Collar Card for the Business Traveler’s Wallet


collar card

If I had a dollar for every collar stay I’ve lost over the years, I’d have enough to buy a nice new dress shirt. Spares are not something I would ever remember to pack though, so I like the idea of this Collar Card you can just stick in your wallet or your computer bag.

The Collar Card is the size of a credit card but a bit thinner. It contains four pop-out collarstays that you stick into the collar of a dress shirt. The stays are the standard size and are a neutral color on the back so they won’t show through the shirt. At only $1.99 for a card or $4.99 for a three-pack this product is simple, cheap, and effective. I put one in my wallet before my last trip and sure enough, when I unpacked I found one collar without a stay. I put one of these in and was good to go.

If you are ordering any swag for a trade show or other handout situation, you can order these imprinted with your logo and a message. You can give people something useful instead of something they’ll toss when they get back to their room.

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