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Innate Caravan Packing Compartments

Photo credit, Innate

Photo credit, Innate

Frequent travelers will find Innate Caravan packing compartments to be a convenient way to store smaller items within their luggage that makes them easier to find and organize. I admit, my packing style leaves much to be desired. It certainly looks pretty when organized before I board the plane, but after a bit of jostling from eager baggage handlers, it can be a wreck.

Surely, it is my fault since I place clothing atop each other with charging cables intertwined. Luckily, I keep my shoes stored separately in zippered bags to keep them from dirtying my clothes, but these packing compartments provide a ray of hope.

Shirts can go in one zippered compartment, shorts and pants in another. Dirty laundry can be separated in one while clean, fresh-smelling clothes can stay tucked away. Like other packing cubes, these come in several sizes. What sets them apart is the fact that they are weatherproof so even if water (rain) seeps through my suitcase’s exterior, clothes are protected.

Another popular use for these compartments is for those that like to work out often. They (not me) can store their workout gear in special compartments without intermingling with other garments. A favorite tip of frequent travelers is to pack a dryer sheet in luggage to freshen up clothes, but these packing pouches provide yet another layer of security.

They come in a variety of sizes from small to large, and their prices vary accordingly. This is a great gift for frequent travelers. They retail for between $27 and $46 depending upon the size on the Innate website or on Amazon.

Wolverine Garrick Men’s Chelsea Boots

Photo credit, Wolverine

Photo credit, Wolverine

A good pair of Chelsea boots deserves a home in every gentleman’s wardrobe, and I certainly give mine a decent workout. Hitting the pavement constantly wears down the soles regularly, which can make them uneven and uncomfortable to wear.

What I like most about the Wolverine Garrick Men’s Chelsea boots is how thick the sole is. It gives them extra durability, and the rubbery surfaces makes it less likely for me to slip when walking on wet surfaces.

Another positive feature of these boots is the high quality leather coating, which when sprayed with a protectant helps them to maintain their color and sheen. I cannot say the same thing about another cheaper pair of boots that I bought, which stained quickly following a walk in rain and snow.

The interior of the shoe is soft and the cushioned base keeps my feet from getting sore. Other boots tend to have the interior coating break loose and move around, which is irritating to the foot. Wolverine shoes are known for their quality, and I have yet to be disappointed with their products after reviewing many.

They are easy to slip on and off (no zippers or laces), and there is even a fabric strap at the top of the boot that helps to put them on quickly. That is especially important for travelers forced to remove their shoes at security (boots seem more likely to get flagged than loafers I have found).

It would be nice if the boot came in different patterns, but I suppose the solid brown surface makes it ideal for business travel. I wear the boots with jeans, khakis, and even a tan suit. They retail for $175 on Wolverine’s website and on Amazon.