GSI Outdoors and HydroFlask Pint Glasses
Walk into any outdoor gear store, especially in craft brew hot spots like the Pacific Northwest, and it won’t take long to notice everyone is making travel-ready pint glasses. In my book, this can only be a good thing, and not just for beer consumption. In fact, we use... Read more
Where Travel Gear is Permanently on Sale
Way back in the 00s, I started Practical Travel Gear as an antidote to all the aspirational reviews I was reading in the likes of Outside, Wired, and Robb Report. I was tired of seeing items prices in four or five digits, items that no working class mortal would... Read more
SplashFlash Waterproof LED Light
The size of a small finger and multi-functional, this little SplashFlash light should easily earn a place on your packing list. Some of the coolest, most useful gadgets we toss into our travel bags are often not the ones that cost hundreds of dollars. Sometimes the little “impulse buy”... Read more
Vapur Incognito Packable Flask
Want to carry some booze with you without it being obvious—or breakable? This Incognito Flexible Flask from collapsible water bottle company Vapur holds ten ounces of hooch when you want it, then washes out easily and packs flat when you don’t. This flask is pretty darn indestructible too, as... Read more
Inexpensive & Useful Travel Gadgets From Nite Ize
Want some gadgets that will make your travels easier, for ten bucks or less? Nite Ize has plenty of options for you—or your stocking stuffer recipient. Way back when I started this travel gear blog, the whole idea was to focus on things normal people could buy, pack, and... Read more
PocketMonkey One-piece Multi-tool Fits in a Wallet
Want to have a travel gadget that will come in handy, but is no trouble to pack? We like the useful pocket tools we’ve reviewed in the past, from the likes of Victorinox, Gerber Gear, and True Utility. The big difference with this PocketMonkey tool is that it’s so... Read more
Holiday Stocking Stuffers for Air Travel Days
Everyone needs stocking stuffers for the traveler in their lives. If yours spends a good amount of time in the air, the following travel-friendly gifts will go a long way toward a more comfortable, convenient flight. Whether traveling for business or with kids in tow, something on this list... Read more
Black Diamond Ion Headlamp
Headlamps are amazing things—letting you illuminate your surroundings while keeping your hands free to do other things, like carry kindling or a pot of gold you found at the end of the rainbow. (What? I can dream.) The problem with some of them is that there’s so much function... Read more
Tiny Travel Umbrella from Sea to Summit
Packing an umbrella is a real pain, but there are plenty of times a traveler wishes there was one in their daypack. Sudden drizzles or downright downpours don’t hold off just because you’re on vacation or a business trip. I found this out last week when a deluge hit... Read more
Coast HP1 Flashlight: a Tiny $10 Powerhouse
If you haven’t bought a flashlight in a decade or two, you might want to go for an upgrade. This little HP1 model from Coast Portland embodies all that has changed since your dad lugged around a big light with D-sized batteries in it. It’s small and uses a... Read more