Sanuk Beer Cozy Flip-flops Check Prices

Sanuk Beer Cozy Flip-flops

What do yoga mats and beer cozies have in common? They’re made of the same squishy foam material and they’re the male/female sides of these comfy flip-flops from Sanuk.

See, the company rightfully assumes that not all that many normal males are going to buy flip-flops with “yoga” in the title. Likewise not many woman are likely to go for ones with “beer” in the name. Label accordingly though and it’s a marketing home run.

Whatever is on the tag, these are some of the most comfortable flip-flops I’ve ever worn. I haven’t done yoga all that often, but enough to know that those mats feel really good under your feet. That’s the idea behind this “Squish-fit Footbed.” Like a memory foam mattress for your feet, the top of these conforms to the shape of what you’re putting on top of them, but pops back up later when you take them off. So they still feel as great a year later.

The bottom layer is the usual hard rubber sole, but with the cute smiling Sanuk logo faces. The part that goes over your foot is built in three layers, the bottom one soft against your skin. If you hate having something between your toes, there’s a Slide version.

Nothing too complicated, but there are very few pairs of flip-flops I could imagine taking a real walk in, further than from the beach house to the bar. With these I feel like I could walk a couple miles without regretting it later. There are a few shoe/flip-flop lines that seem to have “beach vacation” written all over them and Sanuk makes great kicking back footwear that’s supremely comfortable, whether you’re comfortably numb or lugging suitcases in the heat.

The men’s Beer Cozy line comes in several styles (Jamaican, jute, leather) and lists from $30 to $40. The women’s Yoga Mat line—that’s the “Gossip” model pictured above—runs from $28 to $38.

You can get Sanuks at most sporting goods stores and direct from You can also shop around for them at REI.

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