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Bolle Swift Comfort Sport Sunglasses

Bolle Swift sunglasses

If you’re looking for a pair of polarized travel sunglasses that will work on a bike, on a paddleboard, and around town, these Bolle Swift shades are a good bet.

Bolle is best known for being the king of the slopes when it comes to ski and snowboard goggles, but they like the summer too. We’ve reviewed a number of Bolle sunglasses here in the past. They may not have the cachet (or high price tags) of some of the high-end brands, but they’re usually reliable and comfortable. They’ve been doing this for 60 years and offer a one-year warranty.

This Swift sunglasses model is a sport edition that’s meant to stay in place on your face and be aerodynamic when you’re whizzing down the hill on a bike or have the wind in your face on a boat. They’ve got grippy “Thermogrip” parts on both sides of the nose rest and also on the end of the ear stems. These will actually absorb moisture instead of getting slippery when wet.

Swift sunglasses review

The spring hinges have a lot of give and combines with a flexible frame, these adjust to a lot of different face shapes and are easy to get on and off in a hurry.

And most of the Bolle Swift lens choices are polarized, giving you better contrast in bright light and less glare from snow or water surfaces. Naturally you get the full UV protection you can expect from quality sunglasses. They come in five different frame colors, including the two pictured here.

I’ve worn these biking by the water in Tampa, kayaking on the water, and walking around town in high-altitude Guanajuato, Mexico. They’ve performed well in all conditions and enabled me to see more detail around me than I would have with a lesser pair of shades.

These Bolle Swift sunglasses vary a lot in price depending on what lens configuration you get, but as is common with many sunglasses. what you’ll actually pay is a good bit less than the $80-$130 list price—especially after summer is over. Check the Bolle site, but they’re currently running $54 to $85 on Amazon, which is a great deal.

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Bolle Vibe Polarized Sunglasses

Bolle polarized sunglasses

Want a great pair of performance for a price that won’t kill your budget? Bollé, the company you probably turn to when buying ski goggles, makes great sunglasses that pack great technology in a lower-priced package, like these Vibe shades.

Sure, you can go out and spend $300 on a pair of polarized lens sunglasses, and they may well be worth it. But if you don’t have that kind of money to throw around, Bolle makes some other options that will cost you less. Take these Vibe sunglasses that you’ll often see for two figures instead.

These Bolle Vibe sunglasses come in a nice carrying case that protects them and the polycarbonate lenses are supposedly 20X more impact resistant than glass. They’re lightweight and cool looking, with designer pizazz in the look. They come in multiple colors, from bright blue to tortoise shell to black.

vibe sunglasses

For my tests I used them in the super-bright Florida sun on the beach and biking, plus in Turkey while being a tourist and taking a Bosphorus cruise on the water. The polarization worked well at keeping the glare at bay and these transitioned well between various lighting levels.

These sunglasses have some give to them, but this Vibe model is probably not the best bet for people with very wide heads. With the cool-looking thick stems, it’s important to get the right fit. When they do fit right, they’re extremely comfortable for all-day wear.

You can see the various frame and lens combinations at the Bolle site, but you’ll have to drill down a bit to find this specific model as they’ve got an old-school frames website where I can’t link directly.

Prices range from $41.99 to $109.99 on Amazon depending on which model you pick.

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Sleek Bolle Crown Sunglasses

Bollé is more familiar to many people for their ski goggles than their sunglasses, but they’ve got a great line to choose from in the latter, including some quality sunglasses for kids. I’ve been spending lots of time with these very cool Crown ones.

For the past year I’ve been living in a spot in central Mexico where, apart from a rainy season that lasts about a month, it’s blue skies and sun every day. So I can’t leave the house without a pair of sunglasses and this Crown model from Bolle has been a good all-around pair to reach for and travel with on trips.

There’s nothing here meant to blow you away in terms of design: they don’t stand out or have a huge designer logo on the side. They’re just comfortable, stylish, and very effective in bright sunlight. In terms of behind-the-scenes technology though, they’ve got polycarbonate lenses that are 20 times more impact-resistant than glass and three times lighter. They’ve got a coating called “Carbo Glass” that keeps them from getting scratched and so far I don’t have a single one—after seven months of weekly use and putting them in and out of various pockets.

On the design side, Bollé’s Thermogrip pads keep these glasses in place well and the pinless hinges should keep these from falling apart in the future.

The Bolle Crown sunglasses come in five different models, with varying frame and lens colors. They’re meant to fit small to medium faces though, so pick something else if you’ve got a big head (literally, not figuratively). A nice hard carrying case is part of the package.

You can pick these up at lots of national retail stores, or check this dealer locator for a store in your area. These list for a reasonable C-note, but you can get them for about 40% less at Amazon. You can get this model or browse a great selection of Bollé styles (and sale items) at Campmor.

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Bollé Sunglasses for Kids

bolle breezy sunglassesFinding kids’ sunglasses that fit well, will last a while, are reasonably priced, and aren’t pieces of junk isn’t easy. These Bollé sunglasses fit the bill and have three great attributes on top. 1) The kid likes them. 2) I like them. 3) They haven’t broken yet.

As I mentioned in this review of Chums sunglasses straps earlier, it’s hard to justify spending good money on sunglasses for kids because odds are they’re going to either lose them or break them in no time flat. The problem is, their eyes are even more sensitive than ours, so you feel like a guilty parent outfitting them in dollar store cheapies of questionable sun blocking ability. This is especially important if you are taking kids hiking at high altitude, boating out on the water, or to a mountain for spring skiing.

bolle sunglasses kidsThese Bollé Breezy sunglasses generally run $30 to $40 at retail, about the price of a good pair of kids’ sneakers, but for that you get shatter-resistant polycarbonate lenses that block 100% of UV rays and very strong but flexible nylon frames. There are absorbent rubber grips on both the nose and the ears so they stay on the little one’s head easily.

The key attribute for me is that these are cool enough and comfortable enough that there’s not much whining involved when I give the order to wear them all the time when we’re in the bright sun. My daughter’s version picture here is girly pink, but there are three other colors including the Crystal Lime ones at the bottom.

bolle sunglasses childrenThese are meant for kids 7-10 years old, but Bollé has a whole line of other options. They start with strap ones that are suited for tiny toddlers on up to the very suave Sarah style for ages 9-12. The Bollé site is in Flash, so get on something not using the iPhone operating system to check out the whole product line for kids, men, and women—sunglasses and goggles.

Search Bolle Breezy prices online

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Bolle Sunglasses and Goggles

“Jackie O!” was what my husband exclaimed when he first saw me sporting my new Bolle sunglasses. Indeed, these shades (style name: Queen) have bigger lenses than I typically wear — but not nearly as oversized as Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis did in the 1970′s. I absolutely love the style — I feel rather Hollywood movie star when I’m wearing them out and about. While the sunglasses may not take to the hiking trail or the river quite like my sporty and versatile Native Eyewear shades do, I’d happily wear these sunglasses to the pool and the beach, to shopping malls and city streets. They hug my face, don’t slip down my nose and successfully keep me from squinting in the sunlight.

Bolle Queen SunglassesNot only are the Queen glasses hip, but they protect my eyeballs, too. I appreciate the polarized lenses that reduce glare, as well as the extra anti-reflective coating on the backside of the lens that further reduces eye strain. The polyarbonate lenses are super lightweight and offer 100 percent UVA and UVB protection from the sun’s rays. Thermogrip® rubber temples and nose pads deliver a solid (but comfortable) grip.

Manufacturer’s suggested retail price for the Queen style in dark tortoise (pictured) is $139.99, but I found them on Amazon for $111.99.

I also tested some Bolle goggles on the slopes of Keystone, Colorado, a couple weeks ago. While the bright orange stripes of the Quasar Coral Snake frame with Fire Orange 50 lenses aren’t exactly my first choice of hues and style (should have asked the friendly Bolle marketing rep to please send a pair in solid black without the mirrored lenses), I very much appreciated all the fancy features of this technologically advanced goggle.

Bolle GogglesFirst, they cover a lot of my face — which is good when the wind is whipping at 11,000 feet in elevation. In comparison to my years-old Bolle goggles (which are narrower in solid black with rose-colored lenses) they just seem to offer more protection. Though I get the feeling I’m channeling Shaun White, or some other sort of rad teenage snowboarder when I’m wearing them, I do like how “solid” and protective they feel.

Second, in a side-by-side comparison with my older Bolle goggles, the orange Quasars blocked out a lot more of the sun; in my old pair I squinted when facing the setting sun, whereas with the Quasars I didn’t have to. The thick, triple-layer face foam is super comfy and cushy, and special coating on the lenses prevents fogging and most scratching (love that, since somehow we lost the nifty pouch that came with the goggles for storage — darn).

Overall, I appreciate the quality of these goggles, but the style is better suited to boys or men. See my husband sporting the goggles while tubing in this Keystone video — he can pull off the look so much better than this 40-year-old, non-flashy, mother of two.

These Quasar goggles (pictured above) retail for $119.99, but I’ve seen them as low as $79.99 on

Browse a great selection of Bolle styles (and sale items) at Campmor.

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