GoLite Women’s Trail Lite Multi-Purpose Shoe Check Prices

GoLite Women’s Trail Lite Multi-Purpose Shoe

I do a lot of hiking around my Colorado home, and low-cut hiking boots (a.k.a. multi-use trail shoes) always accompany me on my travels when there’s any chance I might be doing some off-road walking or mountain wandering. These GoLite “Trail Lites” are my latest go-to shoe for such excursions, namely because they are so stinkin’ comfortable.

Like the men’s GoLite Lime Lites my colleague Tim reviewed a couple months back, the women’s Trail Lites have this awesome Paw Pad Suspension System outsole (see the rubber lugs/nubs on the bottom of the shoe below ) combined with some “soft against the ground technology,” that totally puts a spring in my step when I’m walking on a gravel road, dirt path or on a sidewalk. Marketing materials explain that the shoe “incorporates a stable platform directly under the foot and suspends it on soft foam that lies between your stablized foot and the ground.”

Indeed, my foot totally feels “suspended” in these shoes; I feel like I’m walking on air. Sounds, clich√© — but it’s true. Between the 30+ nubs on the bottom of the shoe that seem to give me some lift and this cool technology, I truly feel like I should be bouncing around the trail, not walking. The shoe actually energizes me. I love that!

The shoes come with different inserts that can help you adjust the width of the shoe for an ideal fit, but I always pull out the manufacturer’s insoles and replace with my soft orthodics, so I can’t speak to how these work. The shoes nearly fit perfectly right out of the box: on day two,t I got a blister on one heel, but I think it was because I was wearing cotton socks with them. Since that day — about two months ago — I’ve worn a thin wool or other non-cotton sock with the shoes and have had no problem (whew — I was a little worried when the blister appeared).

Regarding style, I like the look of this shoe, but I don’t love it. I prefer the more rugged “hiking” style of my Teva Dalea eVents, actually; these Go Lites look a bit more like a “walking shoe,” especially when they are on my feet. I’m reminded of a style I might see at the Naturalizer store, rather than in an outdoors store. If I could combine the look of the Teva shoe with the feel of my Go Lite, that would be my perfect off-road,¬† multi-use shoe. Alas, my Tevas are a bit stiff and these Go Lites aren’t as hip as I think they could be.

That said, I’ve worn the Trail Lites in desert sand and backyard mud — in rain and in late-spring snow — over the last couple months. They’ve held up well in all sorts of conditions, and I’ll continue to put them to the test this summer, for sure.

The women’s Trail Lite retails for $99.95; order online at Amazon.com.

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