5 Things I Always Pack: Marina K. Villatora of TravelExperta
Marina Kuperman Villatoro runs TravelExperta, a resource site to inspire families to travel with kids of all ages. She lives in beautiful Antigua, Guatemala and travels with her husband and two boys all over the world. So tell us Marina, what travel gear do you always pack? Traveling has... Read more
5 Things I Always Pack – Lisa Niver Rajna
Lisa Niver Rajna is the co-founder of We Said Go Travel and co-author of Traveling in Sin (now available in paperback!). She has been living out of her backpack since July 2012 but has mainly been on the road since 1990 with seven of those years on a cruise... Read more
5 Things I Always Pack – David Lee of GoBackpacking
David Lee is a the founder of two popular travel blogs, Go Backpacking and Medellin Living. He considers himself a minimalist, and when not on the move is based in Medellin, Colombia. So Dave, what do you always pack? In 2013, I challenged myself to begin traveling ultralight, with... Read more
5 Things I Always Pack – Juno Kim
Juno Kim runs the popular Runaway Juno blog and she’s kicking off our relaunch of the “5 Things I Always Pack” series—items that go in the suitcase or backpack for every trip. Take it away Juno! We all know the critical items to pack before a trip: Passport, Visa... Read more
5 things I always pack: Amy Whitley
Amy Whitley is the newest reviewer here at Practical Travel Gear. She’s a freelance travel writer and founding editor of Pit Stops for Kids, a site for traveling families (and parents who have heard ‘Are we there yet?!’ one too many times). A partner of Best Family Travel Experts,... Read more
5 Things I Always Pack: Colleen Lanin
Colleen Lanin is a freelance writer and creator/editor of Travel Mamas, a site for anyone who wants to travel with children…and stay sane. Colleen is a video blogger for Barilla’s Piccolini.tv, the former editor of the Tree.com Travel blog (by Lending Tree), and a family travel expert at BestFamilyTravelAdvice.com.... Read more
5 Things I Always Pack: Julie Ovenell-Carter
Julie Ovenell-Carter launches her travels from Vancouver, BC. She has learned most of her packing lessons the hard way–which is why she never leaves home without her Canadian sense of humor. Once many years ago, when I packing for a business trip and fretting obsessively about whether to pack... Read more
Five Things I Always Pack: Jody Halsted
Family travel authority Jody Halsted is based in the too-often-overlooked Midwest. Her family travel tales can be found at Family Rambling and Uptake Attractions. Jody also shares her passion for traveling with kids in the Emerald Isle at Ireland with Kids. When not writing — or traveling — she’s... Read more
5 Things I Always Pack – Chris Epting
Chris Epting is the author of 18 books including James Dean Died Here, Roadside Baseball and Hello, It’s Me – Dispatches From a Pop Culture Junkie. He also writes for many publications and is the longtime national spokesman for the Hampton Hotel Save-A-Landmark program. Here’s what always goes into... Read more
Five Things I Always Pack — Mike Barish
Mike Barish is a freelance travel writer and regular contributor to Gadling. He is a universally respected expert in the SkyMall catalog whose work has appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle, Budget Travel, World Hum and Intelligent Travel. He was also the host of Chevrolet’s Travel Cruze-arati web series.... Read more