House of Marley Smile Jamaica Earth-Friendly Headphones

House of Marley Smile Jamaica Earth-Friendly Headphones Practical Travel Gear

This pair of earbuds not only gives you good quality audio sound, but also makes you feel good thanks to its eco-friendly construction. The House of Marley Smile Jamaica Earth-Friendly Headphones feature a smart-looking wood covering on the ear bud itself crafted from FSC-certified (Forest Stewardship Council) wood.On the front of the earbud, the casing is crafted from recycled aluminum. While that may sound less than comfortable, the earpiece fits snugly and softly in the ear and is … [Read more...]

Soul Electronics Soul Flex Sport Earbuds

Soul Electronics Soul Flex Sport Earbuds Practical Travel Gear

This comfortable pair of sport earbuds from Soul Electronics is ideal for frequent travelers that like to work out on the road. It also perfect for those that want to listen to music or make phone calls while walking to and from work or through a busy airport.They are extremely lightweight and have a rubbery consistency that is designed to conform to your ear. Their best feature combats one of the biggest irritations of earbuds: that they can pop out at the most inconvenient times. The … [Read more...]

Bracketron SmartLantern and Charger

Bracketron SmartLantern and Charger Practical Travel Gear

This is a great rechargeable device that can have multiple uses. The Bracketron SmartLantern is ideal for campers and outdoorsmen, but is also wonderful for travelers that need the capability to illuminate spaces for long periods of time. Let’s say you have a meeting outdoors or host an event in an area with little electrical capability.The SmartLantern combines numerous functions into one item. It can charge devices, illuminate spaces, and provide emergency charging capability all at … [Read more...]

Natural Wilderness Wipes From Sea to Summit

Natural Wilderness Wipes From Sea to Summit Practical Travel Gear

Grab a pack of these Wilderness Wipes from great travel and camping gear outfitter Sea to Summit and you'll be ready to clean your dirty hands or get presentable anywhere.Sometimes when you're in the backcountry or just stuck on a dusty Indian bus, it's hard to find a clean place to get yourself clean. We can all put up with a bit of grubbiness for a while, but it's not good to be caked in dirt and germs when it's time to lift food to your mouth. Or clean up a scraped arm. Or just wipe off … [Read more...]

5 Things I Always Pack: Marina K. Villatora of TravelExperta

5 Things I Always Pack: Marina K. Villatora of TravelExperta Practical Travel Gear 3

Marina Kuperman Villatoro runs TravelExperta, a resource site to inspire families to travel with kids of all ages. She lives in beautiful Antigua, Guatemala and travels with her husband and two boys all over the world. So tell us Marina, what travel gear do you always pack?Traveling has fully changed me for me since having children. It's all about ease and organization and peacefulness.1. Hanging Toiletry Bag - I just recently discovered this accessory and now it literally is the most … [Read more...]

Stio Hometown Down Jacket for Kids

Stio Hometown Down Jacket for Kids Practical Travel Gear 1

I love outdoor wear companies who make kids' clothing with the same attention to quality and detail as their adult versions. At Stio, the kids' Hometown Down Jacket is just like Mom's and Dad's. Stio is based out of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, so they know winter and they know what outdoor travelers need. The designer of the Hometown jacket solicited feedback from his own outdoorsy kids when deciding which features to include in this light but substantial down jacket.I don't know about your … [Read more...]

Life Factory Food Storage and Bottles

Life Factory Food Storage and Bottles Practical Travel Gear 1

I'm a bit of a water bottle enthusiast. Ask anyone in my family, and they'll tell you we have way too many BPA-free plastic and stainless steel bottles crammed into our cupboards. Not to mention all the flip caps, twist tops, straw get the idea. Frankly, I love my stainless steel, so I was a bit skeptical trying out Life Factory's glass line.Life Factory food storage:The food storage line is what intrigued me right of the bat about Life Factory. We road trip frequently, and … [Read more...]

Tubbs Snowglow Snowshoes for Kids

Tubbs Snowglow Snowshoes for Kids Practical Travel Gear

How do you improve any product designed for kids? Make sure it lights up, of course! The Tubbs Snowglow snowshoe is a slam-dunk for families who want to get out in the winter together. Designed for kids 4-8, the snowglow is lightweight, small enough to make steps even in deep snow manageable for little feet, and yes, it lights up with every step, much like your kid's favorite pair of sneakers.The light up feature is flashy, no doubt about it. They work with multicolor LED lights, a … [Read more...]

Muck Hale Boots for Women and Kids

Muck Hale Boots for Women and Kids Practical Travel Gear 2

If you live, play, or travel to locations where you're frequently in the outdoors in all conditions, owning a pair of Muck boots falls into the 'life hack' category. Or as I like to think of it, the 'Wow, why did it take me so long to get these?' category.Muck Boots have been around for a while, known well by farmers, ranchers, hunters, and gardeners for their durability and willingness to get through dirt, mud, and well, muck. The new Muck Hale comes in sizes and colors for women and kids … [Read more...]

Yeti Tundra 45 Cooler

Yeti Tundra 45 Cooler Practical Travel Gear 1

I was first introduced to Yeti coolers while on a five day river rafting trip with professional guides. Without any 'civilization stops' for almost a week, it's pretty important to have a quality cooler storing your food. I was so impressed, I looked into getting my own Yeti for summer rafting adventures in 2015. I planned to write a summer review (coolers are for summer, right?) but have already used my Yeti so many times during the winter months, I couldn't wait.I tried out a Yeti … [Read more...]