 hours. My daughter ate breakfast and brushed her teeth by... Read more
Steripen Classic 3 AA-powered Water Purifier
We’ve reviewed several versions of the SteriPEN over the years and I’m a huge fan. It’s the one thing I absolutely always pack when I’m going to a country where you can’t drink the tap water. In a nutshell, you wave this thing around in tap water anywhere in... Read more
Kigo Pai Minimalist Footwear
What makes a shoe minimalist? For me, it’s not just a light weight or zero depth. A truly useful and practical minimalist shoe will also be (dare I say it?) comfortable, and good for your foot. Kigo footwear is something special. This company is designing stylish, trendy shoes that... Read more
Migration Hemp Shirt From Patagonia
Many people buy Patagonia outdoor and travel clothing just because they like it, but this is also the most responsible big brand around when it comes to how they source and manufacture their apparel. Nearly everything they’re putting out now is made from fabrics with a recycled component or... Read more
Grand Trunk Double Hammock
I love Grand Trunk Goods products, and I love hammocks, so reviewing the Grand Trunk Double Hammock was meant to be. We took this hammock on a short national park tour, and successfully slept under the stars. Like most travel hammocks, the Grand Trunk double hammock is made of... Read more
LifeStraw Go Water Bottle
LifeStraw Go is one of the best new products I’ve reviewed this year. To understand the Go, however, it’s important to be familiar with the original LifeStraw product. Named the Best Invention of 20o5, LifeStraw is a personal water filtration system that’s as simple as it is effective: it’s... Read more