Brookstone Dash 20″ 4-wheel Expandable Carry-on

The bag is extremely lightweight, which is a major plus when traveling for longer periods of time.

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Trinity Audio Hyperion Earbuds

The Trinity Hyperion headphones provide exceptional sound at a fair price

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Pick-Pocket Proof Business Travel Shorts by Clothing Arts
Clothing Arts is the savvy travelers’ goto brand for ensuring their valuables stay on their bodies and out of would-be pickpockets’ hands. . . all while looking their best. Pick-Pocket Proof Business Travel Short and the Pick-Pocket Proof Adventure Travel Shorts are ideal for those seeking adventure in locales that could be considered a... Read more
Spyder PowerShadow Battery Case

The Spyder PowerShadow fits the mold perfectly with an extremely thin and lightweight case that still provides a safe, impact-resistant housing for an expensive iPhone 6.

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LAT_56 High Performance Holdall Carry-on Bag

The LAT_56 High performance Holdall Carry-on Bag features a soft side that can hold a lot and fit beneath the seat in front of you or in between other bags in the overhead bin.

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Eagle Creek eTools Organizer Pro Tames the Gadget Beast
If you need to find a specific cord, charger, or gadget in your bag, how quickly can you do it? If you use this new eTools Organizer Pro from Eagle Creek, you might be able to answer “five seconds” because everything will be in one place. Despite all the... Read more
Human Charger to fight jet lag

Human Charger works via a special headset that emits bright lights and becomes another component in your standard jet lag treatment regime.

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LifeProof FRE Power Case
Everyone gets a bit attached to his or her favorite phone case. After all, if you use your phone as much as the average person, you want a case that works for you—whether your needs are stylish or functional. Once of my favorite cases for my iPhone is LifeProof.... Read more
House of Marley Smile Jamaica Earth-Friendly Headphones
This pair of earbuds not only gives you good quality audio sound, but also makes you feel good thanks to its eco-friendly construction. The House of Marley Smile Jamaica Earth-Friendly Headphones feature a smart-looking wood covering on the ear bud itself crafted from FSC-certified (Forest Stewardship Council) wood. On... Read more
Tortuga Packable DayPack Backpack

The Tortuga packable Daypack bag is meant for those that want to carry a few essentials. It has soft, drawstring shoulder straps that I found ideal for carrying around lightweight things.

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