LAT_56 High Performance Holdall Carry-on Bag


Lat56 is a well-known purveyor of high-quality luggage creating everything from sturdy rollaboards to laptop and accessories bags. I found the LAT_56 High performance Holdall carry-on bag to be especially useful since it is lightweight and fits conveniently on top of my rollaboard bag.It features a soft side that means it can more easily squish beneath the seat in front of you or in between other bags in the overhead bin. Another positive is that you can stuff it a bit more than usual since … [Read more...]

Eagle Creek eTools Organizer Pro Tames the Gadget Beast

eTools organizer pro

If you need to find a specific cord, charger, or gadget in your bag, how quickly can you do it? If you use this new eTools Organizer Pro from Eagle Creek, you might be able to answer "five seconds" because everything will be in one place.Despite all the great daypacks, messengers, and briefcases we review that have lots of gadget pockets, our expanding electronic paraphernalia often gets distributed all over in several places because there's so much of it. Items we never used to even think … [Read more...]

Human Charger to fight jet lag

Human Charger to fight jet lag Practical Travel Gear

This revolutionary new gadget aims to transform the way we travel over various time zones, and as an international traveler, let’s just say this is one of the biggest pitfalls of constant travel. So I was quite intrigued to learn more about the Human Charger device.Sure, I follow the standard jet lag techniques about getting your body clock adjusted in advance, staying hydrated, getting plenty of sunlight (tough for business travelers in meetings all day), and napping at certain times. But, … [Read more...]

LifeProof FRE Power Case

LifeProof FRE Power Case Practical Travel Gear

Everyone gets a bit attached to his or her favorite phone case. After all, if you use your phone as much as the average person, you want a case that works for you—whether your needs are stylish or functional.Once of my favorite cases for my iPhone is LifeProof. The brand is part of the OtterBox company, and both make great cases for smartphones. The main reason I like LifeProof better is that my phone gets the same rugged protection, but in a slimmer case. And when I’m constantly lugging … [Read more...]

House of Marley Smile Jamaica Earth-Friendly Headphones

House of Marley Smile Jamaica Earth-Friendly Headphones Practical Travel Gear

This pair of earbuds not only gives you good quality audio sound, but also makes you feel good thanks to its eco-friendly construction. The House of Marley Smile Jamaica Earth-Friendly Headphones feature a smart-looking wood covering on the ear bud itself crafted from FSC-certified (Forest Stewardship Council) wood.On the front of the earbud, the casing is crafted from recycled aluminum. While that may sound less than comfortable, the earpiece fits snugly and softly in the ear and is … [Read more...]

Tortuga Packable DayPack Backpack

Tortuga Packable DayPack Backpack Practical Travel Gear

If you are looking for a lightweight, small bag, the Tortuga Packable DayPack is your best bet. Often, I find myself at a crossroads looking for something professional while also lightweight. Typically, I end up toting around a briefcase or messenger bag that is mostly empty and too “heavy” for the convenience of lugging it around. I do it because it looks more professional, but these days, many business travelers carry backpacks. The Tortuga DayPack is purpose built for those that want to … [Read more...]

Grain Audio OEHP Solid Wood Over Ear Headphones

Grain Audio OEHP Solid Wood Over Ear Headphones Practical Travel Gear

This wood-paneled pair of headphones is perhaps the most stylish headgear I have seen. I am always amused by how people walk around the airport or city streets with gigantic headphones on as if they were working the NASA Space Station. Most of the time, they are bulky and look plain silly.Grain Audio's Solid Wood over-ear headphones are certainly big, but extremely elegant. I would not be embarrassed to don these while parading around the plane. But, there is more to them than … [Read more...]

Soul Electronics Soul Flex Sport Earbuds

Soul Electronics Soul Flex Sport Earbuds Practical Travel Gear

This comfortable pair of sport earbuds from Soul Electronics is ideal for frequent travelers that like to work out on the road. It also perfect for those that want to listen to music or make phone calls while walking to and from work or through a busy airport.They are extremely lightweight and have a rubbery consistency that is designed to conform to your ear. Their best feature combats one of the biggest irritations of earbuds: that they can pop out at the most inconvenient times. The … [Read more...]

Wolverine Men’s Montague 1000 Mile Chelsea Boot

Wolverine Men's Montague 1000 Mile Chelsea Boot Practical Travel Gear

The Wolverine Men's Montague 1000 Mile Chelsea boots are a stylish must-have for the modern business traveler. They are comfortable for walking in long distances and pair easily with formal attire or the more casual jeans-and-blazer look.Wolverine is often known for a more rugged look of footwear, but they have several pieces in their repertoire that are especially contemporary. The Montague is based upon the traditional Chelsea boot, which is becoming especially popular in the professional … [Read more...]

Travelon 18″ Wheeled Suitcase Carry-On

Travelon 18" Wheeled Suitcase Carry-On Practical Travel Gear

Eager-to-check gate agents are everywhere. Some airports even have third party controllers monitoring carry-on bags before security. Sure, some people abuse the system, but we all know that the airline bag sizers are ridiculously small. Frequent travelers know what reasonably fits without taking up too much space that is designated for many people.For some people, walking long distances through an airport lugging a messenger bag or briefcase can be painful. The Travelon 18” wheeled suitcase … [Read more...]