Bolle Weaver Sunglasses
It’s one thing for sunglasses to look good, or really, make you look good. But when you also need them to be tough enough for your travel adventures, some of the flimsier models need to be tossed by the wayside, even if they make you look like a movie... Read more
Bolle Jude Sunglasses for Home and Away
Yes, we review some expensive sunglasses on here sometimes and can make a good argument that they’re worth it. But sometimes you want a pair that you can use at home and just tuck in your pocket when you go traveling too. This the Bolle site is a good... Read more
Bolle Swift Comfort Sport Sunglasses
If you’re looking for a pair of polarized travel sunglasses that will work on a bike, on a paddleboard, and around town, these Bolle Swift shades are a good bet. Bolle is best known for being the king of the slopes when it comes to ski and snowboard goggles,... Read more
Bolle Vibe Polarized Sunglasses
Want a great pair of performance for a price that won’t kill your budget? Bollé, the company you probably turn to when buying ski goggles, makes great sunglasses that pack great technology in a lower-priced package, like these Vibe shades. Sure, you can go out and spend $300 on... Read more
Sleek Bolle Crown Sunglasses
Bollé is more familiar to many people for their ski goggles than their sunglasses, but they’ve got a great line to choose from in the latter, including some quality sunglasses for kids. I’ve been spending lots of time with these very cool Crown ones. For the past year I’ve been... Read more
Bollé Sunglasses for Kids
Finding kids’ sunglasses that fit well, will last a while, are reasonably priced, and aren’t pieces of junk isn’t easy. These Bollé sunglasses fit the bill and have three great attributes on top. 1) The kid likes them. 2) I like them. 3) They haven’t broken yet. As I... Read more
Bolle Sunglasses and Goggles
“Jackie O!” was what my husband exclaimed when he first saw me sporting my new Bolle sunglasses. Indeed, these shades (style name: Queen) have bigger lenses than I typically wear — but not nearly as oversized as Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis did in the 1970’s. I absolutely love the style... Read more