Human Charger to fight jet lag

Human Charger to fight jet lag Practical Travel Gear

This revolutionary new gadget aims to transform the way we travel over various time zones, and as an international traveler, let’s just say this is one of the biggest pitfalls of constant travel. So I was quite intrigued to learn more about the Human Charger device.Sure, I follow the standard jet lag techniques about getting your body clock adjusted in advance, staying hydrated, getting plenty of sunlight (tough for business travelers in meetings all day), and napping at certain times. But, … [Read more...]

Tortuga Air Carry On Backpack

Tortuga Air Carry On Backpack Practical Travel Gear

This backpack is a masterpiece in design with pockets for everything you can think of, at least for the modern-day traveler. Pockets for every conceivable item is a hallmark of this backpack. Have sunglasses, passports, bottled water, pens, keys, or even coins? There is an easy-access pouch for all of these things.The primary benefit of the Tortuga Carry-On Backpack is that it fits all of these things in an expandable backpack that does not weigh too much (even when empty, unlike other bags) … [Read more...]

Eddie Bauer Voyager II Travel Blazer

Eddie Bauer Voyager II Travel Blazer Practical Travel Gear 1

Okay, okay, Eddie Bauer. I'll pack a blazer now and look like a responsible male member of society.You see, I have about as much enthusiasm for packing a sport coat on a trip as I have for 8-hour layovers and sitting in the middle seat on the plane. On the occasions where I've needed to dress up on the other end, I've been known to buy half-price used blazers at Goodwill and "forget" them in my hotel room closet before coming home. They're for decoration more than function (though not quite … [Read more...]

Bespoke Post Men’s Gift Box Subscription

Bespoke Post Men's Gift Box Subscription Practical Travel Gear

This monthly subscription service by Bespoke Post is a great gift since it delivers new and high-end products to your doorstep based upon your personal interests. When my sturdy box arrived, it was nicely wrapped in attractive tissue. My gift box was called "Covered," and contained a variety of products, from several quality purveyors, designed for business travelers that need to care for their clothes while on the road.The largest item was a sturdy garment bag from Blue Claw with handle on … [Read more...]

Eagle Creek No Matter What Flatbed Duffel 22

Eagle Creek No Matter What Flatbed Duffel 22 Practical Travel Gear

No matter how many roller boards and carry-on luggage brands I try, I keep coming back to Eagle Creek. I'm convinced no one is making higher quality luggage within Eagle Creek's reasonable price point. And if I'm ever in doubt, Eagle Creek's  No Matter What warranty is there to back them up. In our family, we use our Eagle Creek Adventure Pop-Top and 2-in-1 backpack duffels at least once per month, and they show virtually no wear.The new No Matter What Flatbed Duffel, which comes in size … [Read more...]

Minuteman Liberty Watch

Minuteman Liberty Watch Practical Travel Gear

I'm excited to be reviewing a very unique travel product today: the Liberty watch from Minuteman. What makes it unique? Minuteman's quality, craftsmanship, availability, and philanthropy. The Liberty is a beautiful watch worthy of any travel day, but it's also made in the USA from start to finish, undergoes 3x the quality tests of other watches in its price category, and a full 25% of the purchase price is donated to charities assisting American veterans and their families.When you decide … [Read more...]

New Nylon Pickpocket Proof Biz Pants Are The Best for Light Packers

New Nylon Pickpocket Proof Biz Pants Are The Best for Light Packers Practical Travel Gear 2

If you want to keep your phone and valuables safe and look good while you're doing it, these new nylon business pants from Clothing Arts combine light weight and stylishness with impressive pocket technology.We were fans of the P^Cubed Pickpocket Proof Pants from the day they hit the market. Back when there was only one cargo pants style, we thought they were groundbreaking, They filled a need for travelers who wanted to keep their valuables safe without having to buy (and fumble around … [Read more...]

Lenmar Undead Power World Travel Adapter

Lenmar Undead Power World Travel Adapter  Practical Travel Gear

Frequent travelers know the pain that comes with carrying heavy adapters from country to country. Since I find myself heading doing that multiple times just on one trip (with only one carry-on bag), weight is especially important. The Lenmar Undead Power adapter seemed like an interesting product to test out, simply because of its global applicability and lightweight nature.The fact that it has two USB inputs adds to the benefit giving me extra charging capability at the same time. You know, … [Read more...]

Razor Keeper

Razor Keeper Practical Travel Gear

Traveling these days has never been more demeaning, and the TSA is the worst to blame. Sure, security concerns are always paramount, but there must be a more consumer-friendly way to pass travelers through an airport. Stripping travelers to their socks and parading their toiletries through transparent plastic bags for all to see is not the best option. For now, we are stuck with it. Personally, I use an electric razor, but carry a disposable razor as a backup. Throwing it into my plastic bag is … [Read more...]

Stewart/Stand Stainless Steel Wallet

Stewart/Stand Stainless Steel Wallet Practical Travel Gear

This clever looking Stewart/Stand stainless steel wallet is unlike anything that I had ever seen before. It is crafted from stainless steel yet is lightweight and smooth to the touch. For quite some time, I had been looking for an alternative to my leather wallet, which easily tends to stain with water damage. This wallet was the perfect alternative and certainly gained its share of interested compliments each time I took it out. My bi-fold wallet features the traditional slats for credit cards … [Read more...]