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Urban Junket Eco-friendly Tote Bag

Urban Junket

Urban Junket

The next time you recycle your plastic bottles, think that this may not be the last time you see the. Urban Junket repurposes them into crafty hand bags, tote bags, and tablet cases. Turning bottles into fashionable bags is what the company is doing. For example, five plastic bottles were used to make the colorful tote bag I reviewed.

The bag feels a bit “plasticky,” but the colorful patterns and designs make up for it. Plus, it is a cool story when people ask about these bags. In addition to recycled plastic, the bags are made from PVC-free coated cotton canvas and nickel and lead-free hardware. The result is a unique bag with a great story. In fact, each bag is named after someone and features the exact number of bottles it took to make it.

Another unique product from Urban Junket is the power clutch, handbag, or messenger bag that has self-charging devices inside them to allow people to charge up their devices via USB ports on the go. The power source is removable and can be swapped out with other Urban Junket bags. It also does not produce excess heat during the charging process.

All of the bags are highly durable and water-resistant thanks to the coated canvas that allows for easy spot cleaning. The bags are also incredibly lightweight due to this material. These bags are primarily designed for women and come in a variety of styles from rolling carry-on bags to purses and clutches for makeup. Some of the tote bags have careful, snug storage space for laptops.

They come in a variety of colors and range from around $20 and as much as $300 depending upon the size and look. The popular tote bags hold a great deal and are great for travel. For those with a green thumb or an interest in conservation, these stylish items make great gifts.