Serengeti Lipari Sunglasses are Lightweight and Elegant
Giant sunglasses that take up half your face might be a good bet if you’re a celebrity trying to stay incognito, but if you’re driving down a sunny highway or carrying a pair of sunglasses in your shirt or jacket pocket, you probably don’t want something twice as big... Read more
New Serengeti Misano Sunglasses
On my last few trips I’ve been wearing sunglasses that do a good job of making me look much more classy and sophisticated than I really am: the new Misano shades from Serengeti. As I’ve traveled around on multiple travel writing assignments like an international jet-setter, I’ve crossed paths... Read more
Pelican 3310PL Glowing Flashlight
The phrase “groping around in the dark for a flashlight” is one you hear and read a lot. It often comes up when talking about a power outage, whether that’s at home during bad weather or when you’re traveling in a place with an overtaxed electrical grid, like India,... Read more
The Kelty Folding, Zip-up Cooler
Could you use a cooler that packs down small when you don’t need it, but totally rocks when you do? This Kelty Folding Cooler could be the one you keep turning to for camping, travel, or just to have in the car. How many times have you bought one... Read more
Saris Bones 3 Bike Rack
It’s a beautiful thing to stuff the family and your belongings in a car and be able to ride bicycles far from your home. Through a park, along a greenway, or in a different city. Most bike racks are such a pain though, and give you so little confidence... Read more
Samsung HM1700 Bluetooth Headset
If you want a Bluetooth earpiece for your mobile phone but don’t expect it to be permanently attached to your ear, this HM1700 one from Samsung is a reasonably priced option. I’ve long avoided these in-ear Bluetooth devices for talking on the phone. They’ve rightfully been lambasted in the... Read more
In Time for Summer Road Trips: the Mountainsmith Modular Hauler System
As editor of the family travel site Pit Stops for Kids, we road trip a lot. We travel in everything from a mini-van to a Prius, for trips ranging from camping to beach vacations to city tours to ski trips. Sometimes, we tackle a selection of the above in... Read more
Magellan RoadMate Traveler GPS System
I’ve long been a holdout on the car GPS front. I only seem to spend a little bit of time driving in places where I really have no clue about where I’m going and the rest of the time I’ve just used Google Maps on my cell phone, which... Read more
Can a Coffee Mug Be Worth $69?
If you’re familiar with Snow Peak products, you’re probably one of these three types: 1) flush with disposable income 2) a lover of all things Japanese, or 3) a style junkie who thinks the Macbook Air is a good value.  (Or of course “all of the above.”) This being... Read more
Cobra Universal Mini Mount for the Dashboard
Almost every time I see a driver doing something stupid or barely missing an accident, it’s because they’re yakking on their phone or looking down at their phone. With this easy-to-use, universal dash mount from Cobra, those boneheads could be using their speakerphone instead and at least be looking... Read more