Tifosi Just Sport Sunglasses are a Deal

Tifosi Just Sport Sunglasses are a Deal Practical Travel Gear 2

With several attractive frame colors, an adjustable nose piece, and ventilated lenses, these $50-$70 Tifosi sport sunglasses are a terrific value.If you want to spend $200 or more on a pair of sunglasses for active outdoor pursuits like biking, you can find plenty of brands that will be glad to make that happen for you. If your budget is not that lofty though and you still want high performance, check out these Just sunglasses from Tifosi.I've worn these on two trips lately that … [Read more...]

Inexpensive & Useful Travel Gadgets From Nite Ize

Inexpensive & Useful Travel Gadgets From Nite Ize Practical Travel Gear 4

Want some gadgets that will make your travels easier, for ten bucks or less? Nite Ize has plenty of options for you---or your stocking stuffer recipient.Way back when I started this travel gear blog, the whole idea was to focus on things normal people could buy, pack, and use without breaking the bank. While Outside, Robb Report, and Wired catered to the 1% in their aspirational gear reviews, we would review items that you didn't have to be a stockbroker or Silicon Valley mogul to afford. … [Read more...]

Casual Biking Clothing From Pearl Izumi

Casual Biking Clothing From Pearl Izumi Practical Travel Gear 2

It's usually not too hard to pick out a serious cyclist in a crowd, with all that form-fitting spandex and specialized clothing with pockets in strange places. For a casual rider who is not in a big hurry, it's all a bit too much. Sure, I want some padding under my butt and a shirt that will shed sweat, but I don't want to look like I'm in the Tour de France when I stop off for lunch or a wine tasting along the route.I like Pearl Izumi bike clothing because sure, they make the high-end … [Read more...]

Ibex Indie FZ Short-Sleeve Jersey

Ibex Indie FZ Short-Sleeve Jersey Practical Travel Gear

The right cycling jersey can be like the perfect travel wardrobe—when you find one that’s comfortable, performs well and looks good, you want to get one in every color. Well, maybe two.If you can only take one cycling jersey on a trip, take a serious look at the Ibex Indie FZ S/S Jersey. (Quick note: FZ = Full Zip. S/S = short-sleeve.) Made from 195 g/m2 New Zealand Merino wool, it can be worn both as a baselayer and on its own. The benefit of the wool is that it breathes easily, keeping you … [Read more...]

Hydrapak SoftFlask Water Bottle

Hydrapak SoftFlask Water Bottle Practical Travel Gear

Distance runners, trail runners and hikers, and cyclists face an array of products designed to keep them hydrated and fueled. But what to put all these gels, powders, and drinks in? I tried out the Hydrapak SoftFlask (350 ml), and found a lot to love. First of all, the SoftFlask packs well. This is crucial to my traveling schedule, but also nice for those many times I need to store my flask in a day pack or duffel until work is over.The 350 ml SoftFlask is small enough to disappear … [Read more...]

Soquel Small Hydration Pack from Hydrapak

Soquel Small Hydration Pack from Hydrapak Practical Travel Gear 1

If you like the idea of a hydration pack but don't want to be loaded down, this Hydrapak Soquel one might be the ultimate.It seems to me like hydration packs are the runner/hiker/biker version of packing cubes. People either think they're the greatest gear invention of the past two decades or...they yawn and ask how much it'll cost to just put another water bottle holder somewhere instead.We've covered quite a few hydration packs though, including a recent round-up from Amy, but here's … [Read more...]

Sony POV Action Cam

Sony POV Action Cam Practical Travel Gear

Sony's answer to the Go Pro, the Sony Action Cam with Wi-Fi is quite the fun toy to bring with you in the backcountry or during travel days to capture on-the-go footage of a variety of activities and sports. The Action Cam is completely hands-free, rugged and waterproof (with casing), and very simple to operate. Its Wi-Fi model comes in well under the Go Pro price, and it packs easily for travel.How the Action Cam compares to the Go Pro:HD video quality? Check. WiFi option? Check. … [Read more...]

Geared up for Bike Rides with Pearl Izumi

Geared up for Bike Rides with Pearl Izumi Practical Travel Gear 1

Some of the biggest outdoor clothing companies try to do it all, but Pearl iZumi likes to do two things very well instead. One of those things is cycling apparel, for serious Tour de France types or casual riders like me who want to look normal when they dismount.I did a seven-day biking trip in Portugal a couple months back, so I got to try out some Pearl Izumi biking clothes in real conditions. I wore outfits 8-10 hours at a stretch, on two wheels and in cafes and museums along the way. My … [Read more...]

Native Sunglasses for Active Travelers: Eastrim and Andes

Native Sunglasses for Active Travelers: Eastrim and Andes Practical Travel Gear 1

  These high-performance Native sunglasses occupy that sweet spot where superior functionality comes in a package well shy of $150.For the last few years I've lived in two places that get warm sunshine well over 300 days a year (no I'll never live in Seattle), so even when I'm not traveling I'm wearing sunglasses nearly every day. When I'm going boating, biking, or skiing though, it's good to try something meant for more than running errands and driving my daughter to school.On a recent … [Read more...]

Cycling Without Spandex: Ibex Merino Wool Shirts for Men and Women

Cycling Without Spandex: Ibex Merino Wool Shirts for Men and Women Practical Travel Gear 1

We went bike riding for a week straight, but in these Ibex merino wool shirts, we felt comfy and smelled good.Earlier this month I took my wife on a cycling trip in Portugal with Bike Tours Direct and rode along mostly empty roads in the Alentejo region. It's a farming area full of vineyards and olive groves, wineries and cork trees. We rode on hybrid bikes because usually it was paved roads, but sometimes dirt paths.Ibex Giro Full ZipI brought a few different shirts along, some just … [Read more...]