Get Your Gear Reviewed

Practical Travel Gear posts a new review every weekday, so we are always looking for interesting and useful items to share with our readers. This is generally the most popular gear review blog on the web and we appear on the front page of search engine results for 595 keyword phrases (and rising), including the #1 spot for “travel gear reviews.”

All product reviews on the Practical Travel Gear blog are based on first-person tests in typical travel circumstances. We don’t publish gear news, accept sponsored posts, or do a write-up based on a press release, so all inquiries must include sample availability information.

If you are interested in having your travel gear item reviewed here, please contact us first and include the following information: retail availability, list price, what it does, and why it works within our editorial focus. In the rare circumstances when we accept an item that must be returned after trashing it in the field, this will require pre-paid postage or a UPS/FedEx number—all contributors work from home offices and on the road. We generally require a month or two of hard use to see that the product delivers.

In general we review items that are available in the marketplace, and when people would actually buy them and use them. So winter apparel in winter, summer apparel in summer—not on a wholesale pre-order timeline. Our readers are consumers, not B2B. Non-seasonal items run throughout the year.

Tim Leffel is the editor and the other contributors are Jill Robinson, Amy Whitley, and Ramsey Qubein. You can see more about all three on the About Us page.

There is some overlap in what we cover, but here are general guidelines for who to contact:

General inquiries, male clothing, active gear, dad items – tim [at]

Business gear, wireless, tech gadgets – ramsey [at]

Female clothing, female active gear – jill [at] (in California) or amy [at] (in central Oregon). Amy is the better bet for family gear and Jill a better bet for water sports.

We look forward to working with you!