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Razor Keeper

Traveling these days has never been more demeaning, and the TSA is the worst to blame. Sure, security concerns are always paramount, but there must be a more consumer-friendly way to pass travelers through an airport. Stripping travelers to their socks and parading their toiletries through transparent plastic bags for all to see is not the best option.

For now, we are stuck with it. Personally, I use an electric razor, but carry a disposable razor as a backup. Throwing it into my plastic bag is sometimes hazardous as reaching into the bag on short notice can cut my fingers if the plastic barrier has fallen off. That’s not to mention how the razor can dull with exposure to the elements or how dirty security agent hands are often pilfering through my personal toiletry case at a moment’s notice before I can stop and ask them to don a plastic glove before fondling my toothbrush with the same hand that just grabbed someone’s dirty sandals.

This clever Razor Keeper provides that one extra layer of protection that your skin needs, especially for travelers who endure long-haul flights leaving their skin dry and vulnerable.

The small plastic case is affordable and designed to hold a standard disposable razor. It features a small air pocket at the base to provide ventilation that will allow your razor to last longer for effective use and prevent mold from forming if it were damp from use.

It has a snap-latch closure that allows it to seal easily, but without issue for reopening later. This innovative product is not a necessity, but certainly an affordable luxury for those that value their skin and prefer not to waste money on endless disposable razors. It is available on Razor Keeper’s website and on Amazon for around $15. I found this distinctive product to be quite refreshing to a problem that I often was concerned about, but had little alternative to fixing.

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Stewart/Stand Stainless Steel Wallet

This clever looking Stewart/Stand stainless steel wallet is unlike anything that I had ever seen before. It is crafted from stainless steel yet is lightweight and smooth to the touch. For quite some time, I had been looking for an alternative to my leather wallet, which easily tends to stain with water damage.

This wallet was the perfect alternative and certainly gained its share of interested compliments each time I took it out. My bi-fold wallet features the traditional slats for credit cards and the billfold section for currency. It also has an identification window for my driver’s license.

Primary to why most travelers may be interested in this wallet is that its stainless steel structure protects credit cards against RFID (radio frequency identity theft) signals that can access data from your cards like your name, credit card number, and billing information. Many credit cards come equipped with this new technology that simply allows you to tap or wave your card against a surface for data to be transferred (instead of the traditional swipe).

The same technology that allows that convenience via RFID also allows for the possible unwilling transmission of data from your wallet. This is prevented since the woven stainless steel fabric helps to block any signal transmission. For the environmentally conscious, it should also be noted that the stainless steel fabric is post-consumer recycled giving old materials a new purpose.

What I found to be most surprising is that when it was in my back pocket, it felt just as soft as my leather wallet. I had assumed that its stainless steel construction would be rigid, uncomfortable and bulky, but it was malleable and hard to notice.

It retails for around $70 at the Stewart/Stand website and is part of a full product line of purses, bags, and wallets that help to protect against unwanted data transmission. It is also available on Amazon in a similar variety of styles. This can be especially important for travelers to suspect places, and it will certainly become my go-to travel wallet when heading to certain parts of the world.

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Remington Shaver WetTech Rotary AQ7 Shave Razor Review

AQ7PRD2 copy.ashx

Travel gear can be heavy, and I often find myself having to leave behind my razor charger on short trips just to save some space in my carry-on. Remington’s WetTech rotary shaver is not light, but it is a powerful device that I can use quickly and effortlessly thanks to its triple razor head. It can also be used in the shower, which is a great time saver when on the road. Jet lag can mean that every minute of sleep counts!

The device comes with a charging stand, but I often leave it behind because it is a bit bulky. I would need to take it with me if on lengthier trips, but otherwise the battery has a lengthy life of 60 minutes on its own. That clocks in at about a dozen shaving sessions.

Many razors cut close, but still leave the appearance of a five o’clock shadow. Obviously, this is a problem for people with darker or heavier beards, and I find it a pain to have to shave in the morning and at night if I have multiple meetings.

I typically do not shave in the shower, but this razor comes with a portable non-fog travel mirror making it easier. The razor has a no-slip grip removing the worry of dropping it on a hard surface and breaking it. Since I do not usually shave in the shower, I did not realize that it is best to use a shower shaving gel. Once I did, it became much easier and more comfortable. The warm steam from the shower helps to open pores and provided one of the closest shaves I have ever had using an electric razor.

The razor blades were soft to the touch on my skin, but still did a great job of cutting hair swiftly and closely. Its price point is roughly $75 and is available on Remington’s website or on Amazon.

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iWALK Universal Backup Battery for iPhone/iPhone4/iPod

iWalk portable batteryFrequent travelers have all been in the same position where we are left with limited backup for our devices and little hope for onward charging. This is rarely a concern on short jaunts, but if I am in a hurry and connecting to long-haul travel without power outlets then I am in trouble.

I love the fact that I am able to use this iWalk universal backup battery device with multiple pieces of Apple equipment. While not a major techie, I do have an iPhone and an iPad, both of which have synced with this device well.

The degree to which we rely on portable electronic devices has increased significantly over recent years and not being connected in some capacity can be a major detriment in both a business and personal context. Each person’s situation may vary, but I find the solitude to be difficult (yes, I have become a chained subject to mobile Internet).

Although iWalk’s range of plug-in portable power devices alleviates this potential risk, delivering reliable battery power when and where you need it can still be slow going if you are in places with limited connectivity. The small nature of this device made it so simple to just shove in my pocket for when I was heading out on long-day adventures where I figured that my phone battery might run dry.

Despite being lightweight, it is also easy to stuff into one’s pocket although adding an additional electrical adaptor for international outlets gives it more heft. This is a lifesaver for people who need to easily display something for a long period of time (think exhibition or convention space presentation) or for someone who may be working in a corporate setting and have little time to move their display to a power outlet for some extra juice.

It is also wonderful to use during long airplane or train delays when access to electricity may be limited.

I have an older iPhone 3G, but this device matches up with older and newer devices without problem. It comes in both black and white making it a simple addition to your normal phone even when you don’t want someone to know that you are charging your device. With such a small size, this battery packs its own punch.

It is available for sale on the iWalk website in a variety of styles, all of which are affordable. Even the high-capacity 5200mAh model comes in  at a price point under $75. Get it at Amazon. Or search the whole product line, which includes chargers for Samsung Galaxy or any smartphone charging via USB: iWalk at Amazon

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Sonic Alert Alarm Clock with Super Shaker – SB200ss

This alarm clock may seem gimmicky at first, but the gentle wake up can make a big difference in how you feel for the morning. Circadian rhythms lull you into and out of deep slumber, and when you wake up in the middle of that deepest slumber it leaves you feeling more tired. This can easily be the feeling you have if you are also suddenly awakened by an annoying alarm or blaring music.

This Super Shaker is designed for home or travel use and involves placing the vibrating pad underneath your pillow. Most peoples’ pillows are thick enough to hardly notice it is there. At the preset time on the familiar alarm clock (which is connected by a white cord to the vibrating pad), subtle vibrations begin to wake you from underneath your pillow. One of the primary benefits of this clock, however, is that it can awaken one person without disturbing another as music or a normal alarm might.

There is a standard alarm if that feature is needed, and volume control allows you to adjust it to your preferred decibel. An ever-popular snooze function is perfect for those who like to procrastinate on the pillow. Light sleepers will also appreciate a dimmer switch on the face of the clock to keep the glow at a minimum.

Non-U.S. travelers will probably opt for the international 24-hour clock mode making this a great gift for the global nomad. It can operate on a battery or with electrical outlets and sells with foreign power supply accessories. For many, the apparatus may be a bit clunky to carry around, but it is lightweight and easily squeezes into any corner of your suitcase. I have visited many hotels in Europe and Asia where the clock (if there were one at all) was a small digital screen under the TV screen, which I could hardly see from my pillow.

This insures that I can be where I need to be on time and in a good mood. It is available for $44.95 on Sonic Alert’s website or on Amazon making it a great gift.

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