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Spi-Belt Personal Item Belt


Joggers and frequent travelers will find this Velcro-strapping Spi-Belt to be a helpful addition to their workout regime. It is a water-resistant belt that at first looks a bit strange, but later proves to be highly resourceful.

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Ballistic Explorer Case for iPhone 6


The sinking feeling that comes when you drop your phone can be avoided with a heavy-duty case. The Ballistic Explorer case for iPhone 6 does just that. In fact, the manufacturer has drop tested the phone from eight feet high. The rubbery exterior shields the frame and face of the phone meaning it is safe from shattering the front or damaging the internal part of the phone.

Urban Junket Eco-friendly Tote Bag


The next time you recycle your plastic bottles, think that this may not be the last time you see the. Urban Junket repurposes them into crafty hand bags, tote bags, and tablet cases. Turning bottles into fashionable bags is what the company is doing. For example, five plastic bottles were used to make the colorful tote bag I reviewed.